A pet rabbit, howsoever adorable, requires effort to maintain. One of the key areas where most rabbit owners falter is getting a durable yet comfortable rabbit carrier for their pet. Makeshift alternatives and poor-quality cages are not only poor choices but can seriously harm your rabbit in extreme cases.

When there are dedicated rabbit carriers in the market, it is not difficult to find one that is best suited to your pet. They are a great vehicle to transport your rabbits, take them to the vet, or on vacation. Even while traveling in a car, keeping rabbits inside a cage is a useful tip. In case there are any bumps on the way, they are insured from getting seriously hurt.

What are some of the key advantages of getting a rabbit carrier?

Apart from the help in conveyance, these have a number of advantages attached to its name. Some of which include:

  1. Predesigned rabbit cages are easy to assemble without the help of extra handymen.
  2. These carriers are available in a number of different shapes and sizes which allows for choosing one that is best suited to your rabbit(s)
  3. In terms of mobility, some rabbit carriers are made of lightweight material like fir wood which means it is easier to transport.
  4. Not only are they a safe and secure option for your rabbits, but it is also easy maintenance and a lot of comforts.

Petmate Sky Rabbit Carrier

Petmate Sky Kennel Pet CarrierRating 4.1/5
Clip-on bowls
clip-on food

Good Ventilation
Superior comfort
ID stickers

It is one of the top-of-the-line rabbit carriers money can afford. Neither does it compromise on quality nor does it on the durability front. The top and sides are made using a mesh frame while the bottom is built using plastic. This kind of structure allows for excellent ventilation and visibility for your rabbit. It even has a quick hack for when you want to get to your fluffy pet in a hurry the wire top swivels open to let you get to them faster!

It also comes with a tip-proof dish that can be held firmly in place. An additional feature of this is that it comes with a balcony, accessible by a ramp. Beneath the balcony is an enclosed space that your rabbit can use to hide in. Also, there is a hay feeder that can be loaded from the outside and will definitely reduce the effort.

The rabbit carrier comes in two parts; the top wire mesh half and the bottom half, which easily clips on. The bottom pan is 7.5 inches deep. This is an important feature to prevent your rabbit from hurting themselves while they take care of their waste. It is noted as being one of the best large size carriers for rabbits.

The best features:
It comes in three sizes meaning better customization. This includes standard, large, and extra-large. The larger sizes allow rabbits to run around and stretch more freely. The light material adds to the ease of access and movement.

  1. Easy to clean.
  2. Large enough to house two medium rabbits
  3. Easy to put together as it uses plastic clips for assembly.
  4. Great for litter-trained rabbits
  5. Instructions are not so clear.
  6. Don’t use it for dogs.

Amazon Basics Rabbit Carrier

Amazon Basics Rabbit CarrierRating 4.4/5
11,000 Users Ratings
Durable Plastic
Good Ventilation
Secure, and Comfortable
Convenient Features
Heavy-Duty Design
Secure Construction
2 in Rabbit Carriers

The rabbit carrier comes with doors on both the top and the sides, making it easier and more convenient while cleaning, feeding, or even letting your pet play. The balcony allows for a change in view and the platform doubles up as a cozy hiding spot.

This rabbit carrier adheres to the standards set by California’s Proposition 65. This provision protects drinking water from getting contaminated by substances that are cancer or disease-inducing. The plastic used in building this model is of PP type which prevents your rabbit from getting exposed to these harmful substances.

This comes in two parts for easy assembly. The top half, the wire mesh, simply clips on to the bottom half which is a PP plastic pan.

The best features:
Again, it is a carrier that is available in three different sizes; standard, large, and jumbo. The precautionary measures ensure your rabbit does not develop debilitating diseases like cancer. This jumbo carrier has measurements of 47.2 x 23.6 x 20.5 inches (LxWxH). It weighs 19 pounds. It also comes with a limited one-year warranty from Amazon.

  1. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean.
  2. The ramp to the balcony is friendly towards smaller bunnies.
  3. It comes with a hay guard to prevent the spilling of food.
  4. The plastic platform cracks easily when it is put under repeated stress.
  5. The food bowl is too small for more than one rabbit.

