Nothing brings satisfaction and happiness like a bunny with a bright waterproof diaper. Seeing your baby bunny in this special diaper is therapeutic. You don’t have to worry about bunny droppings or urine leakage on the laps they sit. These diapers come in different sizes, affording your bunny a heavenly treat.

When playing with your bunny, you must protect yourself from getting soiled. They have a waterproof material and are absorbent. These features provide comfort for your rabbit. Here are the top bunny diapers for you. Loose-fitting diapers are inconvenient because they allow the passage of urine or feces.

This inconveniences the owner and the animal itself. Diapers serve a noble purpose in ensuring comfort and better health for the animals. Here are the top bunny diapers for you to choose from.

669Pet Parents Washable Bunny Diapers

The small parents’ Washable diapers are best suited for small Bunnies. To ensure a good fit, the buyer should measure the size of the Bunny’s waist in front of the back legs. Each package consists of 3 washable diapers.

They come in three different colors (grey, rust, and black). Washable diapers are environmentally friendly as compared to disposable Bunny diapers. It’s also cheap to buy them because they are reusable and only must washing. These Bunny diapers are easy to use and are appropriate for both male and female Bunnies.

The easy-to-use diapers work well for female Bunnies in heat. They also serve untrained Bunnies suffering from incontinence or excitement urination. These diapers are soft and don’t have an uncomfortable texture. You can close Velcro closures and unlike other brands, these diapers don’t stick on a bunny’s fur. They are also absorbent and have a waterproof pad that prevents leakages.


  1. Pet Parents Bunny Diapers have a waterproof and leakproof interior absorbent pad.
  2. Pet Parents Bunny Diapers are washable and recyclable, thus protecting the environment.
  3. These diapers because they have a soft inner lining.
  4. They are durable and long-lasting because of the double & triple precise stitching.


  1. It requires a thorough consideration of your bunny’s size before purchasing

Who needs the product?

They are suitable for people who prioritize the comfort of their bunnies. They help in  urinary or fecal continence, UTI or protection from surgical wounds

Benefits of the Product

These diapers help bunnies that urinate when excited. It also works for those having urinary or fecal continence. Other cases include UTI or protection from surgical wounds. It’ also helps when the Bunny gets injured or suffers from paralysis. They come in handy in protecting your do from pregnancy. If your Bunny is undergoing house training or is in postpartum, these diapers are of great help.

The main benefits of this brand of diapers is as explained below.

Leak proof

Pet Parents Bunny Diapers have a waterproof and leakproof interior absorbent pad. Their exterior shell ensures the waste doesn’t seep through or drop as the Bunny goes on with its daily life. This product ensures the comfort of the bunny. It also saves the owner the time and trouble of cleaning after the Bunny.

Economic and environmentally friendly

Pet Parents Bunny Diapers are washable and recyclable, thus protecting the environment. Buying this product saves you money because you will only buy it once and wash it for reuse. The package consists of three pieces that serve your Bunny on different occasions.

It only requires rinsing, washing, and drying. These products also save you from the trouble of looking for the place for disposing of the diapers. The Bunny Diapers conserve the environment because they are washable and reusable.

Your Bunny’s Comfort

The non-abrasive fabric wicks away any liquid as soon as it comes into contact. It also has an adjustable Velcro system. Bunnies of different sizes can walk comfortably and fit in easily.

Long-lasting and durable

Pet Parents focus on durability and quality. They are durable and long-lasting because of the double & triple precise stitching. These diapers have quality and proprietary interior and exterior fabric used. Pet parent diapers are ready for daily use and can hold up through many washes.


Pet Parents washable bunny diapers help with many problems! These include;

  1. Fur-baby is in heat,
  2. Urinates when excited,
  3. has fecal or urinary incontinence,
  4. Needs surgical wounds protected,
  5. Has UTI Issues,
  6. Paralysis,
  7. Has an accident when traveling,
  8. Needs help preventing pregnancy,
  9. During house training
  10. Is in postpartum

Their features include;

  1. Comfort
  2. Easy to clean
  3. Absorbency
  4. Leakproof
  5. For potty training

About the Company

Pet Parents Company creates products that keep the home clean and your bunny healthy. Their products are of high quality, and reliable. They provide solutions for problems bunnies face every day.

They have the passion and devotion to bettering the lives of bunnies everywhere. This is shown through their products and actions.

Support and Guarantee

The customer support is reliable and allows for product returns in case they don’t fit well. They also provide after-sales service on how to use their products.

