Bunny bow ties are usually used to compliment official dresses but in the case of bunnies, it is quite different. Bunnies are worn bow ties for various purposes. Some owners do so for identification while some wear their bunnies to spice up their fashion.

Have you ever visited a place where bunnies are being kept together at a particular place? How would you identify your bunny if they were all identical? I guess it would be difficult and some people might start fighting over bunny’s ownership.

Bunny bow tie helps to avoid such a situation as you can easily identify your bunny through the unique bow tie which is worn by your rabbit. There are different bow ties from numerous brands and getting a quality one might seem challenging.

We’ll be taking a look at some best brands and their bunny bow ties

PetSoKoo Cute Bunny Bow tie

PetSoKoo Cute Bunny Ears BowtieRating 4.7/5
700 Total Ratings

Value for money 5/5
Comfort 4.7/5
Sturdiness 4.6/5
Durability 4.6/5

This is a brand with unique bunny bow tie designs. They ensure customers’ satisfaction and they do what they do.


Unique Look: This bunny bow tie which comes with a little cute golden bell gives the bunny a unique look. It makes the bunny stand out and looks more cute.

Safety: The safety of the bunny is quite important and the bow tie helps keep her safe. Due to the uniqueness of the bunny, it’s impossible for her to get lost in the midst of other bunnies as the bunny will stand out gracefully in her unique nature.

Durable and Comfortable: This bunny bow tie is made of soft and quality cotton which feels warm around the bunny’s neck. The cotton makes the bunny comfortable.


Difficulty in Adjustment: Some customers complained due to difficulty in adjustment of the buckle which holds the bow tie in place.

This can be fixed as the buckle can be removed while adjusting instead of trying to make a turn on the neck.

Who Needs PetSoKoo Cute Bunny Bow tie

Bunny bow tie is generally needed by bunny owners to beautify their bunnies or to make them stand out in the midst of other bunnies for easy identification.

Benefits of PetSoKoo Cute Bunny Bow Tie

This bunny bow tie helps in beautifying the bunny, giving her a cute look. Bowtie also serves as a compliment to their dresses, adding more uniqueness and creativity.

It helps in identification of bunnies with ease. The bowtie makes it easier for a bunny owner to spot the bunny from the crowd and protects the bunny from theft as the little bell rings when the bunny is picked up.

The quality cotton material helps create warmth around the bunny’s neck and the bunny also feels comfortable with its soft nature.


Creative Design: This bunny bow tie of this brand is quite unique as it comes with a little golden bell for the bunny and three good luck charms. This bunny bow tie differs from the ordinary and is loved by many.

Quality Material: This bunny bow tie was made from quality cotton material which is quite soft and durable. The material is hypo-allergenic and safe for bunnies. It feels comfortable for the bunny.

Breakaway Buckle: If the bunny is being held back by something which exerts pressure on the neck, the buckle feels the pressure and breaks away immediately helping the bunny to breathe properly and be free.

About PetSoKoo Bunny Bow Tie

PetSoKoo is a unique brand which makes quality bow ties. They have quality craftsmanship and they produce quality materials. They make products based on deep understanding of customer’s needs and they are customer friendly. They have a 95% five star rating on Amazon.

Support and Guarantee

They align with the Amazon policy of 30 days guarantee and refunding if it maintains the quality with which it was purchased. The brand is also customer friendly as it has a customer care service which customers can make enquiries about and complaints to.

Customers Review

PetSoKoo Bowtie Customer Reviews

PetSoKoo bunny bow tie is loved by almost all its customers as they provide premium products which match up the customer’s expectations. On Amazon they have 4.7/5 ratings. Similarly 4.9/5 on ebay. So people love this product.


There are different brands which design and sell bunny bow tie and you can purchase from them if you are not satisfied by the product of PetSoKoo. A brand like Huxley & Kent bow tie designs and sells adjustable bowtie for bunnies.

