The majority of rabbit breeds are able to survive the cold winter months. Hypothermia may strike baby rabbits if their core temperatures fall too low. It’s possible that your bunny may perish if it’s too chilly outside. Heat lamp for rabbits is the best option here.

A heat lamp might be a good option for keeping your rabbit warm during the cold winter months. Using a heat lamp to keep the cage or hutch warm at night is a low-cost option. In order to prevent overheating, you should use a heat lamp with caution. Below is the best heat lamp for your rabbit.

Simple Deluxe Rabbit Heat Lamp 

Heat Lamp for RabbitsRating 4.5/5
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Long lifespan
No light emitted
High Heating Efficiency

This simple deluxe heat lamp for rabbits maintains the rabbit’s body temperature, it is an excellent choice for rabbits. The light bulb does not produce any visible light, therefore it will not interfere with the sleep cycle of your rabbit. It is important to provide a warm environment in order to promote the germination and growth of plants. In the creation of this item, the ceramic substance that is both brittle and capable of withstanding high temperatures is utilized. The extremely high effectiveness of this heating source will be beneficial to the rabbits. A high probability of living a long life. Designed to function reliably for up to 10,000 consecutive hours of operation.

This heat lamp for rabbits has a life expectancy of up to ten thousand hours of service and is simple to install. It may be used in lamp bases that conform to the standard E26 threading and is easy to operate. The bulb does not create any light that is visible to the human eye, which ensures that the sleep cycles of your rabbits will not be disrupted.

Simple Deluxe Heat Lamp Test and Review

This heat lamp for rabbits is constructed out of a variety of materials, some of which include ceramic, metal, and NiCrAl. Wait at least an hour after shutting off the light bulb so that it can cool down completely before using it again. The great purity of the ceramic ensures that it is impervious to water and resistant to cracking. Heat sources that are on continuously are perfect for keeping rabbits happy. It is imperative that you keep the surface temperature of the ceramic lamp at a safe distance from flammable materials as well as animals in order to prevent disastrous consequences.


  • There is no light produced.
  • Ceramics of a very high purity
  • Effective utilization of heat


  • Incorrect operation increases the risk of having an accident.

BOEESPAT Heat Lamp for Rabbits

BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat EmitterRating 4.5/5
2200 Total Ratings
Amazon Best Seller

No Light

Staying in an area that is heated by this heat lamp for rabbits, allows rabbits to maintain their body temperature throughout the winter months. It’s possible that this will help them get the heat they need to get through their situation. Light bulbs with 50W of power are an excellent option for this.

Ceramic is a material that is long-lasting, user-friendly, and risk-free, all of which are characteristics of our lamp holder. The clamp that rotates has a design that is flexible in its construction. Every single one of the lights can be adjusted in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Very easy to set up, and it provides a lot of value.

The fact that the rabbit heating lamp includes a flexible metal gooseneck and a rotating lamp head allows it to be used in a variety of different locations. Because of this, rabbits can benefit from it in a variety of various environments. The package contains a bulb with a wattage of fifty.

All types of light bulbs, including LEDs, ceramic heaters, and incandescent bulbs, can be used with the socket that is provided by the manufacturer. This indicates that each one of them can be put to use.


  • It includes a multi-functional light holder.
  • It has an ideal size
  • It does Multi-function


  • It is not advisable to use the bulb for a lengthy period of time due to the potential risks that this could present.

Lucky Herp Heat Lamp for Rabbits

Lucky Herp Heat Lamp for RabbitsRating 4.6/5
1500 Total Ratings
Amazon Best Seller

No Light
Unconditional refund

Rabbits may benefit from ceramic heating bulbs. When the ceramic bulb is utilized in a humid environment, it has passed the waterproof test and is safe to use. Rabbits may sleep better at night if there is no light. Dimensions: 4.3 inches in length, 2.95 inches in breadth, cermet metal. Ceramic heating bulbs in the 75100 150 200W range are also available.


  • Because there is no light, rabbits are able to sleep better at night.
  • Ceramic heat lamp
  • Waterproof and weatherproof


  • Some users have found it fragile

LUCKY HERP Heat Lamp for Rabbits

This heat lamp for rabbits will let your rabbits feel the warmth you’ve made for them in a cold place. It has little effect on the rabbit’s sleep, even if it is taken at night. When the heat lamp bulb is turned on, it only makes heat and doesn’t make any light. 

When you use the rabbit ceramic heat bulb for just 10 seconds, you’ll start to feel warmer. It will only take 4 minutes for the heat lamp for rabbits to get to the temperature it should be at. It’s made of thick ceramic material, which makes the LUCKY HERP rabbit heater more durable than other heating lamps. They can last up to 10,000 hours. E26 light base, 120 volts, and simple installation are all that are needed to make this light work.

For your own safety, only use high-quality ceramic light holders. Keep at least 30cm between you and any rabbits that are near you when you use the rabbit-bathing bulb. There should be no quick turn-on of the rabbit heat lamp, and the bulb should not be turned on or off often. If you contact customer service, Lucky Herp will give you a full refund for any lights that are broken.


