During cold weather, rabbits will often spend the majority of their time curled up on their heating pad. The fleece cover on their heating pad will make it even more appealing to them.

If you’re a responsible rabbit owner, it’s up to you to make sure that your rabbit doesn’t become sick from the harsh winter temperatures. For those of us who have shivering pets, a rabbit heat pad is an obvious choice.

For rabbits, what is the best heating pad? Heating pads for rabbits that offer enough heat to keep your pet warm but not so much that they overheat are the best. Rabbits can’t gnaw through the outer layer of the pad if it’s the correct size for their hutch. We’ve put up an article on how to pick the best heating pad for your rabbit. 

Snuggle Safe Rabbit Heat Pad

rabbit heat padRating 4.6/5
Amazon’s Choice
5000 Total Ratings
Safe and soothing warmth
Easy to clean 4.8/5
Chew proof 4.6/6

Softness 3.6/5

SnuggleRabbit Bed heating pad is one of the best rabbit heat pad recommendable for your rabbit, it stays hot for a long time! Up to 10 hours of warmth. It is a excellent technique to keep your pets warm while you’re gone from the house. It’s fast and simple to use, it is ideal for rabbits in chilly conditions, such as newborns, convalescents, and the elderly. It doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is, the SnuggleSafe heat pad will keep your rabbit warm for hours. Recommendation and use of this product by veterinarians are worldwide.

Non-toxic thermocol is used in the SnuggleSafe rabbit heat pad. There are no cables to worry about in the plate-sized pad. Place the SnuggleSafe in your microwave, choose Full Power, then adjust the timing according to your microwave’s wattage to get the best results.

There is a table with watts and times provided. For one further minute, keep the SnuggleSafe in the microwave. Heat is retained for up to ten hours because of the thermocol ingredient, which is non-toxic and safe to use. 


  1. Comfortable, calming warmth
  2. Not requiring any electricity, only a microwave to warm up
  3. A plate-sized cushion may easily fit beneath your rabbit’s bed.
  4. Warmth that lasts for up to ten hours
  5. Toxic-free thermopol
  6. It is safe and non-toxic


  1. The plastic might be melted if the microwave is overheated.

GABraden Rabbit Heat Pad

Best rabbit padRating 4.6/5
High-quality fabric
Safety Design
Adjustable temperature
Easy to clean

This item is made of high-quality materials and can be used over and over again while still looking new. Good materials are used to make the GABraden rabbit heating pad, which is safe and eco-friendly. There are tubes on the wires that keep your rabbit from hurting the wires or causing electricity to go through them and hurting itself. There will be no damage done to the anti-bite tubes at all.

The rabbit heating pad has a new automatic shut-off mechanism that keeps the temperature at the same level and two layers of constant temperature inside the pad. Always work, keep the temperature stable, keep rabbits from overheating and getting burned, and drastically reduce and get rid of the source of fire, which is very dangerous.

On the rabbit heating pad, there are high and low temperatures (1°C-50°C) that can be set. The default setting is from low to high, but you can change it. You can change the temperature to meet your own needs, as well. Most rabbits could use an animal heating pad very much.

There is a needle-punched cotton fiber inside the rabbit heating pad from GABraden. This fiber effectively raises the heating surface to 85%. This makes sure that the heat is spread out evenly. This is what they do during the winter and when it’s very cold at night.

There are high-quality materials in the rabbit heat pad that make the surface waterproof and easy to clean, making it safe for people to use and easy to keep clean. If you want to clean the surface, you can use a clean cloth. This is as good as buying a new one.


  1. The controller is in direct contact with water to avoid leakage
  2. High-quality fabric
  3. Safety Design
  4. Adjustable temperature
  5. Easy to clean


  1. It’s dangerous to fold the heating pad while it’s active.

Berocia Rabbit Heating Pad

rabbit and dog heat padTested SAFE
Adjustable Temperature
Safe and Effective
Value for money 4/5
Comfort 4.2/5
Easy to clean 3.9/5

There is no danger with the Berocia rabbit heat pad, and the rabbit heating blankets have low voltages. If your rabbit has been on the heater for about 10 minutes, their sleeping spot will be at the temperature you chose. You may not feel the heat at first. This is the best temperature. 36-40 degrees is the most common healthy temperature for rabbits because most of them have body temperatures between 38 and 39 degrees. This stops them from becoming sluggish or losing their hair because of too much heat.

