Are you looking for the best flemish giant breeders? You are the right place! There are many good flemish giant rabbit breeders most people don’t know, and in this article you will get to know more about them to make the right decision.

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    Below are 8 Flemish giant rabbit breeders:-

    Happy Tails Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders

    Happy tails flemish giants is a family-owned rabbitry adventure. They are a little yet reputable Flemish giant rabbitry. It was founded in 2012 in Murrieta, California. 

    They only make a limited number of high-quality flemish giant rabbits. D5372 is their rabbitry registration number.

    They are affiliated with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). They are also a member of the National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders (NFFGRB).

    Their primary goal is to increase muscle mass, bone mass, length, and weight. Their desire is to emphasize the word “giant” in flemish giant.

    They provide pre-fetching options in three quality categories:  standard, exceptional, and superior.

    • Standard quality Flemish giant is either a kit, junior, or intermediate. Both parents weighing not more than 14 pounds, and the rabbit alone weighing not more than 14 pounds. Besides, the categorization will be determined by the breeding quality.
    • An exceptional quality flemish giant is a kit, junior, or intermediate.  It has at least one parent weighing 14-18 pounds and/or the rabbit itself weighing 14-18 pounds. 
    • A superior quality flemish giant is a kit, junior, or intermediate. It has at least one parent that weighs more than 18 pounds and/or the rabbit itself weighs more than 18 pounds. But, the breeding quality will decide the categorization.

    Depending on the quality of the breeding, certain litters may have their quality category changed. A standard quality litter, for example, might be changed to exceptional quality.

    They are available in the following colours: fawn,  blue, black, sandy, light grey, and steel. Slaughtering is not something they engage in. They would rather selectively and perfectly breed.

    Each kit includes:

    1. RHD vaccine (worth $150+). Unfortunately, the RHD vaccination is now a two-visit treatment.
    1. Industry pioneer two (2) month (1 time) health warranty (replacement for an ailment, not injuries sustained). But, if you deviate from their prescribed food and eating plan, you will not be covered. Replacement is limited to the same or lower quality category and must be used within one (1) year after the loss.
    1. A starter kit including 5 pounds of pellets and 1 pound of bunny granola, with about 7 to 10 days’ worth of food.
    1. Lineage.
    1. Dewormer routine.
    1. Care guidelines.
    1. Lifetime help.
    1. When following their diet, their exceptional quality has reached 17+ pounds at maturity.
    1. When following their diet, the superior quality had weighed 20+ pounds at maturity.
    That’s not a real pic, that’s just a meme for you 🙂

    They ship from San Diego International and Los Angeles International Airports. They ship domestically and internationally. 

    Door-to-door delivery of your new family member and airport transportation is provided at a cost of $1.75 per mile for local deliveries.

    The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders

    The National Federation of Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders is one of the US oldest breed groups.

    The NFFGRB’s mission has always been to promote and enhance the Flemish giant breed. This is accomplished through the club’s website, quarterly bulletins, and a fantastic handbook. And also by supporting the presentation of Flemish Giants at ARBA Rabbit Shows through the sweepstakes program.

    Only the seven Flemish giant colours are accepted by NFFGRB and its executive board.

    These colours are currently accepted and listed in the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

    These are the colours: black, blue, fawn, light grey, steel grey and white. 

    Other colours (varieties) should not be referred to as Flemish Giants. Except the breeder has received a Certificate of Development (C.O.D) from ARBA.  And also following the necessary processes to have another variation approved.

    Currently, varieties that are not recognized by their breed standard would be excluded from the table. This is owing to not fulfilling the breed standard’s current definition.

    Contact them here:-

    The American Rabbit Breeders Association

    flemish giant rabbit breeders
    flemish giant rabbit breeders

    The American Rabbit Breeders Association Inc. promotes unity among its members, who are rabbit and cavy lovers from all around North America and the world. 

    The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) promotes the domestic rabbit and cavy hobby. And all aspects of the business, such as commercial and scientific research centres.

    Its organisational roots may be traced back more than a century, to 1910. This is when the National Pet Stock Association was formed. This was in reaction to the brisk popularity of the Belgian Hare (really a domestic rabbit – not a genuine hare), which had been on the scene around 1890.

    The ARBA has expanded and evolved into its current character throughout the years.  It has improved, via its membership, high standards of excellence, and efficiency. Collaboration at all levels of the rabbitry industry with the overall purpose of promoting domestic rabbits and cavy.

