Rabbits are our most adored pets. We are genuinely happy when we have them in our homes. Rabbits make us happy, so should we. We should take care of every little thing that surrounds them. As a parent, you should be responsible for their food, water to where they sit and sleep most of the time.

I have been parenting rabbits for a long time, and I have tried various products for them. As a new person in the field, you must be surfing a lot on the internet these days, hence to make it easy for you, I have concluded 7 best floorings for indoor rabbit cage for your rabbits which you should definitely try.

These are some of the rabbit floorings which I personally liked, out of all the products which I tried in all these years. Let’s see, if the information given below helps you in finding the right flooring for an indoor rabbit cage to keep your rabbit happy, as it helped me to keep my rabbits happy.

Types of a Rabbit  flooring

There are various types of flooring for indoor rabbit cage with their own specialties, these are as such:


This rabbit flooring is mainly used for those who use a rabbit hutch. It must be of fresh wood that is unused while you use it for the rabbits. This is not available most of the time, so if you are someone who is really adamant about the wood ones, you will have to do your extra research to find the product. You should think of buying such a rabbit flooring only when your rabbit is litter trained. The only issue that you will have to face with it is that the rabbits find it very easy to chew such rabbit cage flooring.


It is probably the most contentious flooring available in the market. It does not look comfortable but it is. Such flooring should be preferred by you if your rabbits are not litter trained.


Such rabbit flooring is the most easily affordable, easy to clean, and accessible products. They are soft and slippery, however quite often rabbits do not like to lay on such flooring. Consider buying this flooring for an indoor rabbit pen, if your rabbits tend to stay silent and not destructive at all.


This is the most common form of rabbit cage flooring, which is affordable, easy to clean, and versatile in nature. You can fix them on the ground and make them perfect for exercise pens or floor level cages. Consider buying it for the litter trained rabbits.


This is a great option to buy as flooring for an indoor rabbit cage. This rabbit flooring should be bought by you when you have a rabbit pen. Mats in the form of flooring can be easily put inside the cage which will act as the barrier between the rabbit and the ground. These are easy to clean, available in various sizes, and most importantly, comfortable for the rabbits. This flooring for an indoor rabbit pen has been the most liked flooring as of now. This is a great option to consider but it is also recommended that you do not buy it if your rabbits are destructive.

Odorless Vinyl Rabbit Floor

Odorless Vinyl Floor FloorRating
4.6 out of 5
300 customer ratings

It is flooring for an indoor rabbit cage, which is made up of premium vinyl. It not only looks good but it also does its work properly. It is sturdy and does not break easily. The rabbit flooring product is damp proof, waterproof, wear-resistant, mold-resistant, and fire-resistant. It makes sure that it does not harm the rabbits in any way, and gives them a comfortable time. It is a worth buying product, which will do its ample responsibilities, and with that, it also makes the rabbit pen look beautiful.

  1. This flooring for indoor rabbit pen is made up of premium materials.
  2. It is affordable, and also waterproof, damp proof, wear-resistant, mold-resistant, and fire-resistant.
  3. It is completely an odorless product.
  4. This rabbit flooring can be installed easily.
  5. It makes sure that it provides safety to you and your loved ones.
  6. One needs to be cautious while setting it up.

AmazonBasics Pet Pads

Potty Training PadsRating
4.6 out of 5
6000 customer ratings

It is a stronger version of the original AmazonBasics pet training and puppy pads, which is quite thicker and made up of great absorbent material. This flooring provides a great relief to rabbits and works as a peace of mind for them. This is both safe and comfortable to use, makes it sure that it does not harm the rabbits in any way. It is a collection of pads, which means once used properly, you can easily change it by tossing the pad, and putting down the new one.

  1. High quality and good at absorbing, flooring for indoor rabbit pen.
  2. This rabbit flooring has an extra absorbent core which very easily turns the liquid into gel.
  3. It does not let the liquid to leak onto the floor.
  4. It makes sure that it provides good comfort to rabbits.
  5. It is considered as an ideal product for rabbits
  6. It needs to be changed with time.

Balance flooring for rabbit cage

Puzzle Exercise MatRating
4.6 out of 5
15000 customer ratings
Moisture Resistant
Easily Washed
2-year warranty

It is an all balance from the product, which comes with a 2-year warranty. This is reliable which makes your purchase worry-free. It has an excellent slip resistant advantage which prevents the rabbits from getting injured or harmed, for that matter. It is a very accessible flooring for indoor rabbit cage which can be washed with soap and water, whenever needed, hence saving your money. It is a comfortable space for the rabbits which shall be liked by your rabbits.

