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Dr. Jan Pol
Dr. Jan Pol

Dr. Jan  has treated different species of animals both large and small for over 50 years. He started his practice in Harbour Beach, Michigan where he worked with a vet in the locality for 10 years. After getting enough experience, he decided to start his practice in 1981. Which he named, Pol’s Veterinary service!

He started it from scratch with his wife in their garage. And worked tirelessly for many years. Currently, he has many veterinarians in his clinic that specialize in different animal species. And have provided veterinary services to over 20,000 clients! When Jan started his clinic, he focused on dairy farm animals like cattle. This was because he discovered that the dairy farmers in his locality were often losing their animals to the cold hands of death. Due to poor health! And there was no doctor to help them. He took it upon himself to be a saviour to these frustrated farmers. As he got more experience over time, he began to treat small animals. Especially pet animals like dogs, rabbits, cats, and the like.

Dr. Pol became recognized worldwide through his TV show on Nat Geo Wild, titled  The Incredible Dr. Pol. Charles, his son, was the one who came up with the initiative to make Dr. Pol’s veterinary business a television series. He has worked with his father in the clinic right from the age of 5. But decided to pursue a career in entertainment. In 2011, he called his friends who were filmmakers to do a reality show about his father’s business. Dr. Pol didn’t accept the idea initially but Charles succeeded in convincing him. This led to the production of the television series: the Incredible Dr. Pol!

The show features how Dr. Pol handles and gives medical treatment to both farm animals and family pets. It also shows heart-warming compliments  from his satisfied clients who are happy with the medical care their animals were given. Dr. Jan is old, in his late 70s! But still works passionately to ensure that the animals of farmers are healthy and their farm businesses are flourishing. You can call him  the farmer’s best friend!

Dr. Pol has written several best-selling books. Namely: Never turn back on an Angus cow—my life as a country vet, tales from his illustrious, a memoir that recruits amusing, incredible 45+ year veterinary career and often poignant. He has also launched several animal food products. Especially for dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats, and rabbits. He started in December 2019 and has launched more over the years.

Through his experience with rabbits for many years, he prepared an alfalfa recipe that is nutritionally balanced for rabbits. The rabbit feed is loaded with essential nutrients for the well-being of your rabbit. You can look up more details about the feed and buy now.

At the age of 12, Jan Pol was called  to assist a vet to deliver a set of piglets! That single experience changed the course of his life and helped him realize what he truly wanted. To treat animals! Jan grew up in the Netherlands. His family’s business was basically farming; they raised farm animals like cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits and dogs for sales.

While doing the family business, he developed an unusual love for animals. And wanted to go into animal farming.

Because of Jan Pol’s experience with the vet at the age of 12, he was inspired to  study veterinary medicine. And was certified at Utrecht University! He graduated in 1970 and started his practice in Harbour Beach, Michigan.

Dr. Jan Pol got married to his heartthrob, Diane Pol in 1967. It will shock you to know that they have lived happily for more than 50 years without a child of their own. All their children were adopted. They adopted Charles and Kathy as babies and Diane Jr. became their daughter at her adolescent age. After taking care of her for over 8 years as her foster parents. Jan is so amazing to have been able to build an enviable career in veterinary medicine and still maintain a wonderful marital life. It’s rare to find men that can strike such balance! He and his lovely wife are a huge inspiration to many couples! They work together in Pol’s Veterinary clinic.

Dr. Pol speaks English, Dutch, French, and German articulately. His dutch-tinted English, fun-loving nature, charisma, resilient attitude, and veterinary practice has endeared him to many. And made him an American idol in Veterinary medicine. He’s loved and admired by millions all over the world.

Dr. Esther Praag


Dr. Esther Praag is famous for her love for animals, especially rabbits. Her passion for rabbits has taken her to different countries. She currently resides in her home country, Switzerland.


Dr. Esther Praag grew up in Meyrin, a suburb of Geneva in Switzerland. Meyrin is also the home to The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The presence of this international organization influenced her skill. She is a multilinguist as she is fluent in English, French, Dutch, and German.


Dr. Esther Praag is an alumnus of different prestigious educational institutions. Education has taken Dr. Esther Praag to different countries. She had her primary and secondary education in her home country before she moved abroad. She completed her Baccalauréat International at the International School of Geneva. 

From there, she proceeded to the Rijks University of Leiden, the Netherlands. She completed her MSc in Biology from this institution in 1991. She enrolled for Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. She defended her thesis and graduated from the institution in 1996. Dr. Esther Praag also has two post-doctoral degrees.

Love for rabbits

Dr. Esther Praag has been passionate about rabbits for many decades now. Most of her research and publications centered on rabbits and their well-being. In 2003, she started a website. Readers get up-to-date knowledge on rabbits and their medication from this channel.

Research interest, seminars, and publications

Dr. Esther Praag’s works are not limited to her website. Her work on “Skin Diseases of Rabbits” is famous worldwide. Some of her works have won her awards and grants.


She has worked as a lecturer and researcher at different universities. She has worked at the University of Geneva and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is also a member of different professional veterinary forums.

Bio of Pete Wedderburn

Pete Wedderburn

Pete Wedderburn is a celebrated veterinarian and media personality. He is passionate about animals, is a surgeon, and has written about four books on animals.


Pete Wedderburn grew up in Fife, Scotland. He lived most of his early life in Scotland. But he has been living in Bray, County Wicklow in Ireland for more than three decades with his family. He works as a vet but his animals of interest are cats, dogs, hens, rabbits, and ducks, among others.


Pete Wedderburn has his education in Scotland. He had his vet surgeon qualification from the University of Edinburgh in 1985.

Love for animals

Pete Wedderburn has been working as a passionate vet for many decades. He has a busy vet companion practice in Ireland. He is perhaps the most famous vet surgeon in the country. Also, he has a menagerie of dogs, cats, ducks, hens, and rabbits

Apart from being a vet surgeon, Pete Wedderburn is also a celebrated media personality. He has been presenting programs on television and radio about pets for many years. His passion for animals has earned him an ambassadorial role with Purina Pet Care.


Pete Wedderburn has published many columns in newspapers and about 4 books on different types of animals. The title of his books is “My Dog Thinks He’s Human”, “My Cat Is Ignoring Me”, “Healthy Pets” and “Pet Subjects: Animal Tales from The Telegraph’s Resident Vet!” These books contain helpful tips on how to properly raise and care for pets.


Pete Wedderburn is a celebrated veterinary surgeon in Ireland. He is also a prolific writer with 4 books to his credit and newspaper editorials. Some of the newspapers he has written for are The Evening Herald, The Irish Examiner, The Daily Telegraph, and many others. He is also a presenter on radio and television.