Long-lasting PVC fireproof material provides a soft and pleasant surface for long-term use. The detachable cover is simple to clean by hand or machine. This rabbit heat pad has seven temperature settings, making it perfect for rabbits with arthritis or new-born babies, as well as animals undergoing treatment for disease or injury. Help the rabbit stay healthy and comfortable throughout the cold winter months. LED Indicator correctly shows the heating pads’ temperatures. The pad’s temperature is maintained at an average of 102 degrees Fahrenheit by an internal thermostat.

During the winter, if you set the temperature of this rabbit heat mat to 40 degrees, you can see that the heat spreads quickly. If your rabbit walks away from it for about 10 minutes, it will warm back up to 40 degrees again. At 40 degrees, the heating indicator light will be turned off, and the heating pad will be turned off and stop heating. Whenever the temperature drops below 36 degrees again, an alarm will go off and the rabbit carpet will start to heat up. Users don’t have to set this manually, which is very good because it means they don’t have to do it.


  1. Waterproof
  2. Efficacious and Secure
  3. It’s simple to use


  1. Cannot be used in an outdoor environment

Rabbit Heat Pad by Snuggle 3 Pack

best rabbit heating padRating 4.6/5
Heats up Quickly
Value for money 4.5/5
Comfort 4.7/5
Easy to clean 4.3/5
Chew proof 4.6/6

This rabbit warming pad is small and lightweight, making it an ideal travel companion. The fleece covering makes it even better. The wireless SnuggleSafe rabbit heating pad provides immediate, safe, and long-lasting warmth everywhere you need it. Rabbit heating pads from SnuggleSafe are reusable. Made in the UK with 17 years of expertise in the field of manufacturing. Over a million units have been produced thus far.

Snuggle rabbit heat pad is toxic-free, with no wires, and bite-proof. Snuggle safe heating disks may be placed beneath your rabbit’s bedding to give safe and comforting warmth. It’s perfect for bunnies just born, recovering from an illness, or who are just getting on in years.

This microwaveable rabbit heat pad only takes six minutes in an 800 watt microwave to heat up. For up to ten hours, it retains the warmth of a standard hot water bottle. In order to ensure that the SnuggleSafe heated bunny pad is safe for use, it has been tested by Smithers RAPRA and SGS/ Smithers RAPRA. Products are tested by SGS/Smithers RAPRA, a certified ISO test house, to guarantee they meet their original design and function. The hue of the heating pad might be pink or purple.

This bunny Heating Pad gives additional warm feelings, so you can cradle your rabbit right away. Using a microwave, this variety may be warmed in 10 minutes and kept warm for many hours. When heated in a microwave, Thermopol, the gel in the SnuggleSafe rabbit heating pad, is non-toxic and able to maintain heat. It is possible to keep a rabbit warm for up to 10 hours if Thermapol is put beneath or in the rabbit’s blanket. 8″ / 210mm in diameter, each SnuggleSafe rabbit heat pad weighs 0.9kg.

Using this heating pad on a puppy or kitten is a great way to keep them warm when they are on the go, in hutches, kennels, or catteries, or while they are convalescing. There are no wires in SnuggleSafe that a rabbit may gnaw through, and it is completely washable. To make them more cozier, most rabbit heat pads now come with a soft, fleece-lined cover. The SnuggleSafe rabbit microwavable rabbit warming pad directions include heat timings. 

Can you use the SnuggleSafe heat pad several times? Using the animal heating pads is as simple as reheating them from cold. We suggest replacing it every three years if it is used everyday.


  1. Designed with your bunnies’ safety and comfort in mind.
  2. Authentic, long-lasting, and secure
  3. Travel-friendly, thanks to the included fleece cover and small size.
  4. It’s easy to heat up in the microwave.


  1. Don’t heat up extremely in the microwave. Otherwise, it could be melted

Yuyuso Rabbit Heated Pad

This rabbit heat pad has a soft, cuddly cover that your rabbit will like. Because it fits most rabbit hutches and cages, it will keep your pet’s living quarters from becoming too chilly in the dead of winter. The heating pad’s fleece cover offers a cozy surface for your rabbit while also insulating it from the actual heated pad, ensuring that no heat is wasted.