  • Heating up fast
  • No light emitted
  • It’s safe to use


  • Bulb’s surface temperature is high when working

BOEESPAT Ceramic Heat Lamp for Rabbits

You feel safe when you use a high-quality Ceramic Heat Emitter. An energy-efficient ceramic heat bulb that quickly and reliably heats, as well as one that has high thermal efficiency. This device doesn’t make as much light as a normal heat lamp, which makes it safer and lasts longer. At more than 15,000 hours a year, the heat emitter lasts more than twice as long as other goods of the same type, making it more durable. You could even leave it on all the time and not have to worry about it going out during a cold spell.

Rabbits don’t sleep better when they use a heat source that doesn’t give off light. The 24-hour heat source will keep you warm for 15000 hours, which is four times as long as the life of a ceramics lamp. A precautionary measure stops the temperature from rising anymore. The clay we used to make our ceramics was high-purity and the wire we used was resistant to Ni-Cr-Alloy. Heating wire made of Ni-Cr-Alloy is used to make BOEESPAT’s heat transmission and service life better. Because the plastic E27 socket could melt the lamp holder and cause the light to explode, it is important to use the ceramic E26 socket instead of the plastic E27 socket.

They won’t break even if they get wet, so they’re great for humid terrariums because they don’t break. Baked twice in a kiln with ceramic powder and a good glaze. Infrared rays are made because of the substance and the way it is made.

Because the BOEESPAT rabbit ceramic heat lamp is made of clay, it doesn’t make rabbits or other pets sleepy. When the right material is used, the thermal efficiency of ceramic raw materials can go up to 100%.

An ideal source of radiant heat is the rabbit heat bulb. This bulb can be used all year long. The high-strength ceramic shell of the ceramic disc makes it more conductive of heat. It has a long service life and can run for more than 15,000 hours at a time. This design makes it easier for filaments to get hot. It also allows for a larger heating area and faster temperature rise. Resistance wire made of nickel and chromium alloy cuts down on both heat transfer and power use.

This means that the heat lamp for rabbits is very efficient at transferring heat. This means that it doesn’t use as much energy and costs less money to run. The heat is evenly spread and lasts for a long time, even though the heating is going very quickly.

Ceramic heat lamps that can be used in terrariums with a lot of humidity are made from very pure pottery clay. Solid ceramic parts are good for humid places because they are waterproof and don’t explode.


  • Robust and Long-Lasting
  • Waterproof
  • It comes with an E26 lamp base.
  • Maximum 15000-Hour Service Life


  • Bulb’s surface temperature is high when working

Makmzoon Ceramic Heat Lamp for Rabbits

Even in the midst of a freezing winter, rabbits need to be active and feed more often. High-quality, earthquake-resistant clay is used to make a ceramic lamp capable of working continuously for more than 15,000. It’s a radiant heat source that works wonderfully around the clock. Without interfering with the rabbit’s natural sleep/wake cycle

This 110-volt ceramic heat emitter can run continuously for more than 15,000 hours with no light being emitted from the base. One of the best ways to keep rabbits warm all year round is to use a ceramic heat bulb. For use in a variety of settings. Aside from being heat and cold-resistant, ceramic heat bulbs are also moisture-proof. The Ceramic Heat Emitters are 99 percent efficient.

The ceramic heat bulb’s heating speed and stability have been improved by lengthening the heating wire and widening the uneven surface of the heating plate. Appetite-Supplementing Ceramic Heat Emitter penetrates rabbit muscles, boosts hunger, and protects rabbit health. Using this heat lamp for rabbits in the winter might keep your pet toasty all day long.

The box is constructed of eco-friendly pulp, and there are two built-in paper buckles to keep the ceramic bulbs in place. Makmzoon ceramic lamps may therefore be securely supplied.


  • For use in a variety of settings.
  • Thermodynamic efficiency is 99 percent.
  • For use in a wide range of settings.
  • It has a longer lifespan.


  • Accidents may happen due to improper operation

REPTIZOO 2 Heat Lamp for Rabbits

The REPTI ZOO heat lamp for rabbits is one of the most important things you can do to keep your rabbits healthy. It looks like they are getting direct sunlight. Check the temperature and humidity in your rabbit’s terrarium with our Clip-on Digital Thermo-Hygrometer With Probes to make sure he is healthy. This device can be used to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels. The REPTI ZOO Rabbit Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter makes heat that looks like the sun. It can keep a rabbit warm for 24 hours. It doesn’t mess with the rabbits’ normal sleep times.

The threaded black design comes in a two-pack. It’s good for rabbit lights like heat lamps, UVB lamps, heat emitters, and infrared lamps. With a durable and long-lasting optical reflection cover, you can improve the aggregation of light sources. The E26 ceramic lamp cap they use has a maximum power rating of 150 watts. The dimensions are very small and easy to use. Power cord: It comes with a power cord with a separate on/off switch that is 1.8 meters long. The light fixture has been approved by ETL. If something isn’t good, we’ll fix it for a full year.


  • Extensive cooling effect.
  • A deep wavy pattern
  • Changeable sticker to alert drivers of potential dangers
  • With a hanging hook, it’s simple to hang this power switch on your own.


