Carrying your bunny around might be inconvenient sometimes, most especially when your hands are full but those adorable cuties need to have a taste of the outside World. Bunny strollers are made for situations like this, to ease your burden and make the bunny or any other pet comfortable. 

There are different instances in which you can make use of a bunny stroller like when driving; When driving, you need maximum concentration and carrying a bunny or any pet is near impossible, this is where a bunny stroller comes in. It can be used with a seatbelt in the car in order to make work easier for the owner.

bunny strollers are of different types and qualities depending on what you want and how you want it, most times it’s determined by the size of the pet. Getting a bunny stroller is not difficult but getting a quality stroller is what we desire for you.

We’ll review the different types of bunny strollers and it’s worth it. You’ll see the Pros and Cons of each product, this is not to discourage you from getting the product of your choice but to help you decide on what suits your bunny best.

Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Multi-Function Bunny Stroller

Rabbit -Stroller-CarriersRating 4.7/5
1200 Total Ratings

Reliable Quality
Perfect For Every Pet
Easy To Assemble
Best for Travel
Easy to fold 4.7/5
Sturdiness 4.6/5
Maneuverability 4.6/5
Durability 4.6/5
Easy to assemble 4.5/5
Value for money 5/5

This is a brand which specializes in carrier strollers. They have a 5-in-1 bunny stroller which can be manipulated in different ways depending on when and where it is needed. They deal with good quality strollers and most customers love them according to their reviews and the brand has a 95% five star rating.


Multifunctional: This bunny stroller can be used in five different ways depending on how the owner wants it. It can be rolled, hung as a backpack, folded to fit in a car seat, carried as a carrier and carrier with wheels. This enables convenience in whatever means of movement.

Ease in Movement: Due to the ability to manipulate the stroller, it is easy to move around with it and your pet will be comfortable regardless of how it is shaped. 

Premium Quality: This bunny stroller is made with the best quality material so to enable the bunnies to stay there safely. It is quite sturdy and can carry the weight of a medium sized bunny. The pet stroller has passed the environmental stress cracking resistance and SGS quality test. This is an additional assurance of its high quality and safety of the bunny.

Easy to Assemble: The bunny stroller can be easily assembled into the different forms which it is required. The two outer shells can be zipped together to form a backpack. This disassembling and assembling is quite fast and takes minutes to accomplish it. It is not time wasting, making it very suitable for traveling.


Price: The price for the carrier is high according to the customers review but what quality product isn’t? The quality of the product is definitely worth the price as you’ll be getting the best quality for it. The bunny stroller has five functions and if these different forms of carriers were to be gotten separately, the prices would surely be overwhelming. This means you can get the product as the price compliments the product.

Who Needs Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Bunny Stroller

Pet owners who love to travel with their pets need this product as it will be easier for them to carry their pet along with the stroller. Pet owners that love taking their pet on site also need the stroller as it will help the pet relate more with the environment.

Benefits of Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Bunny Stroller

The stroller helps when traveling as your bunny can settle comfortably in the carrier inside the car and you don’t need to worry about the movement of your bunny while driving.

There is a tray where food can be placed for the rabbit inside the stroller, this means you don’t need to worry about how your bunny will feed and drink as there is a place where you can place all her food. 

It enables the bunny to have a proper site seeing. While carrying your bunny in your arms, there are limitations to what the bunny can view depending on how you’re holding her but with the help of a bunny stroller, she has the liberty to view whatever catches her fancy as the bunny stand or stretch in the stroller, most especially the carrier with wheels stroller and the backpack.

This bunny stroller also saved money as it is  multi-purpose. The different forms which you can change the stroller to can also be gotten in a store and if gotten individually can cost a fortune. The 5-in-1 stroller has helped save such money as it can easily be switched to different forms to suit the owner’s needs.

Features of Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Bunny Stroller

ibiyaya bunny stroller
ibiyaya Bunny Stroller Test and Reviews

One-hand Folding: It has a one hand folding which is used to change the form of the stroller. When pressed, the folding changes giving the stroller a form of the owner’s choice. 