Customer’s Reviews

This product has 17,182 ratings on Amazon, which indicates its usage and customer reach. 64% of the ratings give a 5 star, 16% a 4 star, and 10% a 3 star. The lowest rating of 2 and 1 stars account for 5 and 6% respectively. Most clients rate the product positively.

They fit well and protect their bunnies from urine and fecal leakages. When a rabbit wears this diaper, you don’t worry about leakages on carpets, furniture, or floors. They are easy to wash and dry. They are also absorbent, thus keeping the rabbit warm. The only notable negative review is with the sizing. 

Alternative Products

Amazon Basics Disposable Bunny Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Bunny Diapers

Wegreeco Washable Female Bunny Diapers come in different sizes and serve different purposes. The Bunny diaper female medium is soft and provides comfort to your bunnies. It doesn’t have the uncomfortable crinkly texture associated with disposable diapers.

This diaper has quick hook and loop closures that when put on the Bunny doesn’t stick to its fur. They also have a pad and a leak-proof outer layer that prevents leakages. Customers also have a variety of colors to choose from.

Each package consists of three pieces in three colors, namely Hot Pink, Purple, and Aqua. You should grab these comfortable and stylish diapers for your Bunnies. Unlike disposable Bunny diapers, these are stylish, attractive, and unique. These diapers are easy to clean, absorbent, leakproof, and can help with potty training.


  1. Easy to carry and put on. The manufacturers made these diapers from soft and light materials.
  2. These products have undergone thorough testing before releasing to the market
  3. They are Soft
  4. They are more appropriate for female bunnies


They have a small hole. This makes them uncomfortable for rabbits with fluffier and large tails.

Who needs the product?

They are suitable for people who prioritize the style and comfort of their bunnies. They help where the female bunnies are in heat or need birth control.

Benefits of the product

These female Bunny diapers are useful in

  1. Female Bunnies in heat,
  2. Untrained bunnies,
  3. Excitement urination
  4. Old-age Bunnies,
  5. Bunnies suffering from bowel incontinence,
  6. Birth control, and
  7. Covering surgical wounds.

Other Benefits

The manufacturers made these diapers from soft and light materials. This makes them convenient to carry when outside. It’s also easy to put them on due to the simplicity of their structure

These products have undergone thorough testing before releasing to the market. The manufacturer gives them to their bunny’s store before production. Doing so ensures quality before releasing them out for your rabbit’s use.

All diapers made by Wegreeco have precise stitches. The top-quality interior fabric of these diapers makes them ready for Bunny use. These diapers serve during casual wear, accident, and plays among others. They are also strong enough to withstand many washings.

It’s a challenge to maintain a pleasant and clean home when having a rabbit. Most bunnies litter around, making the home dirty and disorganized. With the use of reusable female Bunny diapers, it’s easy to take care of your home’s appearance. These diapers make life much better and leave room for other activities.

These diapers have a leak-free soft material on top of their outer layer. They also have an absorbent pad that makes them comfortable for the bunnies.

These diapers are tailored for female bunnies. They are important for the bunnies as they grow up. Using these diapers helps in improving relationships and making their lives better.


The Bunny Diapers Medium works well for small Bunnies with waist sizes measuring 12″ to 15″. It’s advisable to ensure the diaper is about the right size for a Bunny. For instance, if the Bunny is between sizes, the owner should consider its weight.

A heavier Bunny requires a bigger size whereas a skinner Bunny requires a smaller size. The female medium diaper works well for female Bunnies. This diaper wrapper is easy to put and take off the Bunny. It’s useful for female Bunnies in heat and those suffering from excitement urination.

About the company

Wegreeco started 8 years ago to provide healthy alternatives for bunny owners. They target bunny owners who prioritize a happy, clean, and healthy environment.

Wegreeco focuses on premium products such as;

Washable Female Rabbit Diapers,

Male Belly Wraps,

Baby Diapers,

Super-absorbent and non-toxic products.

Wegreeco’s mission is to bring ideal solutions to the messiest situations. They work on values of reliability, passion, creativity, and go-green life.

Support And Guarantee

Their entire bunny diapers are given to their bunnies before production. This step ensures the diapers hold up to actual use by your bunny. Wegreeco guarantees great attention to the Quality of their products. They have responsive support that addresses customer inquiries within the shortest time.