This rabbit heat pad automatically regulates the temperature to conserve energy and avoid overheating. When the cover becomes soiled, it can easily be removed and cleaned thanks to the zipper closure. Furthermore, the cable is chew-resistant, ensuring the safety of your rabbit as it warms itself up in its cage.


  1. It is equipped with a power regulation switch
  2. Fleece cover for added comfort
  3. It cannot be chewed by a rabbit
  4. It comes with a zipper closure


  1. It doesn’t last for a longer period

K&H Pet Rabbit Heat Pad

The K&H heating pad is ideal for rabbits, both inside and outdoors. You can use a thermostatically controlled warming pad to make sure the temperature is just right for your rabbits when they’re inside of it. It also has steel-encased cords, holes for screws, and rounded corners to keep chewers away from it.

As an option for attaching them to cages, walls, and more, rabbit heat pads come with pre-drilled holes in each corner. These holes can be used for things like attaching them to the floor of hutches and more, and they can also be used for things like attaching them to cages. This heated pad made of ABS plastic is 9″ x 12″ and has 25 watts.

It’s very durable. K&H, on the other hand, makes sure that the whole thing is safe, not just the parts. With the help of MET Labs, this heated pad is safe to use with small animals in the US and Canada. Rabbit owners rely on K&H pet created for rabbits by K&H, a company with more than 20 years of expertise in the industry.


  1. Chew resistant
  2. Energy efficient 
  3. It is safe 


  1. This heat pad may be damaged and even injured if it becomes too hot.

Littledropet Rabbit Heat Pad

It is safe for rabbits to use the Littledropet heating pad. There are a variety of ways to use a round blanket. Choosing between a high or low temperature setting. As much as 122 degrees Fahrenheit may be reached on the highest setting and 86 degrees on the lowest. In order to keep a steady temperature, it is suggested that you utilize a high temperature to rapidly get the temperature up to the optimal range.

Rabbits with arthritis, newborns, pregnant rabbits, or rabbits recuperating from sickness or injury are all good candidates for this product. Assist the rabbit in maintaining good health and a cozy home. The cord’s tough outer layer of plastic makes it chew-resistant. Your rabbit isn’t going to hurt it by nibbling or gnawing.

It is made of durable and PVC-coated fireproof material for long-lasting comfort and safety for your rabbit. It is waterproof, dust-free, anti-electric shock (to protect your rabbit’s safety), and it is simple to clean by hand.


  1. Rabbit heat pad with a temperature control
  2. Indestructible and easy-to-clean
  3. It last for a longer period


  1. It is not recommended for outdoor use 

Indoor Electric Rabbit Heat Pad

During the harsh winter months, a heating pad offers a cozy spot for your rabbit to rest or sleep. Cleanup is a breeze with the rabbit heat pad since it’s constructed of water-resistant material. To keep your bunnies safe, use a heating pad with temperature control and power-off protection. With a high or low level of temperature control, the temperature may be changed (up to 104°F). Chew-resistant protection is provided by the cord’s metal outer coating.

Your rabbit isn’t going to hurt it by nibbling or gnawing. Winterized outdoor rabbits need a warm, cozy spot, and a heated rabbit home pad filled with cotton provides just that. Assist the rabbit in maintaining good health and a cozy home. Put it in the rabbit home, whelping box, or playpen of your choice.

These rabbit heat pads are excellent. Allow for around ten minutes of heating time. With the “simply turn on” function, you can set the temperature (up to 104°F) from 30W-60W. The high setting is for heating the rabbit pad, and it should be used for a long length of time at a low level. Rabbits may rest well at night thanks to the Electric Heating Mat for their House.

Protect your bunnies from overheating by using a heated pad with Power-off protection and temperature control. Due to its 100% complete wrap-around flexible stainless steel dual chew resistant hose, the cable with metal cover protects your child from electric shock while being chew resistant. Wearing a PVC fire-resistant garment will keep your rabbit safe and happy for years to come. Please use a wet cloth to clean the rabbit heat pad if it becomes soiled.

Hand or machine washing is available for the washable blanket bag. In order to ensure the safety of the heating pad, please maintain it flat while it is in use. If the pad has been bitten by your rabbit, please stop using it and turn it off while you aren’t home.