Suncast Portable Rabbit Carrier

Suncast Portable Rabbit CarrierRating 4.5/5
Easy Access
Food Tray
Water Bowl

Perfect for Travel
3 in Rabbit Carriers

The minimalist aesthetic of this rabbit carrier is truly one of the biggest USPs. It’s simple yet extremely functional. Much like the others, the top half of the set-up comprises of a wire mesh. The bottom is heavy duty-build plastic. One big benefit of the wire mesh is the fact that it is coated with a chew-proof powder which prohibits your rabbit from snacking on the carrier and hurting its teeth in the process.

In terms of design, the top half is secured to the bottom half using six firm clips. The assemblage is extremely easy. Again, it comes in three different sizes and can be chosen according to what is best for your needs.

Another plus point definitely has to be the variety of colors the rabbit carrier is available in. This gives the customer the choice they really need. At 12.5 pounds, this is one of the most lightweight products on the market. Combine this with how easy it is to set up, and you have a very portable enclosure for your rabbit.

The best features:
Not only is the assembly of this carrier very easy, the fact that it opens via the clips makes the cleaning process more efficient.

  1. The rabbit carrier is very travel-friendly.
  2. This cage gives your rabbit enough room to stretch and hop. The largest measures in at 40x20x20 inches. (LxWxH).
  3. It only has two doors which limit the access point to just the front.

Rabbit Airline Approved Travel Cage

Rabbit Airline Approved Travel CageRating 4.4/5
Good Ventilation
Handle for easy carrying
The belt for shoulder carrying
Heavy-Duty Design
Secure Construction

This rabbit carrier is the best-suited to take your long-haul flights and trips as well. In terms of design, there is a wire mesh door on one side and polyethylene doors on all the others equipped with ventilation slots. This allows for great ventilation and sunlight.

Alongside this, the plastic used is very durable. It is resistant to bending, breaking, and gnawing from your bunny. The assembly might be a little hands-on as it comes in three parts however, the instruction manual is present to solve that issue.

The Favorite Rabbit transport cage has two openings. One is the wire mesh door and the other is a top door that can be lifted up to remove or keep your pet inside. Both the doors of the can be secured with a latch.

Best features:
The chew-proof wire mesh that keeps your rabbit safe during any sort of travel. It is also airline-approved so you can travel nationally or internationally with it.

  1. It’s easy to carry
  2. It has a top handle as well a removable shoulder strap
  3. It’s an inexpensive choice at $36
  4. In terms of dimension, it comes at 23″ L x 15.5″ W x 13.5″ H
  5. The size is a bit small for multiple rabbits

Petmate Two Door Rabbit Carrier

Petmate Two Door CarrierRating 4.4/5
6,000 Users Ratings
1 Rabbit Carrier

Made Safe for Travel
Designed for Comfort
Safe and Secure

This rabbit carrier is best for chubby bunnies that usually will find it troublesome to fit into a normal-sized transport cage. For a regular bunny, this one is comparable to a lavish cage with ample space.

The design is quite unconventional as it comes with a few cool additions that really make the aesthetic stand out. For example, the rabbit carrier has a wire metal mesh on three sides which is impossible to chew through. The carrier is also very airy and provides room for a lot of sunlight.

There are also slots inside to hang rabbit food as well as a water bottle for longer trips. This design detail prevents owners from packing these necessities.

There’s also a small storage compartment that can come in handy if you are using this to transport your rabbit and want to store their leash. There is also a sticker where you can put your pet’s name and therefore customize it.

Best features:
The best part about the Petmate Two carrier is a unique design. The rabbit carrier comes in the dimensions 23’’ L x 15’’ W which makes it big enough for larger sizes of bunnies to fit.

  1. When not in use, it can be dismantled and stored flat.
  2. The compartments inside make for a very handy carrier
  3. It can be used for both long trips as well as short ones
  4. It’s not a top-opening design.
  5. There’s only one front access door to the cage.

MidWest Homes for Pets Habitat

If you are looking for something that is spacious enough, this rabbit carrier is the right choice for you.  Measuring at 47.16×23.62×19.68 inches (LxWxH), this cage will give your rabbit maximum room to stretch, hop about, and even stand.