  1. It is an extra thick rabbit flooring with a very lightweight.
  2. It provides a satisfaction guarantee to its customers.
  3. The product can be managed easily, with the use of water and soap.
  4. It has an interlocking feature which makes it easy to assemble.
  5. The product comes with a 2-year warranty.
  6. Your rabbits will take time to get used to such rabbit flooring.

Decorative Rustic Wood

Decorative Self-AdhesiveRating
4.6 out of 5
1500 customer ratings
Quality Vinyl
Easy to Wash
Easy to Install

It is a decorative self-adhesive flooring, which is safe to use and creates a unique look. The product is easy to install which can be done quickly with just a few steps to make it a comfortable space for your rabbits. It is worth buying, which is also durable and water-resistant. You can easily remove it, whenever needed and it won’t even leave any subdue.

  1. It is quick and easy to install flooring for indoor rabbit pen.
  2. This rabbit flooring offers long durability and is also waterproof.
  3. It is safe to use and does not harm the rabbits.
  4. You can remove it whenever you want to.
  5. It is a decorative product that will provide a good look at the rabbit pen.
  6. It is not available in many color options.

Sorbus Wood Grain Floor

Grain Floor MatsRating
4.4 out of 5
457 customer ratings
Provides comfort
Easy to clean

These are the marble floor mats, which provide comfort and a good surface to the rabbits. The flooring for indoor rabbit cage not only protects the floor damage but also makes it comfortable for the rabbits to walk softly on the floor. This rabbit flooring is versatile, easy to manage and install, and also available in various options.

  1. A marble floor mat that is comfortable and safe.
  2. This flooring is easy to install with just a few steps to be followed.
  3. It is available in various colors.
  4. It is versatile for any space.
  5. This rabbit flooring is a durable product that will live longer.
  6. It is available in a particular size only.

Basement Interlocking Rabbit Flooring

It is a great option for flooring, especially for cost-conscious consumers. This is made up of good quality, which is both waterproof and insulating. One can easily manage and install it, and it also makes sure that it provides the added warmth and comfort to your rabbits. It is available in various sizes with the aim of making it possible for the buyers to change it whenever they desire. It is safe and free of allergens, phthalates, and latex.

  1. It is a new and improved form of rabbit flooring for indoor rabbit pens.
  2. It is available in a variety of sizes.
  3. It is waterproof and easy to clean.
  4. It is a great option for cost-conscious consumers.
  5. It is a high-density interlocking foam rabbit flooring product.
  6. It is available in two colors only.

PetFusion flooring for rabbits pen

It is a super hygienic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic rabbit flooring products. It is available in various sizes. It is antimicrobial, and also a water-resistant product. It is easy to manage and clean under an under or with the help of a wet cloth. It makes sure that it provides comfort and safety to your chickens. It is a flexible product which has been recommended by a lot of its users.

  1. It is a super hygienic flooring for indoor rabbit cage, which is antimicrobial, and great water-resistant.
  2. It goes longer which makes it quite a durable product.
  3. This flooring for indoor rabbit pen is soft, flexible, and easy to clean.
  4. This rabbit flooring is available in different colors, hence offers you a choice.
  5. It has a very smart design.
  6. This flooring is available in three sizes only.

Important Factors

We often find it difficult to make the right choice to buy a product. It has always been difficult, however, it can turn a bit easier if you follow a few necessary guidelines about the right product. As a potential buyer of a rabbit flooring, you should introduce yourself with the necessary factors which you should consider while buying a product.

These are some of the factors which you should take care of while buying flooring for indoor rabbit cage

Good absorbing power

A rabbit flooring that has a good absorbing power tends to stay longer. It is one of the factors which you should consider while buying the product. The product should be good enough to absorb the heavy liquid to make the product wet and odor-free. This will help you and you would not be needed to change it again and again.

A good absorbing flooring makes the space comfortable, safe, hygienic for the rabbits and also keeps them happy.

Odor control

It is quite natural that a place where we spent most of our time, gets messy and stinky. It happens with rabbits a lot in many cases, especially when the flooring for indoor rabbit pens gets wet and it does not have good absorbing power. So, make sure that the flooring for indoor rabbit cage that you buy is odor-free so that it does not make the rabbits feel uncomfortable and mentally unwell on their rabbit flooring.


It is suggested that you always prefer buying a rabbit flooring product, which takes care of the safety of your rabbits. In short, the product is safe to use, toxic-free, and no chemicals added in it. Toxic flooring can harm your rabbits and make it difficult for them to even survive. So, make sure that the product you buy is safe to use and does not harm them in any way.

Eco friendly

Flooring for indoor rabbit cage needs to be changed from time to time, hence it should be your duty that you buy the product which is eco friendly, and does not harm nature in any way. So, make sure that you buy the flooring, which is easy compostable, biodegradable, and not toxic to the environment.

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