    The ARBA now has over 20,000 members worldwide. Many of them travel to the annual convention and exhibits, which are hosted in a different major American city each year.

    This association’s rabbits contain 49 distinct breeds. It ranges from rabbits coveted for their hair, wool, beauty, and/or utility value to those best suited as pets owing to their size and/or temperament. 

    The ARBA also actively supports 13 distinct cavy breeds (commonly known as guinea pigs). 

    The cavy breeds are different as well, and they take part in the national convention with rabbits. They also take part in smaller exhibitions around North America and other nations.

    The group now has up-to-date cooperatives and equipment for use in national convention exhibitions.

    It has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Research and Development Fund. This supports research that benefits both rabbits and cavies.

    The ARBA Hall of Fame Library holds the world’s greatest single collection of rabbit and cavy publications. It is now located in Bloomington, Illinois.  

    The collection has about 9,000 objects/pieces. It continues to grow as a result of donations and contributions of historical relics.

    It has a rising number of young members who may engage in ARBA shows and character-building youth activities. They may also be eligible for ARBA youth scholarship grants.

    The ARBA promotes young rabbit and cavy showmanship and similar events. It is a method of demonstrating not just a working and practical understanding of rabbits and cavies. But also to encourage youth members to explore critical thinking abilities.

    These are desirable values that youths acquire and experience as a result of their participation in the ARBA. 

    Character-building qualities such as responsibility and sportsmanship will help youth throughout their lives.

    The majority of current ARBA members take part in exhibits such as those conducted at national conventions. There is a sizable minority that does not.

    The large volumes of information provided by ARBA publications, manuals, and quarterly bulletins are extremely helpful to these pet owners.

    There are several reasons why owners of all sorts of rabbits and cavies can learn from the ARBA’s expertise.

    The Bunny Smith Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders

    Bunny Smith Rabbitry is a tiny, family-owned business in San Diego. They produce a diverse range of rabbits, including Americans, Silver Foxes, Jersey Woolies, and, of course, Flemish Giants. But, that list is far from exhaustive, and they specialise in Rex rabbits.

    They are an excellent pick regardless of the type of rabbit you’re searching for. This is because they offer high-quality rabbits throughout.

    Kleinhoff Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders

    flemish giant rabbit breeders
    flemish giant rabbit

    Kleinhoff Rabbitry is a modest breeding facility. They produce a diverse range of show-level rabbits.

    Keep in mind that not all breeds are always accessible, so contact them early to find out when they can have a rabbit ready for collection.

    They not only do an excellent job producing rabbits. They also provide handling techniques and information on what to look for in a domestic rabbit. 

    Carrot Patch Rabbitry

    Carrot Patch Rabbitry is a small breeder of Flemish Giant Rabbits. While they do not breed display Flemish Giants, they do provide an economical opportunity to add one to your family.

    Carrot Patch Rabbitry does not produce show-quality Flemish Giants. You may view each parent to learn more about their predecessors.

    Bay Area Velveteen Lops

    Bay Area Velveteen Lops sells show-quality and pet-quality rabbits. Whatever you’re searching for, they’ve got a rabbit for you. 

    They raise a wide range of rabbit breeds, so whether you’re searching for a Flemish Giant or something a little smaller, they should be able to assist you.

    Keep in mind that, like any good breeders, they will not have Flemish Giants available all year. Contact them as soon as possible to get on their waiting list.

    Shinobi Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders

    The greatest rabbit breeders keep things small, and Shinobi Rabbitry is no exception. They are a breeder in Northern California who consistently produces high-quality rabbits. 

    But it’s good for the bunnies that they don’t keep on producing babies all the time. Message them early to find out when their next kits will arrive, and be prepared to wait. 

    When you purchase a rabbit, you can relax knowing that they are unlikely to have any health issues and that you are obtaining a top-notch pedigree.

    West Central Rabbitry

    The West Central Rabbitry is located near Le Grande, California. This is an ideal position for serving a vast section of California’s population. 

    They raise three species of rabbits: Flemish Giants, French Lops, and Californians. They accept special orders as well as purchases when a litter is born. 

    Reach out and see what they have to offer. West Central Rabbitry produces award-winning Flemish Giants. You can expect a show-quality rabbit from them.

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