Additionally, this comes with a 5.5-inch deep pan made of plastic which prevents urine from splashing out. The balcony will also give your rabbit a change of scenery. In terms of assemblage, the top half of the carrier simply clips on to the bottom half and is very easy as a process.

The space beneath the balcony is also a cozy spot for the rabbit. The access is very convenient in this cage as the side door measures the same as the entire width. This makes it very easy to clean the carrier as well. The top door allows for quick access as well.

This cage is known for being one of the extra-large indoor cages there is to offer. With this much space, you can get your rabbit a partner and not worry about the space.

Best features:
The size of the rabbit carrier makes it an excellent choice. There is ample space to play in a situation where you have to leave your rabbits caged for a longer period of time. It also comes with a hay feeder and a water bottle.

  1. Expanding the size with accessories is possible.
  2. It is easy to clean.
  3. The construction materials make it a comfortable and strong enclosure.
  4. The side door requires a lot of room to open. This is because the door opens outwards going up.

Pet Kennel Direct Airline Approved crate

This rabbit carrier comes from Pet Kennel Direct which is one of the most popular pet product manufacturing companies in America. Additionally, this rabbit carrier is also compatible with all US airline standards as well as International Airline Standards that are necessary for any kind of air travel for your rabbit.

In terms of design, the cage is secured from all sides and has a single front-access door. However, unlike other cages, this one does not have a lot of vents over the side walls. The ones that are there are elevated on the walls but provide enough light and air.

Best features:
The cage is 20 inches long and 13 inches wide. So there’s no dearth of space inside the rabbit carrier for your pet. It is made of heavy-duty plastic and should last for years without any problems whatsoever.

  1. The front door is made of wire mesh and has a quick access latch that lets you remove your pet with ease.
  2. It is an airline approved both nationally and internationally.
  3. Your pet may not be able to get a 360-degree view of the surrounding during travel.

Kaytee Me Travel Carrier, Large

This rabbit carrier is open from all five sides and is more like a wire mesh crate than anything else. This one is exclusively designed for travel and comes with no dearth of air or light

Like all other Kaytee Me’s rabbit cages, this one too has a sturdy deep set base that attaches to the wire mesh sides. The wire mesh is chew-proof and ensures that your rabbit remains safe and secure inside.

The plastic base is also easy to clean. It can be easily dismantled to remove the waste material safely from the carrier.

Best features:
The handle is large and easy to grip. Also, the front access door is pretty spacious, giving you easy access to your bunny whenever the need arises.

  1. It allows for complete 360-degree views for your bunny.
  2. It is a good carrier for picnics and other outside activities
  3. This rabbit carrier is very inexpensively priced at under $20
  4. This is not meant for long travels
  5. The wire cage mesh is relatively low in terms of sturdiness

Top-Load Portable Rabbit Carrier

This rabbit carrier is ideal for someone who is looking to take their pet on neighborhood walks or for trips to the vet. It is one of the most popular models manufactured by the brand

In terms of design, the aesthetic makes the rabbit carrier really stand out. The white and turquoise tone adds a great touch. There is a transparent lid on top which allows you to keep an eye on your pet at all times. The rabbit carrier is essentially divided into two halves with four locks that snap into place when you join them, thereby making them stable and sturdy.

There are a number of vents on all sides to keep the cage airy and bright. It is very easy to carry all thanks to the two handles which give it the perfect balance.

Best features:
This rabbit carrier is 18.5’’L x 12” W making it just the right size for short trips. Even a chubbier bunny could sit comfortably inside.

  1. The design really gives it an edge over the other carriers
  2. The handles allow for easy carrying
  3. Much like the previous one, this rabbit carrier is also meant for short trips.

Prevue Pet Products 528

This rabbit carrier follows the single-floor design layout. However, there is an elevated platform that is accessible by a ramp for when your bunny wants to play. There are two opening points– one on top and one to the side allowing for easy access to your bunny.