Dimension: This bunny stroller has a dimension of ‎38″L x 19″W x 36″H which shows that it’s quite spacious for the pet to fit in properly and with additional space to move about.

Colors: It comes in different colors so customers have the liberty to choose the color they want.

Ventilation: There is enough ventilation in the stroller even with the cover. The bunny can breathe comfortably in the stroller.

About Ibiyaya

Ibiyaya is a brand which has a site on Amazon and other ecommerce sites. It offers bunny strollers which helps bunny owners carry their bunnies around easily and conveniently. It has a 5-in-1 stroller which can serve as five different forms of stroller in line with the owner’s taste.

Support and Guarantee

In line with the Amazon policy, if a product does not align with the customer’s taste, the customer has the right to reject such a product. Refundment is also possible but the returned product must be in the same shape as when it was purchased for refundment to be made possible.

Customers Review

ibiyaya bunny stroller customer review
ibiyaya bunny stroller customer review

Customers have expressed their experiences with the product. Most customers are very grateful and happy about the product while some have made a few complaints which shouldn’t discourage you from getting the product.


Customer’s satisfaction is always the priority and if this is not achieved, a customer can choose another brand as an alternative to make the purchase. You can get a bunny stroller from a brand like Bestpet Store where the bunny stroller is quite affordable but just in one form.

BestPet 3 Wheels Rabbit Stroller

BestPet Wheels Rabbit Stroller Rating 4.6/5
7000 Total Ratings

Amazon Best Choice
Easy to assemble 4.6/5
Easy to fold 4.4/5
Maneuverability 4.6/5
Value for money 4.8/5

BestPet provides good quality rabbit strollers with three wheels for good support and stability. This rabbit stroller comes with special features which makes it unique and convenient for pet owners.


Light Weight: This rabbit stroller has a lightweight which makes it easier for owners to push around. The bunny settles in comfortably in the three wheeled stroller and it’s moved around by the owner easily due to its lightweight.

Waterproof Material: Bunnies don’t have to worry about wetness as the material for the stroller is waterproof and the bunny can stay conveniently in it without the fear of getting wet.

BestBunny Wheels Rabbit Stroller
BestPet Wheels Rabbit Stroller Test and Review

Comfortability: The pet is comfortable in the stroller as there is a soft and cozy pad in the stroller which makes the bunny feel warm and comfortable in the stroller.

Safety: A pet is secured in this rabbit stroller as it has a zipper which will enhance the security of the pet. The owner feels at rest with the satisfactory idea that the bunny is secured in the stroller.


Wheels: Some customers have made complaints of the front wheel of the stroller as it pulls out easily and frequently. The wheels are weak and this can be disappointing especially when the owner is on a tour with her pet. This wheel can easily be fixed back conveniently and it doesn’t reduce the quality of the product as it can still be enjoyed when purchased.

Who Needs BestPet 3 Wheels Rabbit Stroller

The rabbit stroller is needed by pet owners who stroll a lot with the rabbit or go shopping with the rabbit as the rabbit will follow its owner around without causing any inconveniences. 

Benefits of BestPet

The rabbit stroller has a large storage space where owners can put their belongings and things that the pet will need for traveling or the stroll. This space helps the owner avoid carrying lots of things as most bunny foods can be placed there.

The stroller has a mesh window which enables the bunny to see things even when enclosed in the stroller and the window also serves as a ventilation channel where oxygen can pass through in order to help the pet respire comfortably.

The stroller keeps the bunny cozy and comfortable. Due to the soft mattress in the stroller, the bunny enjoys the warmth in it and this makes her comfortable staying inside of it.

The zipper helps the owner keep an eye on the bunny and is able to detect how the bunny is fairing inside the stroller. 

The cup holder part of the stroller helps the owner place water bottles and cups there. Keys can also be placed there while the owner is taking the bunny on a stroll to the park.

Features of BestPet

Durable Materials: The materials used for this bunny stroller are steel and fabric. The type of fabric used is Nylon. This is a durable material for strollers as it lasts longer and serves better.

Waterproof: As the material used is made of nylon, it also serves as a waterproof shield for the bunny. The owner is not bothered about wetness as the bunny is safe inside the stroller which is covered by the nylon.