Customer Reviews

This product has 35,259 global ratings and a 4.5-star rating. 71% of the customer reviews have 5 stars, 14% have 4 stars,  8% have 3 stars and 2 and 1 stars have 3 and 4%. One of the customers commented on the benefits of the larger size of the diaper. It’s healthy, especially for female bunnies. it’s also easy to cane the diapers.

It is necessary to measure your Bunny’s waist right in front of the back legs to ensure a good fit before ordering. It’s advisable to cane and was these diapers at least every 3 to 4 hours. Leaving the Bunny diaper on for a long time leads to leakages and unwanted wetness. If the situation stays unattended, it will affect the Bunny’s health.

 Alternative Products

  1. Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Rabbit Diapers (Pack of 3), Highly Absorbent with Strong & Flexible Velcro
  2. Paw Legend Reusable Female Rabbit Diapers, Pack of 3
  3. Pet Soft Washable Female Diapers (3 Pack) – Female Rabbit Diapers, Comfort Reusable rabbit Diapers for Girl Rabbit in Period Heat

The reusable female Bunny diaper will help to keep your home clean, as they will be no fecal litter or Bunny urine.

The diapers will prevent your Bunny from soiling your other belongings when traveling. Nobody wants the smell of a Bunny’s poop in their car! This is the ultimate solution for all the traveling needs of your Bunny. These diapers are also a solution for spaying incontinence and postpartum among others.

Super Absorbent Bunny Diapers

 The Super Absorbent Rabbit Pee Pads prevent your bunny from peeing in your house. They are effective in absorbing liquid and smell and that’s why they serve your bunny better. The super absorbent bunny pad absorbs liquids and unpleasant smells faster.

This helps in providing a clean environment. The disposable urine cage liner has a waterproof material that prevents leakages. You can place it on the floor or rabbit cage. This disposable bunny pee pad is light and you can fold it and move your rabbits around the house.

It’s also possible to place it in a car seat, carrier bag, or camping tent when going out.

Our package comes with cage accessories and can hold bunny litter when placed under the rabbit cage. This makes it possible to keep the cage and bunny clean, thus reducing your cleaning burden. Eliminating the foul smell makes your living room conducive to daily activities. We use the disposable rabbit pee pad to train the bunny to pee on. It serves as a suit for small animals and measures about 18″ × 14″.


  1. Liquid & Smell Absorbent:
  2. Leakproof Bottom
  3. Portable Peed Pad
  4. Necessary Rabbit Cage Accessories:


Most bunnies can chew on the diapers and put them out of the litter box if left unsupervised.

Who needs the product?

They are suitable for people who focus on the style and comfort of their bunnies.

Benefits of The Product

This disposable rabbit cage liner doesn’t need washing, thus saving time and energy. It also saves you from the tough work of washing soiled diapers, as is the case with reusable ones.

The super absorbent rabbit pee pad absorbs the rabbit pee, thus keeping your rabbit clean. The leakproof bottom prevents the liquid from leaking on your floor or chairs. This pad ensures your rabbit does not mess your house up.

The disposable bunny pee pad holds the litter in the litter box, thus keeping your rabbit’s cage tidy, dry, and clean. Using this absorbent rabbit training pee pad reduces your housework burden. It also leaves room to concentrate on other important activities.


There are 100 pink pieces that are in each package. Each pad has 4 layers of professional absorbent material. Each pad measures 18″ × 13″ making them convenient for rabbit training and carriage.

  1. Specification
  2. Quantity: 100 pack
  3. Color: pink
  4. Size: 18″ × 13″
  5. Material: 4 layers of professional absorbent material

Some More Features Lol

This super absorbent rabbit pee pad will absorb rabbit pee quickly to keep your rabbit’s fur clean.

With the leakproof bottom, the liquid will not leak, spreading on the floor to mess up your room.

The disposable bunny peed pad is necessary for the rabbit cage and litter box to hold the litter, keeping the rabbit cage clean.

About The Company

YUNVI is a small company that produces quality products for bunnies.

Support and Guarantee

The company allows for the return of wrongly packaged products. They have a responsive customer care service that addresses the concerns of the clients within a short time.

Customer’s Reviews

The top-rated features are its easiness to clean, which scores a 5.0/5.0, followed by absorbency, which scores 4.7/5.0. This diaper has 100 global ratings and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. 69% of the ratings have 5 stars, 15% as 4 stars, 9% as a 9% whereas 2 and 3 stars account for 3% each. 

Customers with litter-box-trained rabbits recommended the product for its efficiency and absorbency nature. These diapers can take two days without cleaning the litter boxes.