Huxley & Kent Bunny Bow Tie

bunny bow tieRating 4.9/5
Easy Attachment
Great Gift
Value for money 4.5/5
Comfort 4.6/5
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Durability 4.8/5

Huxley & Kent bow tie is a unique bow tie for bunnies. It creates warmth due to the softness of the material. It is loved by customers and has a 98% five star rating on Amazon.


Easy Attachment: This bunny bow tie can be easily attached to the bunny and is easily adjustable around the bunny’s neck.

Comfortable: The bow tie is stylish and quite considerate for bunnies. They are comfortable on the bunny’s fur and do not irritate them.

Adorable Accessory: This bow tie can be used to compliment a bunny’s fashion style. It is easy to wear and is great for outings or vacation.                                                                                                        

Gift: It can be given as a gift to bunnies and will be greatly appreciated by her. The gift can be offered during holidays or on a special occasion.

Size and Care: The bow tie is adjustable and can fit all sizes of bunnies. The bow tie is washable in washing machines and this cleanses the mess that might be spotted on the bow tie. 


Easy Detachment: The velcro and the bow are bound with a glue which can be easily detached and separated. This detachment occurs most especially when washed.

This should not be a bother as it can be stitched together to prevent the fall out.

Who Needs Huxley & Kent Bunny Bow Tie

It is needed by any bunny owner who is a lover of fashion as this serves as a fashion for bunnies. It is also needed by owners who would love to add extra spice to their bunny’s appearance.

Benefits of Huxley & Kent Bunny Bow Tie

  • The bow tie ensures comfort because the material used does not irritate the fur.
  • It can be easily attached or worn and it doesn’t take time to wear it.
  • It can be washed so the bunny can always appear clean and fresh with her clean and sparkle bow tie.

Features of Huxley & Kent Bow Bunny Tie

Soft Material: The material used for this bunny bow tie design is soft and of good quality. It does not cause irritation and it ensures the bunny’s comfortability.

Flexible Buckle: This bunny bow tie has a flexible Buckle which can easily be fixed or removed. The buckle of the bow tie is not stiff and can be removed under pressure.

Design: The bow tie is quite colorful and lovely. It stands out among other bow ties as it is very unique with bright and attractive colours.

About Huxley & Kent Bunny Bow Tie

Huxley & Kent is a lovely brand which deals with bunnies and other pet accessories. The brand advertises and sells their products on Amazon and other digital marketing websites. They are loved by customers and they have a 98% five star rating on Amazon.

Support and Guarantee

They have a 30 day refund policy where money which was used to purchase the product can be refunded. Products can also be returned and replaced.

Customers Review

Bunny bow Tie Customer Review
Huxley & Kent Bunny bow Tie Customer Review

Most customers are satisfied with the products offered by Huxley & Kent brand. They have a very few complaints and they strive hard to buffer solutions to them.


If the product is not exactly what you need, there are numerous brands which also sell bow ties which you can choose from. Brands like Unique Style Bunny Bow Tie can be checked out for a firm velcro and bow.

Unique Style Bunny Bow Tie

As the name implies the bow tie comes in its unique style. The brand makes use of floral patterns thereby making it unique and colourful.


Durability: Due to the quality of material used, this bunny bow tie is quite durable and soft. It does not itch or irritate the bunny and it is safe for the bunny to use efficiently and comfortably.

Adjustable: This bunny bow tie is easily adjustable and flexible. It can be adjusted depending on the size of the bunny. If the bunny grows bigger and the bow tie is still in good shape, it can be adjusted to fit the neck size of the bunny and make her comfortable.

Easter Gift: This is an Easter bow tie and can be given as an Easter gift to the bunny or another person’s bunny. Bunnies are generally loved and giving a gift to her is not uncommon. The floral bow tie can be given as a present.


Thin Velcro: Some customers complained of the thin velcro of the bow tie, however this is dependent on the owner’s preference as most people appreciate its nature. You can also add an extra material if you want it to be noticeable.

Who Needs Unique Style Bunny Bow Tie

Bunny owners who appreciate floral patterns and love unique and outstanding accessories would need this brand of bow tie as it has all these qualities.