Design: The bunny stroller comes with three wheels which makes the stroller more sturdy. The wheels assure stability of the bunny. The stroller has a mesh window for ventilation and seeing. It also has a large storage which can be used when traveling or shopping. The stroller also has a cup holder which enables the owner to place water bottles and keys in it.

Assembling and Disassembling: The bunny stroller can be folded into a car or a safe place for storage and can be reassembled when the need arises.

About BestPet

BestPet store is a brand which sells bunny strollers which have three wheels. They sell strollers which can accommodate small, medium and large size bunnies and other pets comfortably. These products are shipped by Amazon and are loved by many. 

Support and Guarantee

BestPet comes with a 3 months warranty for any of their products purchased, they give the best services and can fix the wheels for free for the 3 months. If the customer is not satisfied with the product bought, BestPet can refund 100% of the money used to purchase the product back to the customer. This is an assurance of how good the product is.

Customers Review

The complaints from customers for this product is quite minimal and majority of the customers are satisfied with the product offered to them by the brand and are willing to always get products from them. The brand has a 98% five star rating on Amazon.


Few customers made complaints concerning the wheels. If you are searching for a product that won’t have wheel problems then the Ibiyaya 5-in-1 bunny stroller is a good alternative as it can be changed to a carrier but this product is more expensive than that of BestPet.

Koreyosh Double Bunny Stroller

This is a brand which sells bunny strollers and other pet accessories. They have a double bunny stroller where pets can be placed on the upper and lower parts. This brand has a 90% five star rating on Amazon.


Comfortability: The stroller is breathable and comfortable. It has meshed windows so as to direct in maximum ventilation. The mat placed at the bottom of the stroller also makes it comfortable for the bunnies. The mat is detachable and washable so it can always appear fresh to the bunny. The bunnies can also see comfortably through the meshed window.

Foldable Designs: The bunny stroller can be folded when not in use or into a car. When the owner wants to travel with the bunny, the stroller will be folded inside the car as it cannot be used in the car. This folding ability helps for storage purposes and space creation.

Multifunctional Design: The stroller has humanized designs like where to place water bottles and a large place to keep things for pets and the owner too. It also enables the bunny to travel conveniently as it stays in the stroller without disturbances.

Capacity: The bunny stroller has been built to accommodate 2 bunnies for pets. The lighter pet is on top while the heavier pet is on the second part below. The material is made to carry 2 bunnies without any form of accident.


Weak Material Frame: Some customers have complained about the stroller’s material. According to them, the material is weak and discouraging as it collapsed on the way and got the pets. Some also complained how often the material torns.

Who Needs Koreyosh Double Bunny Stroller

Owners of bunnies or other pets which own more than 1 bunny need this stroller as it will enable the owner to carry the two bunnies for the trip. Owners who also take the bunnies for sightseeing need this product.

Benefits of Koreyosh Double Pet Stroller

The stroller has an additional space which the owner can use to put some personal items needed by the pet and other things needed by the owner too.

The wheels can be rotated at 360° and this is easier for those owners who are taking their bunnies out for a tour. It can rotate the handle well to make sure the pet is.

The brand provides or creates a window in the stroller(mesh window). This window is to let in fresh air and filter good air for the bunny. It also helps the bunny see around her surroundings.

The bunny stroller is easy to fold after use. It can’t be used in a car but can be folded into it. The product is easier to fold and assemble.

Features of Koreyosh Double Bunny Stroller

Double Deck Stroller: It has a double Deck for a smaller and bigger bunny. Its weight is 35lb. This double Deck feature makes it easy to go with 2 bunnies which is easier to be carried by the owner during a sight seeing.

Quality Material: Alloy steel is the most important material used. It’s strong and the oxford fabric is also used to cover up the bunny stroller to make it more attractive.

Safety Brake Wheels: The stroller has safety brake wheels which helps to control the ride and make it comfortable. The wheels serve as a shock absorber and it also gives brakes when needed.

Safety Pad Design: This is a pad designed in which the bunny can easily pass waste on. This pad is detachable and washable and very convenient when clean. This is to ensure the pet’s convenience as there is a room for excretion.