Alternative products

  • CALPALMY Rabbit Litter Box with Bonus Pads.
  • Arm & Hammer for Rabbits Super-Absorbent Cage Liners for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits.
  • Disposable Rabbit Cage Liner

Paw Legend Reusable Bunny Diapers

The Paw Legend Female Bunny diapers come in 5 sizes, ranging from XS to XL. The X-small size works well for smaller Bunnies. The major target for this product is rabbits and other small animals. This brand is available in cheerful colors with a black lining.

Their care requires hand washing, machine washing, and cleaning after use. This reusable female Bunny diaper uses the hook and loop closure that is easy and efficient. The adjustable hook and loop closures provide room for different waist sizes. One should ensure they buy the right size for their greatest performance.


  1. They are easy to wear and take off
  2. They help in keeping the home and Bunny clean
  3. They come in colorful designs and cheerful material
  4. They protect your Bunny, make it clean, healthy and reduce the time taken to look after them
  5. They are washable, thus providing a great option for rabbit owners who prefer going green
  6. There have a leak-free outer layer to keep the diaper from leaking


Smaller sizes need adjustment to fit the waist in

Who needs the product?

Bunny owners who need adjustable diapers

Benefits of the product

Leak-free and environmental conservation

The Paw Legend Female Bunny diapers prevent Bunnies from leaking. They help rabbits with the following:

  1. Urinary incontinence
  2. Excitable urination
  3. Bunnies in heat

These female bunny diapers absorb the wetness and keep your home mess-free. Using this product takes the pressure off your Bunny and makes your life easier.

Comfortable fit

The diapers have a leak-free outer layer that controls the leaking and controls odor. The Bunny has a layer that keeps his skin dry. It also features extra quilted stitching that makes it more comfortable. Another feature is a soft hole for the Bunny’s tail. It also doesn’t have the crinkle sound associated with disposable Bunny diapers.

Washable and reusable

Washable diapers are a great option for environmentally conscious Bunny owners. They believe in having a green clean environment find. Using washable diapers is cost-effective because it only requires washing. This brand supports 300 washes, which gives the rabbit owner ample time to plan and save before buying new ones. It’s advisable to fasten the hook and loop before washing.

Easy to maintain

These diapers do not need a special way of washing or maintaining. One can either hand wash or use the machine. Both low-temperature laundry drying rooms and quick air drying is convenient.

Extra special protection

The Paw Legend Female Bunny diapers have features that make them unique. These include a strong outer fabric, an internal soft lining, and absorbent pads. The features enhance leakage protection and control the odor permanently. It also wicks away the moisture which helps to keep the Bunny’s skin dry.


  1. Soft & Super Absorbent
  2. Leak-free Outer Layer, Fewer Leaks
  3. Adjustable Hook & Loop, Durable & Good Fit
  4. 3 Different Patterns and Colors, Classic & Fashionable
  5. Use the hook and loop closure type.

About the Company

PAW LEGEND specializes in wide solutions. They specialize in sustainable lifetime needs for rabbits. Their products help rabbit owners closer to their rabbits to live happy life. This company supplies different rabbit products.

Support and Guarantee

They have a reliable and responsive customer care team that acts on customers’ requests on time. These products are guaranteed to serve better and last longer.

Customer’s Reviews

The top features of this product are absorbency, leak-proof, and easiness of cleaning. The diaper has 17,028 global ratings. It also has an overall star rating of 4.5/5.0. 71% of the ratings have 5 stars, 14% have 4 stars, and 8 % have 3 stars. The remaining 2 and 1 stars account for 3% and 4%.

Alternative Products

  1. CuteBone Reusable Rabbit Diapers Female 3 Pack Washable Puppy Pants for Rabbit Heat Period
  2. Dono Disposable Pet Diapers Female Rabbits 2018 Super Absorbent Soft Heating Pee Diapers Liners XXS-M, Including 14-20count Puppy Diapers Rabbits Cats
  3. Rabbit Soft Rabbitgy Diapers Female – Disposable Rabbit Diapers for Girl Puppies Cats, Pink Diapers 12-36pcs for Rabbits with Adjustable Tail Hole Cute


Whether you are in need of a bunny or Bunny diapers the choice depends on the need and reason for buy. Different brands have their products that serve the same purpose. However, some have other unique features that put them above the rest. When shopping for bunny diapers, it’s imperative to consider the brands discussed herein. Doing so will leave your furry friend comfortable.

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