Benefits of Unique Style Rabbit Bow Tie

This bunny bow tie can be easily adjusted to a desired size and this depends on how the owner wants it. No one would like a tight bow tie so the brand has made provision for adjustable bow ties which can be expanded as the bunny grows.

The material used for this bunny bow tie design makes it quite durable as it is of a good quality. It’s also good for the bunny’s fur as it does not itch her. The floral pattern of the bow tie also adds an additional attraction to the bow tie and the bunny who wears it.

This bunny bow tie can serve as a gift for special occasions and holidays like Easter. Such a gift will be highly appreciated and admired as it has an amazing and unique appearance.

Features of Unique Style Bunny Bow Tie

Design:  A thick welded D-ring is added to the bow tie for more sturdiness and durability. They do a double box stitch for the bow tie to ensure a lasting attachment.

Quality Material: Good quality floral material is used for the bow tie design. It is soft and durable and of a high quality. It is healthy for the bunny’s fur and has no irritation on her fur.

Flexible Buckle: The buckle is made with plastic in order to make it flexible and durable. Plastic is more preferable to metal as it avoids the problem of rust and stiffness.

About Unique Style Bunny Bow Tie

Unique Style Paws is a brand which sells China based products which are of good quality. The brand advertises their products on Amazon and they have a good review from most customers.

Support and Guarantee

They have a policy of 30 days refund or replacement of products for customers. This can only happen if the product is still the same as when it was gotten. They also have a good customer care service which attends to customers and helps solve their problems.

Customers Review

Most customers are quite satisfied with their products and they have a good review on digital marketing websites like Amazon. The brand has a 98% five star rating for customers on Amazon.


The brand is almost flawless and perfect for any bunny owner but human preferences are different. If you are not satisfied with their products and unique customer friendly services, you can get good products from other brands like Huxley & Kent Bow Tie, this brand equally offers good products and services.

ZTON Pet Rabbit Bow Tie

This is a brand which produces and sells official bow ties for bunnies. They deal with bow ties for special occasions which will make the bunny stand out.


Attractiveness: People are used to the regular bow ties for bunnies and this bow tie is slightly different from the usual. This is because it’s longer and pulls more attraction to the bunny.

Official Occasions: Due to the nature and design of the bow tie, it is most suitable for official occasions like weddings, parties etc. The bow tie enables the bunny to fit in with the nature of the occasion.

Comfortability: The bow tie makes the bunny comfortable as a quality material is used for the design and bow tie production. The bow tie is also 100% handmade, this makes the owners comfortable as they know how the bow tie was produced.


Size: Some customers have made complaints about the size of the bowtie as it doesn’t fit in well with the bunny. However this was stated in the brand’s website as the bow tie is mainly for small and medium sized bunnies. The size shouldn’t be a hindrance except the bunny is large.

Who Needs ZTON Rabbit Bow Tie

Pet owners who love unique and official fashion would need and appreciate this bow tie better. Owners who also attend lots of official occasions with their pets also need this product.

Benefits of ZTON Rabbit Bow Tie

Although the bowtie is for small and medium sized rabbits, it is very adjustable to suit the nature of the rabbit.

The bow tie can be used for official occasions making the bunny look unique and presentable. It also makes the bunny quite attractive as it differs from the usual looks.

The quality material used makes the bunny comfortable and irritation-free. There is no negative side effect with the material and it’s soft and welcoming to the skin.

Features of ZTON Rabbit Bow Tie

100% Exquisite Handmade: This bunny bow tie is made exclusively by hands and most customers love it that way as it assures originality.

Premium Quality: The material used is high quality Polyester fabric which is good for the bunny. The material is soft and comfortable on the bunny’s fur.

Adjustable Velcro Closure: The bow tie does not make use of buckle but uses Velcro closure for easy access. This Velcro is quite adjustable and flexible for better use.

Size: The bow tie size is 1.6″ to 5.1″ and has the length of 11.8 which is just perfect for small and medium sized bunnies. The neck Girth is from “8.3” to 10.6″ and this Girth is quite adjustable.