  • Accidents may happen due to improper operation so please use it in the right way and avoid using it in a damp environment.

Tiyano 100W Rabbit Heat Lamp Bulb

Within 30 seconds, the ceramic heating bulb starts to glow. Once it reaches a certain level of power, it stays at a certain temperature. It has a 20,000-hour timer to heat up. The heating light can be easily turned on and off by flipping a switch. Pets would be safe from being burned by a light Guard Cage. It’s possible to keep your rabbits from getting an electric shock if you have an Anti-Chewing Iron Pipe. This heat lamp for rabbits will keep them from biting the wires. Rabbits should be kept in a warm place, and this simple heating system can be mounted on top of the box or on its edge to keep them warm at all times.

Infrared heating, ceramic heat emitter bulbs, and other types of bulbs help pets move around, stimulate their molecular activity, boost their metabolism, and improve their immune function. This helps the pet live in a temperature environment that is ideal for them.

The heating lamp’s metal grid is easy to open and close, and the ventilation is great, making it a safe choice. In this case, the bulb can be used without fear of being bit. The galvanized iron ring makes this possible.

It’s made of ceramic parts, and it can be used in a lot of wet places, like a barn. For any kind of rabbit, the outdoor heating light that lowers the temperature is a good thing to have. When the cold weather comes, it’s even better.

You feel safe when you use a high-quality heat lamp for rabbits. If you want your heater to be warm quickly and stay warm, we’ve made a ceramic heat bulb that does both while using less electricity. This heat lamp for rabbits doesn’t make as much light as a normal heat lamp, which makes it safer and lasts longer. In the winter, you could leave it on all day and not worry about it going out. Even though ceramic lamps are waterproof and explosion-proof, if they stay in water for a long time, they will break down. It can only be used to heat the air around you, not to raise the temperature of water.


  • Heating is both fast and efficient.
  • Multi-Installation
  • As a rabbit ceramic heat lamp generates just natural heat without any light, it won’t wake up your rabbit when they’re sound asleep.

2 Pack Infrared Rabbit Heat Lamp

It has a lifespan of 10000-15000 hours, this ceramic heat emitter can maintain a constant temperature for up to 24 hours. It will also raise the temperature of the rabbit’s environment. As it opens blood vessels and boosts circulation, infrared heat benefits health and healing by penetrating scales and skin tissue.

This heat lamp for rabbits has a perfect heat radiation function and emits no light 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is easy to install, just screw it into a normal porcelain E26 screw socket, and it is suitable for rabbits. An AC 90-120V power supply powers this 100-Watt heat lamp with a 3.15-inch circle and a 4.13-inch height. This heat lamp’s surface heats up quickly when functioning, so avoid testing the temperature with your touch and keep rabbits a safe distance away from the heat lamp.


  • Its water tightness and resistance to cracking are ensured by the use of high-purity ceramic clay.
  • This heat lamp for rabbits has no light emitted and does not disturb their normal sleep schedule
  • It has a long life expectancy, which is wonderful.


  • Bulb’s surface temperature is high when working

How to Keep Rabbits Warm with a Heat Lamp

Hypothermia can happen to rabbits, even though they have a lot of things that help them survive the cold winter months. This is because young rabbits don’t have the strength of adult rabbits. You can help your rabbit stay warm by using heat lights, but you must be careful not to overheat it or set it on fire.

Heat Lamps and Bulbs for heating up

Most pet stores sell heat lamp fixtures that can be used to warm up rabbits. A red light bulb or ceramic heat emitter that doesn’t show any light is better than introducing a new photo time that your rabbit might not like. A digital thermometer that can be used both indoors and outside should be bought and used for this. This should be done. If you want, you can also use a thermostat, which will turn the lights on and off to keep the temperature about the same.

The temperature in a Rabbit’s Den

Rabbits’ body temperatures typically range from 101.5 to 103 degrees. They might get ill if their body temperature falls below 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If the outside temperature dips below 40 degrees, you should keep your rabbits indoors or take other measures to keep them warm. However, overheating rabbits, which can lead to stress and illness, must be avoided at all costs.

Infrared Detection

In order to keep your rabbit from overheating, set up a temperature gradient in the cage so that one side is warm and the other is chilly. Allow the rabbit to move about the cage to regulate his temperature. To create thermal gradients, just place the heat lamp at one of the habitat’s ends or corners.

Heat Lamp and Fire Hazards Prevention

Always exercise caution while using heat lights near rabbit cages to avoid fires. Substrates made of paper or straw have a high risk of catching fire. Make sure your rabbit’s cage doesn’t tumble over by installing heat lights above it. Rabbits should not be able to touch the light by keeping it at least 24 inches from the cage floor. Use heat lamp for rabbits with metal cages around the bulbs for enhanced safety.

Additional Advantages

Using a heat light to keep your rabbits warm has the added advantage of preventing the water bowls from freezing. For winter watering, metal crocks are preferable than plastic bottles since they withstand freezing longer. Closely surround the crock with a lamp’s warm rays. Rabbits won’t drink warm water, so be cautious not to overheat it. Rabbits become more vulnerable to hypothermia if they stop drinking and eating.

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