About Koreyosh

Koreyosh is a special brand on Amazon which markets pet related products. They sell on Amazon and the product is being shipped by Amazon. The product which is very unique has a double carrier stroller which can accommodate two bunnies at the same time. It has over 100 reviews and 90% five star rating on Amazon.

Support and Guarantee

Using the basic Amazon guarantee system, the product has a 30 days guarantee and can be returned within these days for refund of money if the product is still in a very good shape. The product is expected to be in the exact shape with which it was purchased before refundment can be possible.

Customers Review

Most customers love these strollers and they are amazed by the product and the price. Some have made a few complaints about it and this will be rectified by the company. This negative review is not meant to deter you from buying but to give you a choice of purchase.


There are different alternatives to this product for a customer who is not interested in getting from this brand. You can get from BestPet where the guarantee is longer. 

Nookdoky Rabbit Stroller

This is a brand in Amazon and other digital marketing websites which offers different products related to pets. They sell good quality rabbit strollers, this is based on the customer’s review. The brand has a 90% five star rating on most review sites.


Sturdiness and Durability: The four wheeled rabbit stroller is quite sturdy and durable. It is well balanced when placed on the ground and lasts long according to the customer’s review. 

Breathable Mesh: The mesh which covers the surface of the stroller is breathable and healthy to breathe from. It filters the air and makes it safe for the bunny to breathe through. 

One Button Fold: Folding of the stroller is easy as it is controlled by just one button. Folding is made easy and faster as the stroller folds automatically by pressing the one button handle.


According to the customer’s review, the zipper is quite tough and difficult. The stroller does not favor the taller people as the handle is quite short. This shouldn’t hinder you from buying the product as the zipper can be changed.

Who Needs Nookdoky Rabbit Stroller

Pet owners who love going on a walk with their pets need these products. Literally every pet owner needs a stroller as it can come in handy at any time the need arises.

Benefits of Nookdoky Rabbit Stroller

It comes with a large shopping basket which the owner can make use of while shopping for pet related items or can keep things the pet might need later.

It brings convenience especially at a place where pets are not allowed to walk on the ground. It also makes strolling easier and more exciting.

The stroller also helps to prevent wetness as it is designed with an oxford waterproof material which keeps wetness away from the bunny. It also helps prevent harsh weather conditions from the bunny so the rabbit is more protected when inside the stroller.

Features of Nookdoky Rabbit Stroller

Quality Oxford Material: The stroller is designed with high quality and high elastic oxford cloth. It is a non-traceable 600D oxford quality. This cloth is waterproof and prevents the bunny from getting wet. Due to its unique quality, it also prevents the rabbit from any harsh weather conditions, always keeping her warm and safe.

Rotatable Front Wheel and Rear Wheel with Brake Pedal: The brake pedal helps to prevent inertial sliding of the stroller when left at a place. This helps to keep the pet safe. The 360° rotatable Front Wheel is capable of handling any type of road surface in order to keep the rabbit safe.

Detachable Pad: The soft pad which is placed inside the rabbit stroller is detachable and washable. It makes the bunny comfortable and cozy due to its soft nature.

About Nookdoky

Nookdoky is a US based brand which sells pet accessories. They sell their products as a brand in ecommerce websites like Amazon. According to their customers, they sell quality products and keep to their words. 

Support and Guarantee

They work with the Amazon policy of 30 days guarantee. Customers who are not satisfied with the product can return it within 30 days of purchase. The product can be replaced or the money can be refunded. These all depend on the state of the product.

Customers Review

Most customers love the stroller, very few had complaints about it.


There are varieties in bunny stroller brands, you can get from another brand if you’re bothered by the Cons of the product. Brands like Koreyosh Double Bunny Stroller have smooth zippers and Ibiyaya 5-in-1 Bunny strollers have five forms of strollers, some of which do not need a handle and are favorable to tall people.


Having a bunny stroller helps relieve the stress of carrying pets with luggages and makes it easier for the bunny. When picking a stroller, the quality should be put into consideration as it is the main factor. Get a good quality stroller and give your bunny a blissful ride. 

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