The top half is made of wire mesh and clamps onto the base with clips. This makes it easy to clean. The owner can also replace the food and water inside the cage easily. There is ample space for your rabbit to roam freely within the cage. The base of the rabbit carrier is also handy to put in the grass which makes for a more natural environment.

Best features:
The space it provides for your pet and the ease with which you can clean as well as feed your pet is excellent.

  1. The lightweight material makes the rabbit carrier easy to carry
  2. The large access points make it very convenient to clean the cage frequently
  3. It is a bit on the bulkier side for travel and might need more space to pack into a car.

Reviews on Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

  1. It is an airline approved product. 
  2. Petmate sky kennel pet carrier is available in a lot of different sizes which is really appreciated.
  3. This one has come closest to the requirements. I really appreciate it. 
  4. This product is easy to assemble. 
  5. It comes at a great price. 
  6. Petmate sky kennel pet carrier is large and a secure product. 
  7. Buying this product has been a great choice so far. 
  8. It has made transporting animals quite easy. 
  9. This rabbit carrier has added great value to the money spent on it. 
  10. Available in good quality. 
  11. Petmate sky kennel pet carrier is a durable product. 
  12. It is adaptable for travel purposes. 
  13. Petmate sky kennel pet carrier makes sure to provide fresh air and visibility to your pets.

Reviews on AmazonBasics Pet Travel Carrier

  1. It is a well-made product and available at a good price. 
  2. It is sturdy and easy to use. 
  3. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier can be easily assembled. 
  4. Buying this product has been really great. 
  5. It is worth using with small animals. 
  6. It is a great classic kennel. 
  7. Its top door is a lifesaver, for sure. 
  8. This rabbit carrier comes in its solid version. 
  9. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier works quite well. Smarter than expected. 
  10. It is highly recommended. 
  11. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is a great hard carrier. 
  12. It is made up of good materials. 
  13. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier has been good to use so far. 
  14. It offers multiple uses to one. 
  15. It does its job nicely. 
  16. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is a perfect product. 
  17. This product has got really nice features. 
  18. It helped in making traveling quite easy. 
  19. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is a truly neat carrier. 
  20. AmazonBasics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier is affordable and fairly sturdy. I really appreciate that.

Reviews on Suncast portable rabbit carrier

  1. It has been a much-needed product. 
  2. It is truly a great carrier. 
  3. Suncast portable carriers are durable, comfortable and a perfect home for them. 
  4. It is nice. However, its handle needs a little improvement. 
  5. Suncast portable carriers keep us really happy. 
  6. It is the USA made product, which comes assembled and in good quality. 
  7. One does not have to pay the shipping charges for it. 
  8. This product is affordable at a reasonable price. 
  9. It has surpassed its expectations. I love the product. 
  10. Suncast portable carrier is one of the best crates. 
  11. Suncast portable carriers are stylish and big. 
  12. It is an exceptional product.
  13. Suncast portable carriers are highly recommended to everyone. 
  14.  It has made traveling quite easy. 
  15. It is a well-curated product. 
  16. Suncast portable carrier is a very roomy product. 
  17. It is a great product with a wide viewing angle. 
  18. It is absolutely worth buying. 
  19. It serves multiple purposes at a time. 
  20. Suncast portable carriers are perfect in all the ways. 
  21. It has been a great purchase. 
  22. It is spacious but a bit flimsy. 
  23. I really appreciate the nice design of the Suncast portable rabbit carrier. 
  24. Suncast portable carrier is one of the best carriers. One should think of buying this at least once.

Reviews on Rabbit Airline Approved Travel Cage

  1. It has a nice shoulder strap, it is really strong. 
  2. It is worth buying. 
  3. Good carrier at an affordable price. 
  4. This carrier is easy to assemble. 
  5. Rabbit airline approved travel cage is a sturdy product. Love this. 
  6. It has solid quality. 
  7. It is worth buying again. 
  8. Rabbit airline approved travel cage is a very well designed product. 
  9. This rabbit carrier is a  great transporter. 
  10. There are a few minor problems with its lid. 
  11. This product has some really good features. 
  12. It can easily be put together by one. Also, the screws and nuts are provided with it. 
  13. It has a thick front gate. 
  14. The best product so far. 
  15. It is easy to carry.
  16. It is an ideal carrier. 
  17. This product deserves to get five stars. 
  18. Rabbit airline approved travel cage is an awesome product. 
  19. It is quite better than expectations. 
  20. This product is quite spacious. 
  21. Rabbit airline approved travel cage has got easy access openings. 
  22. Rabbit airline approved travel cage is very warm and roomy. 
  23. Rabbit airline approved travel cage is what one needs. 
  24. One can easily fit its tools with the use of a screwdriver. 
  25. I really appreciate its top opening. 
  26. Rabbit airline approved travel cages have a good size and also convenient to carry.

