Having a bunny is cute but have you really thought of the bunny’s hutch? I know how frustrating it can be to get a bunny without the perfect castle for her to settle in.

Bunnies love freedom but they also need shelter for safety and comfort. A bunny is very sensitive to spaces so there’s a lot to consider while getting a castle for your bunny. It is advisable to get one which is quite spacious and free if you don’t want to see your bunny look unwell after a short while.

In this product review article, you’ll get to see the different specifications of rabbit castles and how helpful they can be in providing shelter and safety to your bunny. Discover their Pros and Cons to make an outstanding decision on the product to go for.

Biggun Wooden Rabbit Castle

bigbun rabbit castleRating 4.3/5
500 Total Ratings

Value for money 4.5/5
Free Return
Premium Wood Material
Easy to Use
Non-slip stairs
Great for value for bunnies

Biggun wooden rabbit castle offers castles for a small sized bunny. They make use of good brown woods which makes the hutch sturdy and ensures the safety of your bunny. Biggun wooden bunny castles have a 90% five star rating on most review sites and review sections of Amazon and eBay.

Pros of Biggun Wooden Rabbit Castle

Sturdiness: They make use of quality woods which ensures that your bunny is safe and secured. The premium wood material makes this rabbit castle sturdy to hold the random activities of your bunny without collapsing.

Tunnel Design: They designed this bunny castle into 3 partitions giving your bunny the freedom to move around and also explore. These partitions come in different shapes, this is to prevent your bunny from getting bored of one design pattern.

Easy to Use: This rabbit castle enables your rabbit to feed easily and move about comfortably while playing.

Affordable Prices: Biggun wooden rabbit castle offers their castles at affordable prices. This is confirmed by numerous customers on the review section. They expressed their gratitude for the friendly prices of the bunny castle.

Cons of Biggun Wooden Rabbit Castle

Size: Most customers have made complaints about the size of the rabbit castles. It’s too small for most bunnies and also fits the newborn to a month old bunny. From the review sites, the customers have expressed their regret due to the fact although their bunnies liked the castle but found it difficult to penetrate due to its size.

Difficult to Set-Up: Based on the customer’s review, this rabbit castle is quite difficult to set up and there isn’t a detailed guide to follow while setting it up. 

Limited Creativity: According to the customers, this rabbit castle has limited Creativity as the pattern of the hutch cannot be changed from the initial nature of it. Some tried fixing it differently but it wasn’t possible to change it.

Who Needs Biggun Wooden Rabbit Castle

Our Bigbun Quality Check and Review

Their products are mostly useful to a smaller sized bunny. A bunny which is under 5Ib is just perfect for the rabbit castle. If your bunny is within this range then this product is for you as it will accommodate your bunny comfortably, giving it easy access to explore all the parts of the castle.

Benefits of This Rabbit Castle

If you’re a busy person with no secured place to keep your bunny, Biggun rabbit castle comes into play. It is quite safe as a bunny can be secured within its walls and if you add toys to the castle then you’ve perfectly captured your bunnies attention, with this you can be at rest knowing your bunny is secured.

Biggun is quite spacious for bunnies that fits in perfectly so you don’t need to worry about where to place the food and water for your bunny. It gives the bunny easy access to food so you can work peacefully knowing your bunny is feeding well.

Due to its sturdy nature, your bunny is safe because she can jump safely in the castle without getting hurt and you can leave your bunny to play around without being afraid that the castle might collapse.


Biggun rabbit castle dimension (L×W×H): ‎12.36 x 10.75 x 3.15 inches. This dimension makes it spacious enough for small bunnies to live freely.

Material: Wood. The wood lasts longer and makes movement easier. 

Color: Brown. The rabbit castle has a brown color due to the nature of woods used.

Castle Tunnel: The rabbit castle is designed to have 3 partitions for easy movement and for the bunnies to explore.

About Biggun Company

Biggun is a brand on ecommerce websites like Amazon, eBay etc. Biggun brand is based in Japan. They have different products which they offer and the shipping is anchored by the host website. Biggun wooden rabbit castle is one of the most loved products of biggun especially by owners of small bunnies.

Support and Guarantee

Biggun has a 30 day guarantee in which products can be returned and money can be refunded. This is only acceptable if the product is still the same way as it was bought. Although Biggun sells the product, Amazon ships it to ensure security and safety.