Temperature control and overheat prevention are included into the rabbit heat pad to keep rabbits warm rather than hot, while they sleep on the pad for a lengthy period of time. This mat will stop heating and resume heating automatically if the temperature rises too high when the switch is set to “high” or “low.” As a result, if you notice that the mat has stopped heating, please be patient and give it some time to finish heating. A blanket should be placed over the mat to keep the pad warm while the mat is not heated.


  1. Quick rabbit heat pad & Temperature adjustable
  2. Waterproof heating blanket Easy Clean
  3. Energy Efficient & Safe

PETNF Rabbit Heat pad

If you want a rabbit heat pads that won’t break the bank, consider the PETNF Heating Pad. Designed with a temperature-maintenance auto thermal system in mind. In terms of energy efficiency, this outdoor heating pad has a wattage of just 50W. The extra-long, anti-bite power cable has a 4.92-foot steel-encased chew guard and extends 5.91 feet. Furthermore, because it is made of fire-resistant materials, there is no risk of either you or your rabbit starting a fire.

Using an Auto Thermostat to heat. It is best to keep rabbits of all sizes at a temperature between 100.4°F and 107.6°F when they are old, pregnant, new, or recovering from illness or injury. Flannel covers and a heating system keep the temperature between these two points. Keep the rabbit warm and cozy this winter.

Designed to be used both inside and outside. Another use for a rabbit heat pad is to keep your outside bunnies warm in sheds, garages, or any other area that isn’t open. An air valve has been included in the design of this outdoor heating pad to enhance its comfort and softness. Without any instruments, it will inflate itself in a matter of minutes. While storing, be sure to remove any excess air.

The detachable cover of the rabbit heat pad makes it simple to clean. With a moist towel, you may clean the heating pad’s interior surface. Because they are waterproof to the IP67 standard, you won’t have to worry if your rabbits accidentally pee on the heater while it is still plugged in.

You’ll get a Bonus Cover with this purchase. We provide a complimentary flannel cover for your rabbit in order to help it feel more at ease. As a result, it will be able to retain heat more effectively. This is not a waterproof cover.


  1. It’s Washable and Easy to Maintain
  2. Cover can be washed in the washing machine
  3. It’s simple to use.
  4. Safe Design for Cords and Chew Resistant Cords
  5. This product may be used both inside and out.


  1. Using it incorrectly might result in a dangerously high temperature for the rabbit.

2022 Upgraded Timer-Controlled Rabbit Heat Pad

An inner PVC envelope with waterproof and flame retardant properties is used in this product. The V-0 flame retardant capabilities of this product is the best in the industry. Lambswool is machine washable on the outside of the pillow. As an alternative to submerging your rabbit heat pads in water when they get soiled, moist cloths may be used to clean them. Due to the fact that there are wires on it.

Heating pad with timer for rabbits outside; may be put directly on the ground; As soon as the countdown expires, the pad will cease to heat up any more. When every four hours has gone, an indicator light begins to decrease in brightness to let you know how much time you have remaining.

Easily Adjustable Temperatures The MET Safety Listed Outdoor Rabbit Heat Pad. We have six temperature settings on our heating pad’s temperature regulator. Temperature range 86-131°F/30-55°C may be set. Dedicated to providing pet owners with the safest goods possible, it has its own R&D facility that has been developing and improving rabbit heating pads for six years. The 83″ Chew Resistant Cord was specifically designed to prevent rabbits from being electrocuted by eating the wires. To be safe, you should always remove your pet from an area where wires are present if they begin to bite. Adaptable to a wide range of outdoor dwellings.

A temperature control wire is added to the heating pad to prevent it from overheating. The thermostat shuts off the heating and lowers the temperature if the temperature exceeds your specified point. MET Laboratories certifies that the items meet the electrical safety requirements of the United States and Canada. It’s covered for two years!


  1. PVC Envelope Enclosure that is both flame retardant and waterproof.
  2. Chew Resistant Cord for Your Protection.
  3. Heating & Ventilation
  4. Waterproof
  5. Time and temperature may be set independently of one another.


  1. Using it incorrectly might result in a dangerously high temperature for the rabbit.
In Conclusion

Rabbits may safely use heating pads as long as all precautions are taken. All you have to do is watch the rabbit’s temperature. If you want to utilize an electric heating pad for your rabbit, be sure to choose one with chew-proof wiring. Outdoor rabbits can thank heating pads for saving their lives. When it comes to keeping a rabbit’s body temperature at a suitable level, there’s no substitute for heating pads and cozy bedding.

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