About ZTON Rabbit Bow Tie

ZTON is a brand which deals with pet accessories and invests in originality as most of the accessories are handmade. Amazon is one of their main sites for advertisement and sales. Their products are loved by customers and they have a 95% five star rating on Amazon.

Support and Guarantee

ZTON aligns with the Amazon policy of refund within 30 days. They run a 30 day guarantee for each product and the products can be returned to them for replacement or refund of money.

Customers Review

Most customers are appreciative of their services based on their reviews while some have made minor complaints about the product.


For pet owners who have larger sizes of bunnies and other pets, an alternative might be needed. Unique Style Bunny Bow Tie can be used as the bowtie is quite adjustable and can be used for bigger bunnies.

DQITJ Bunny Bow Tie

DQITJ Bunny Bow Tie is a brand which offers lovely and noticeable bow ties. They make use of girls’ color to make adorable designs for the bowties. They are loved by many and cherished by all their customers. They have a 98% five star rating on Amazon.


Attraction: The colors chosen for this bunny bow tie design are quite attractive and fashionable. The bow tie creates attention thereby giving the bunny a special feeling.

Safety: The bow tie comes with a little cute golden bell for the bunny, this bell enhances safety of the bunny as it jingles when the bunny is carried. This serves as a protective mechanism for the bunny especially when in a rowdy place or a place filled with a variety of bunnies.

Comfort: With the high quality material, comfort and convenience is assured as the bunny feels warmth with it. The material is well screened and proven to be safe and non toxic for bunnies.


Size: The size of the bow tie is mainly for small and medium sized rabbits. Some customers have made complaints concerning the size of the bunny. Although the buckle is adjustable, large bunnies might feel a little uneasy.

Who Needs DQITJ Bunny Bow tie

Bunny owners who love attractive and girlish colours will definitely appreciate this bow tie brand and owners who need safety for their bunnies.

Benefits of DQITJ Bunny Bow tie

The bow tie makes your bunny the center of attraction due to its bright colours and designs. It’s quite attractive and beautiful.

The design of the bow tie which includes the golden bell ensures the safety of the bunny and this helps in security check. 

The material of the bow tie is of good quality and this ensures durability and comfort for the bunny as it is healthy for her.

Features of DQITJ Bunny Bow tie

Quality Material: The material used for the bow tie design is PVC and PP materials. These materials are non toxic to bunnies and healthy for them. These materials ensure comfort and warmth for the bunnies.

Size: The length of this bunny bow tie ranged from “7.48 to 12.59” and it is adjustable. Its width is 0.39″ 3pcs which is included with different attractive colors.

Design: It has a unique bow-knot collar design and a golden bell for extra attraction and safety. This design makes the bunny very attractive.

Adjustable Buckle: The bow tie’s buckle is quite adjustable and flexible for bunnies. It is for small and medium sized rabbits.

About DQITJ Bunny Bow Tie

This is a unique brand which deals with pets accessories, they also make use of attractive colours in most of their products. They sell their products on Amazon and they have 98% five star rating from their numerous customers.

Support and Guarantee

The brand offers a 30 day guarantee policy where a customer is free to return a product in order to get a replacement or refund. Based on the customer’s review, they keep to their words and offer good services.

Customers Review

Most customers love the product which the brand offers. This is based on their numerous positive reviews. Very few complained about the colour but they are still impressed with the designs and colours.


Due to the limited size level, some people might want an alternative for the product due to the size of their bunny. There are various brands with bow ties for large rabbits like PetSoKoo Cute Bunny Ears Bowtie, they have a larger size bow tie but duller colours.


Bunny Bow ties not only spice up a bunny’s fashion but also enhances security. Bow ties make the bunny stand out and bow ties with bright colors create a perfect fit for bunnies. The bow tie which comes with bells are mostly for security purposes. Getting a bow tie for your bunny is great but getting a good quality bow tie is the best.

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