They have also made provision for a customer service which you lay your complaints to and your money can be refunded if need be. They also offer free shipping as part of their support.

Customers Review

Some customers are highly grateful for the product while some are making complaints about the sizes as earlier stated in the Cons.

Customer Reviews


Purchasing a bunny castle is determined by your taste and the size of your bunny. If a Biggun wooden rabbit castle is too little for your bunny then you can make use of other brands which offer a much bigger size of bunny castles like Kreveroy wooden rabbit castle which can accommodate a medium sized bunny.

KREVEROY Wooden Rabbit Castle 

KREVEROY-Wooden-Rabbit-CastileAmazon’s Choice
Rating 4.7/5
Amazon Best Sellers
Value for money 4.9/5
Easy to assemble 4.8/5
Durability 4.5/5
Sturdiness 4.4/5
Easy Installation and Storage

KREVEROY wooden rabbit castle is owned by Nicer INC. They provide lovely natural wooden bunny castles for your bunnies. The castles are mainly for small and medium sized rabbits and have attractive features. KREVEROY is loved by most customers and has a 95% five star rating on numerous review sites.


Durability: Based on the customer’s review, the bunny castle is very durable for bunnies. Some of the hutches have lasted for months before the bunnies chew it out.

Easy to Assemble: The castle is easy to Assemble and there is also provision for dissembling when not in use. According to some customers, they had no problem setting it up.

Premium Material: Kreveroy is made of basswood which is very safe for bunnies. Bunnies can chew it without fear of an after effect and it’s quite durable.

Creativity: The castle is open to creativity. You can change the nature of the hutch from its original form to what you desire. Customers are quite impressed about this.

Size: The hutch is favorable for most rabbits especially the small and medium sized rabbits. The customers are quite impressed about the size as it makes it easy for the bunnies to move about freely.

Special Designs: The castle comes with windows, doors and bridges which makes it more convenient for the movement of the bunny. It also has partitions for feeding and a bedroom for sleeping.


Sturdiness: Some customers have complained of the sturdy nature of the castle. They are worried because it’s not very sturdy for most bunny’s activities.

No Guidelines: Some customers have complained about the set-up of the castle without a guide exception of some photographs.

Who Needs KREVEROY Wooden Rabbit Castle

KREVEROY Test and Review
Our KREVEROY Test and Review

Small and medium sized bunnies are the greatest beneficiaries of this rabbit castle as the size is most favorable to them. Owners of bunnies of sizes ranging from 1 to 10 pounds need KREVEROY castle as it is the perfect size for their lovely bunnies.

Benefits of KREVEROY Wooden Rabbit Castle

Having just any rabbit castle does not assure its durability but with KREVEROY wooden rabbit castle, durability is assured. This rabbit castle is quite durable and this will minimize the amount of money spent on rabbit castles as it won’t be purchased regularly.

This castle also gives room for creativity. You can change the nature of the castle to what you like and change it back to its original forms easily. This makes the bunny never tired of her castle.

Assembling the castle is not a problem as customers have attested to the fact that it’s quite easy to assemble and easy to dissemble in cases where the owner wants to do so.

Features of KREVEROY Castle

Material: Natural high quality basswood plywood is used for the house and this is quite healthy for bunnies. It does not need nails or glue, this is to ensure the safety of your bunny. The wood is durable and has a healthy scent. 

Size: The castle has a dimension of 15.67 x 12.56 x 4.13 inches. This is quite spacious for small and medium sized rabbits, with this size, some larger rabbits can still fit in. It’s spacious enough for bunnies to play, jump and sleep.

Design: The design of the castle has windows, arched doors, slides and bridges. This helps the bunny move freely and it aids in tidiness as there are different partitions for the bunny to feed and sleep.

About KREVEROY Wooden Castle

KREVEROY wooden castle is owned by Nicer INC. who is a brand which partners with ecommerce websites like Amazon, eBay etc. Nicer sells different products on these sites. KREVEROY castle is sold by Nicer and shipped by the sites which they market on.

Support and Guarantee

According to the ecommerce websites, there are gift packages for customers who make purchases for the KREVEROY and there is also free shipping for products purchased.