Reviews on Petmate Two Door Rabbit Carrier

  1. It has been a much-needed product. 
  2. It is an awesome carrier. 
  3. It’s top and side loadings are great.
  4. It is quite easy to use and assemble. 
  5. Love the size, quality, and design of the product. 
  6. Very good carrier.
  7. It works great.
  8. This has been pleasing to buy.
  9. It has made the vet visits way too easy.
  10. It is affordable at a decent price.
  11. A great top opening.
  12. It is worth every little penny spent on it.
  13. It is basically a home away from home.
  14. A great travel crate.
  15. It makes everyone happy at home.
  16. An amazing transportation carrier that has just a few assembling procedures.
  17. I love how this arrives quickly at home.
  18. It is as shown in the advertisements.
  19. It has made life better.
  20. I absolutely love this product.
  21. A great quality product.
  22. A great buy. Everybody should buy this rabbit carrier.
  23. It is spacious.
  24. It works great.

Reviews on MidWest Homes for Pets Habitat

  1. This is a very great product.
  2. A super flexible product. 
  3. It keeps everybody happy.
  4. A warm home. 
  5. It is an excellent cage. 
  6. It is a great spacious place. 
  7. It is a bit flimsy. 
  8. It is as shown in the advertisements. 
  9. This rabbit carrier is a reliable product. 
  10. It deserves to get five stars. 
  11. It is provided with a year of guarantee. 
  12. It is the crate which you definitely need. 
  13. A perfect product, indeed. 
  14. Love how it can be easily washed. 
  15. A genuine product. 
  16. It is durable. I love how this lasts longer. 
  17. No tools needed to assemble this product. 
  18. One can easily set it up in minutes. 
  19. It is definitely an ideal product. 
  20. It has convenient access.
  21. It is so spacious that it also allows the animals to exercise inside it. 
  22. A safe and quiet place to rest. 
  23. It has a PVC-lined canvas bottom.

Reviews on Rabbit Carrier Airline Approved

  1. This rabbit carrier is one of the safest places for your rabbits. 
  2. It is available in many different sizes. 
  3. It is an airline approved product. 
  4. This one has made traveling quite easier. 
  5. It is highly recommended to make your rabbits travel safe. 
  6. It is made up of a strong material, which saves it from getting broken. 
  7. One needs to be cautious while using it. 
  8. It is an all in one package product. 
  9. It is a good quality product, but a bit flimsy. 
  10. Its vault style lock has been absolutely loved. 
  11. You can travel from the USA to Europe. It has made traveling this easier. 
  12. Doing its extensive research has been fruitful. 
  13. It is absolutely a nice kennel. 
  14. It is a sturdy rabbit carrier. 
  15. It is easy to use, how to use it would not be an issue for you. 
  16. It is considered perfect for an overseas move. 
  17. It has good size and it can also be easily assembled. 
  18. It is safe and comfortable to use. 
  19. It is definitely recommended for your rabbits.

