Your Furry Friend Needs Your Help! 

Bunnies make one of the most adorable pets. They are among the most loved household pets in the country. They can be playful, affectionate, and a great friend, especially for kids. 

It is almost impossible to not love these furry little creatures. However, it is not possible for everyone to keep a pet like a rabbit at their home due to several circumstances, even if they love them. But that should not keep you from contributing to the welfare of the animals.

We understand that not everyone can adopt a rabbit. But if you want to contribute, we are always looking for thoughtful animal lovers like you to donate. 

Who Are We?

We are a non-profit organization providing shelter to these large bunnies who have lost their homes and also help them find new loving homes. We train them well and keep them safe while they are in our care, but in order to continue doing this, we need your help. Any donation from you can really help us make lives easier for these adorable bunnies!

If you are interested in adopting a bunny, you can take a look at our list of bunnies that are currently up for adoption. But if not, you can always donate.

We have been protecting these rabbits and helping them to rehome for 7 years now. We also have a number of toys and harnesses for cute bunnies. Take a look at our list of products to find one that suits your pet. 

Donate Today and Help Save These Bunnies

We are always thankful to anyone who chooses to donate to help us save these furry creatures. Whatever the amount, it helps us get closer to our goal, which is to save as many rabbits as possible.  But we have limited resources, and we appreciate all kinds of donations and gifts from you! 

If you are like us and love animals and have a soft place for rabbits, there are also several other ways you can help us, apart from making a generous donation. 

Adopt a Bunny Today

The small size and friendly nature of rabbits make them perfect as a family pet!

Because of their docile nature, you do not have to worry about these bunnies causing harm to your little ones at home. They are perfectly safe for kids. If you adopt a bunny today, you will help give him a place where he is cared for. Take a look at your adoption page and policies if you want to adopt a rabbit from us. 

We are Always Looking for Bunny Lovers 

If you love bunnies and consider yourself a-know-it-all in all things related to bunnies, well, you are welcomed at Flemish Giant Rabbit. You can work with us as a volunteer, help look after these rabbits, feed them, and spend time with them. Volunteer work will also add a certain plus point to your resume and give you an edge over others! So think about it! 

Sometimes all we need is a little appreciation and a FOLLOW BACK!

You can help us by spreading the word there are bunnies up for adoption. You can follow us on your social media pages, like, comment, and share. This can help us reach a wider audience and get some help for our furry friends. Share our posts with friends and family and follow other rescue pet projects. 

Purchase our Bunny Products

We have lots of toys and other supplies that can be really useful for pet shelters and pet owners. When you purchase our products, it helps us provide better care and facilities for the bunnies in our protection. 

If you know a pet shelter that is lacking in supplies, you can spread the word and help us sell more of our pet products. 

Provide Foster Care to the Bunnies

No matter how determined we are to provide shelter to as many rabbits as possible, sometimes we just do not have enough space to accept more bunnies, which is when you can step in and become their rescuer. You can provide them a temporary shelter as long as they do not get adopted. 

We have often come across severely injured bunnies who need special care and attention, and all the shelter care staff are too busy to nurse them back to health. You can help us these bunnies a great deal by taking care of them until they become healthy. 

Not all bunnies can coexist together, and some bunnies may have difficulty adapting to life in the shelter. At times like this, it becomes difficult for shelters to take care of them, as they create a hostile environment for the other bunnies. Take them in your care and providing them a foster home can really help these bunnies. 

Become an Adoption Ambassador 

You can become an adoption ambassador and help find new homes for these adorable pets. You will play a critical role as an adoption ambassador. Sometimes people are not willing to visit a pet shelter; they generally visit a pet shop to buy a pet. You can change their minds and convince them to adopt a pet who needs a loving home.