Customers can also return the product purchased within 30 days of the transaction provided the castle is still in the same condition as when bought. Refund can also be made to customers who are not satisfied with the product.

Customer’s Review

The brand has a 95% five star rating on the Amazon review section and other sites. There are a few complaints about the product but most customers are satisfied with their services.

Kreveroy customer review
Kreveroy Customer Reviews


There are always alternatives in the purchase of bunny castles. If you are not satisfied with their products, you can check other brands like Biggun wooden rabbit castle which offers a more sturdy and stable castle but mostly for smaller bunnies.

Marvelous Designs Rabbit Castle

Marvelous Designs Rabbit CastleRating 4.2/5
Value for money 4.5/5

Easy To Assemble
Wide Application
Premium Quality

This is a brand which is interested in the safety and security of your bunny. It provides castles for bunnies and also helps keep them entertained in order to keep away boredom. Marvelous design rabbit castle is most suitable for small and medium sized rabbits. It has a 90% five star rating on ecommerce websites review sections and other review sites.


Premium Quality: The brand makes use of  very good quality woods for the castle structure. These woods are healthy for bunnies, they are breathable and chewable and always smells fresh.

Structure Design: The castle has a bridge which connects two cube castles. There is a ramp connected to the bridge for easy access to the bridge and the castles. There is enough ventilation as there are windows and doors.

Spacious: The castle is spacious for the right size of bunnies. This castle is basically for small and medium sized bunnies so it is spacious for bunnies of this range.

Easy to Clean: According to the brand, the castle is easy to clean and arrange. Ease in cleaning keeps the castle constantly clean and bunnies free from bacteria as they are always in a clean castle.


Sturdiness: According to customers, the castle is not very sturdy and as such bunnies cannot play very freely without the owner’s supervision. This is due to fear of dissembling of the castle.

Assembling: Customers have complained about the difficulty in assembling and setting up the castle. Based on their review, they found it very difficult to set-up the castle. 

Size: Some customers have made complaints about the size as it was smaller than what they expected. Their bunnies cannot freely move in the castle as very little space is left for movement.

Who Needs Marvelous Designs Rabbit Castle

Marvelous Designs Rabbit Castle Review and Testing
Marvelous Review and Testing by us

Owners of small and medium sized rabbits need the castle the most as it will be spacious for their bunnies most especially the small bunnies. Bunnies within this range will appreciate the castle better and also utilize it better.

Benefits of Marvelous Designs Rabbit Castle

Durability: The quality of wood used for the castle is quite durable and makes the castle last a little longer although it will eventually be chewed by the bunny. 

Wide Application: According to the brand, the castle is suitable at any position. It can be placed outdoors or indoors depending on what the owner wants for her bunny. It can serve as a playground, sleeping area and feeding place for the bunny.

Easy to Clean: Unlike some woods, the quality of wood used enhances the ease in cleaning. Its nature makes cleaning quite easy for the owners and that helps the bunny stay healthy as the castle will always be kept clean and germs free.

Spacious: This rabbit castle is spacious for the right size of bunny. It’s most spacious for small bunnies as they will be able to conveniently utilize the castle to its fullest.

Gifts: Additionally, gifts are being given to owners who make purchases of the products. These gifts help to make the bunnies comfortable in the castle and avert boredom from them.


Size: The size is 50.98 L x 17.5 W x 11.8 H which makes it suitable for some medium size bunnies and more suitable for smaller bunnies as the space will be enough for them.

Wood: The brand uses natural woods for their rabbit castle structure. These woods are safe for bunnies and the smell has no effect on their health. The wood quality makes it last longer as it is quite durable.

Structure: This rabbit castle has windows and arched doors. It also has a bridge which connects the 2 cube like castles which are for the bunny. There is also a ramp which the rabbit can use to access the bridge which leads to her castle.

About Marvelous Designs Rabbit Castle

Marvelous Designs is a brand which sells different products including the bunny castles. This brand is based in New York City and they also partner with ecommerce websites like Amazon for display and sales of their products. According to the brand, they specialize in making quality bunny hutches for the cute, lovely rabbits.

Support and Guarantee

The brand gives gifts to customers who purchase their bunny castles, these gifts might be toys or any other thing that will make the bunny happy and engaged. The company being a very transparent one has its address on the ecommerce websites, this is to further assure the customers of their legitimacy.