Reviews on Kaytee Me Travel Carrier, Large

  1. This product is almost perfect. 
  2. This is what most of the rabbit owners are looking for. 
  3. You and your rabbits will definitely love this product. 
  4. It is a great cage but suits only small animals. In short, it is precisely made for rabbits. However, you can also use it for other small animals. 
  5. Kaytee me travel rabbit carrier is a great cage for traveling in a plane. 
  6. It just needs a little modification, otherwise, it is great. 
  7. It is an excellent product. 
  8. It is simple, cute, and serves its purpose right. 
  9. Kaytee Me travel carrier needs zip ties. 
  10. It is easy to clean and carry. 
  11. It comes in the right size. 
  12. It comes at an affordable price. 
  13. Kaytee me travel carriers have served its purpose so well. 
  14. Small critters love this. 
  15. You will see your rabbits thanking you for getting this. 
  16. It is a little token of love that you give to your rabbits. 
  17. It easily opens from the top. 
  18. It is nice but it needs to be strapped for security purposes. 
  19. It must be purchased at least once. 
  20. Kaytee me travel carrier is worth getting 5 stars as its rating. 
  21. Kaytee me travel carrier is easy to assemble. 
  22. A very sturdy product, indeed. 
  23. You can easily put it together.

Reviews on Top Load Portable Rabbit Carrier

  1. It is a perfect product for your rabbits.
  2. It is one of the favorite carriers of people. 
  3. It is wonderful.
  4. This is lovely, it just needs a better handle. 
  5. A great travel cage, it has made traveling quite easier. 
  6. It is also light in weight, hence light to carry. 
  7. It is surprisingly a sturdy rabbit carrier. 
  8. It works quite well, also a durable product. 
  9. This product is what your rabbits need. 
  10. This product is a perfect solution to all your problems. 
  11. It is available in a good size, at an affordable price for you. 
  12. This carrier has been loved by the rabbits a lot. 
  13. It is very nicely constructed. 
  14. Purchasing this product has been such a wonderful delight. 
  15. A great carrier, indeed. 
  16. A very pleasing product. 
  17. A handy travel cage. The overall product has made the rabbits happy.

Reviews on Prevue Rabbit Carrier

  1. Prevue pet products 528  is a spacious and perfect product for your rabbits, which will definitely make them feel home. 
  2. It is an essential product. 
  3. Prevue pet products 528  has been a  great purchase. 
  4. A right much-needed enclosure. 
  5. A user-friendly product. 
  6. This rabbit carrier is easy to manage. It would not give you many problems. 
  7. Prevue pet products 528  can be easily assembled.
  8. Buying this product has been really pleasing. 
  9. Prevue pet products 528 is a  great rabbit transporter. 
  10. This overall product is nicely constructed. 
  11. It is worth buying again. 
  12. It is an affordable product at a decent price. 
  13. Prevue pet products 528 is a  good quality product. 
  14. Prevue pet products 528  adds value to the money spent on it. 
  15. Prevue pet products 528  is an excellent cage. 
  16. Doing research on this product has been great.

What should be the length and breadth of an ideal carrier?

The ideal portable carrier should have a height and breadth of 18.5 inches and 12 inches, respectively. This ideal measurement will help in making the place warm, and comfortable for your rabbits.

What is the ideal way of keeping a carrier while traveling in a car with your rabbit?

If you are traveling in a car, make sure that you strap it perfectly with a seat belt, either place it securely under the seat. This will save your rabbits from getting hurt, and it will also save their faces from getting hit if the car makes a sudden break.

What should be put inside the rabbit carrier?

You should always keep some food or hay inside the carrier. Also, make sure that your carrier is not ever a cardboard one, as rabbits can easily chew them, which becomes unsafe for them, especially in the rainy seasons.

What should be the cost of a carrier?

The carriers vary upon their features and so do their price. Carriers are distinguished on the basis of their colors, how fancy they are, and even air-conditioned.

How long should a rabbit stay in its rabbit carrier?

A rabbit can stay inside a carrier up to 12 hours or more than that. It basically depends on them, about how they handle it. It also depends on the temperature, if it is good and they are comfortable sitting inside it, it is not a problem at all. Their comfort matters the most as it is something that helps in making up the mind.

Can a rabbit be left alone for some days?

Rabbits are not usually prone to living alone. So, it is kind of difficult to let them live alone. However, if it is just a weekend or a long working day, you can leave them alone, meanwhile making sure that you keep their every requirement inside the cage for them. This will help in keeping you stress-free as well. 


Through our selection, we have picked out the most convenient rabbit carriers for your pet. Not only are these the best in the market, but they are also the most recommended for all rabbit owners out there.

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