Based on the policy applied, the company makes refunds to customers who are not satisfied with their services and customers can return the product which was purchased. This all depends on the company’s policy and agreement with the customers.

Customers Review

As people’s preferences are different from the reviews, some customers are very much satisfied with the product they purchased while some customers are very displeased as the product did not meet their expectations. The brand has a 90% five star rating.

Marvelous Customer Reviews
Marvelous Customer Reviews


No one is forced to get a product they are not satisfied with, like other products, there are alternatives to this one. If you are not satisfied with their products, you are entitled to other choices like Kreveroy wooden rabbit castle which is easier to assemble or Biggun wooden rabbit castle which is more sturdy and stable.

Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

Niteangel-Rabbit-CastleRating 4.4/5
500 Total Ratings

Value for money 4.8/5
Easy to assemble 5/5
Sturdiness 4.7/5
Easy to install 4.4/5
Chew proof 4.3/5

Most bunny castles are huge but very few come with a bridge, this makes it difficult for bunnies to move in and out of the hutch. The Niteangel wooden cage bridge provides a solution to such a problem as it deals with castle bridges which will help transport the bunnies in and out of the castle. 


Sturdiness: The bridge is quite sturdy and stable and this is very good as it assures the safety of the bunny while climbing the stairs of the bridge. 

Durability: The bridge is quite durable and strong. It lasts longer and this helps to reduce the cost of purchasing bridges frequently.

Wood Quality: The bridge is made from pinewood which is a safe and healthy wood for bunnies. It is quite breathable and chewable as it has no side effect on the bunnies.

Accommodative: The bridge can be placed inside the hutch or in between to aid the bunny in entering the hutch easily and safely. It can also be placed outside the cage depending on how the owner wants it to be.


Size: Most customers have made complaints about the size of the bridge as it is too large for their bunnies. The size of the cage is only favorable to large bunnies and larger castles as it is difficult to fit into the smaller hutches.

Steepy: Based on the customer’s review, the stairs of the bridge are too sleepy for some bunnies, especially the smaller ones.

Difficulty in Cleaning: Some customers have made complaints about the difficulty in cleaning the ramp due to the nature of the wood. Dirts are quite sticky, hence, the difficulty in giving it a proper clean up.

Who Needs Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

Bunnies who are placed in huge cages with no ramp or bridge need these products more. Every bunny owner wants to ensure the safety and comfortability of the bunny and this ramp gives such assurance as bunnies will find it more convenient to get into the rabbit castle.

Benefits of Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

Easy to Use: For larger size bunnies the ramp is quite easy to make use of and also makes it easy to access the hutch. Setting up the ramp is quite easy as it doesn’t need instructions to follow but it’s based on the owner’s taste.

Durability: The ramp is durable as a natural wood is used. The pine wood used can last longer than other regular woods. 

Features of Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

Dimensions: The ramp’s dimension is 22.8 x 6.7 x 7.7 inches. This shows how large it is and the size of bunnies that can comfortably climb on the stairs without fear of falling off.

Premium Quality: Pine is used for the ramp structure and this is one of the natural woods with a premium quality. They make use of untreated pine wood which is the best for bunnies.

Structure Design: The ramp has long stairs which enables the bunnies to grasp tightly while climbing. It was designed to give easy access to the rabbit castle and as a play tool for bunnies especially for a bunny who wants to improve on her speed.

About Niteangel Wooden Cage Bridge

This is a China based brand which markets their products on marketing websites like Amazon, eBay etc. It provides a ramp for large castles. These products are sold by Niteangel and shipped by Amazon or any of the marketing websites where the order was placed. They have a 90% five star rating on review sections of marketing websites.

Support and Guarantee

Based on the policy of the marketing website and the customer’s agreement with the brand, products can be returned back to the brand provided it is as good as new. Refund of money is also possible depending on the brand terms and conditions.

Customers Review

Some customers are satisfied with the ramp and according to them, their bunnies love it but some customers are not very satisfied with the product as it is way bigger than expected. Niteangel wooden cage bridge has a 90% five star rating on most review sites.


There are different alternatives for ramp purchase, if the product is not suitable for your bunny, you can go for other products whose size is favorable for your bunny like Kathson rabbits wood bridge for your smaller bunny.

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