Getting a bunny backpack is an ideal thing you can do right now if you own a rabbit and like going on vacations or walks with it. You can prevent rabbits from jumping about and injuring themselves or others in the vehicle by placing them in a carrier bag.

There are several types of bunny backpacks available, just as there are numerous types of rabbit supplies. There is a wide selection of sizes, styles, and manufacturers available for the very best rabbit carriers. Some are better than others, while some are just unsatisfactory. So, to assist you in finding the finest rabbit carrier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top rabbit carriers available.

YUDODO Rabbit Carrier Bag

rabbit carrier bagRating 4.4/5
26,000 Ratings
Amazon Best Seller
Light weight 4.5/5
Sturdiness 4.4/5
Softness 4.3/5
Safety Features 4.2/5
Comfort 4.2/5
Portable Pocket
Safety Hook
Breathable Mesh

Value for Money 4/5

Yudodo rabbit carrier is one of the best carriers to purchase for your rabbit, it comes with a movable compartment and the carrier bag holds your phone, keys, treats, and poo bags. put your rabbit on the large button to keep your bunny safe. The Yudodo rabbit carrier is very thick, more durable, and harder to get rid of. Because of its extra-wide dimensions and padded shoulder straps, this carrier makes it easy to transport your rabbit while reducing the strain that can be placed on the shoulders. It comes with an attachable safety hook that may be placed on the inside of the rabbit’s collar to ensure the rabbit’s safety.  

It’s comfortable, breathes well, and lasts a long time since it’s constructed of leather and mesh. You can carry your rabbit about town in comfort and stylishly with this mesh rabbit sling carrier. Rabbits may escape the severe summer heat and have a more enjoyable voyage if they are carried in a mesh sling that allows air to circulate.

Most wrist sizes may be accommodated by the 38.6-46.5-inch long adjustable strap. It will fit any rabbit. It’s easy to put on and take off your bunny thanks to the sturdy clasp and extra-wide padded shoulder strap. Bunnies will like the hands-free design and how easy it is to store.


  1. It keeps the rabbit safe and secure
  2. It is waterproof and breathable.
  3. The shoulder straps of the carrier are padded and comfortable.
  4. It has a lightweight
  5. It has a large storage space


  1. The bed isn’t really comfortable.
  2. The strap is really lengthy.
  3. Rabbits may easily eat through drawstrings.

PETKIT Bunny Backpack

best carrier bagRating 4.7/5
3000 Ratings
Amazon Best Seller
Sturdiness 4.6/5
Comfort 4.5/5
Durability 4.4/5
Light weight 4.4/5
Made to Last for Years
Eye-Catching and Lightweight
Smart Fan
Smart Light
Value for Money 4/5

Petkit bunny backpack is the ideal method to transport your rabbit.  This rabbit carrier backpack includes a large window so your rabbit can see what’s going on while you’re out. It also has tinted glass, the tinted glass protects your rabbit from the sun’s harsh rays, allowing her to travel in peace.

Petkit rabbit carrier has a Coanda Effect ventilation system which makes your rabbit breathe easily and it has mesh panels and many ventilation holes. It also comes with a  silent, built-in fan which provides fresh air to your favorite rabbit while maintaining a pleasant temperature inside. Getting a Petkit rabbit carrier is the best choice if you want the best for your rabbit.

With this bunny backpack, your rabbit won’t have to worry about rabbit clawing or chewing the carrier bag since it’s very durable. This carrier lasts longer than some rabbit carriers out there. It’s also designed to be comfy for your bunny.

It is 13 inches by 12 inches by 18 inches and weighs a little over three pounds, making it lightweight and it is airline approved i.e generally acceptable for use. Fits rabbits weighing from 0 and 17 pounds. Because the pad may be removed, rabbits can return to it and sit on it. Snacks for rabbits may be stored in the side pocket.

Your rabbit will no longer have to stumble about in the dark looking for a light switch. With only two taps, you can gradually and quietly light the interior of the cage, allowing you to check on your rabbit as it sleeps.


  1. It is simple and straightforward to use
  2. It has a longer lifespan 
  3. It is lightweight.


  1. It’s best used only when traveling

COVONO Expandable Bunny Backpack

COVONO Expandable Pet Carrier BackpackRating 4.7/5
3000 Ratings
Amazon Best Seller
For traveling 4.8/5
Sturdiness 4.8/5
Comfort 4.8/5
Durability 4.7/5
Large transparent window
Value for Money 5/5

COVONO’s bunny backpack is created from the highest quality materials and is meticulously designed and manufactured. Because it has a bubble window, the rabbit’s carrying bag is even cuter. The half-sphere windows allow rabbits to see out of the bag while remaining protected. All-in-one rabbit bed, automobile seat, and aircraft hangar. When it comes to traveling with your rabbit, the COVONO carrier is an ideal choice for traveling your pet.

Perfect for traveling or hiking. Rabbits like staying in the carrier because of the nice fleece bed and spacious interior. Air may pass via the many holes and mesh. A rabbit bed, car seat, and aircraft carrier in one package. Connecting the seat belt is simple thanks to the backpack straps and carrying handle on our carrier. It contains a rear pocket for storing tiny items such as chocolates and other critical items. This carrier for the rabbit is detachable and machine washable.

COVONO’s semi-sphere window is a brand-new feature with a patent application filed. This is in addition to the standard characteristics found in rabbit carriers.

Portable bunny backpack with bad, and kid safety seat. Because it includes adjustable backpack straps and a handle, our carrier is simple to secure to a vehicle seatbelt. For maximum comfort, the design has a washable soft cushion, mesh panels with air holes, and top and side access.


  1. It’s simple to clean.
  2. It features a hole for airflow ventilation.
  3. It is made of high-quality components from start to finish.


  1. It is pretty costly.

Texsens Bunny Backpack

rabbit-backpackRating 4.7/5
6000 Ratings
Amazon Best Seller
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Durability 4.5/5
Comfort 4.4/5
Stretch 4.3/5
Value for Money 5/5
Best Bunny Backpack

The robust bunny backpack is made of breathable material. Because it is breathable and made of a soft material, your rabbit will feel at ease while being carried on it. Despite the constant wear and tear caused by rabbit claws, the rich texture is resistant to tearing. The outside is protected by a material that is both watertight and dustproof, and the construction itself is robust and risk-free.

Due to the translucent cover of the rabbit backpack carrier, your pet rabbit will be able to stick his head out. You don’t have to set the carrying bag down in order to get the food or to play with it. Having zippers on both sides makes this procedure more straightforward and straightforward, which naturally makes it go more quickly. You and your rabbit could lean in closer to the window in order to have a better look at the surroundings.

The additional thick padding on the back of the rabbit carrier backpack, as well as the adjustable shoulder straps both, work to ease the strain on your shoulders and back, making the backpack easier to wear and making it more pleasant to carry. It is ideal not just for traveling but also for activities such as hiking, camping, and other types of outdoor recreation.


  1. It is cost-effective
  2. Chew-resistant plastic
  3. Simple to use and clean


  1. It is small in size
  2. It is not durable

LOLLI Bunny Backpack

LOLLIMEOW Pet Carrier BackpackRating 4.7/5
8000 Ratings
Amazon Best Seller
Light weight 4.7/5
Easy to clean 4.7/5
Durability 4.5/5
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Comfort 4.4/5
Mesh Window &Tent Bed
Value for Money 5/5

This rabbit carrier is simple to secure to a vehicle seatbelt. For maximum comfort, the design has a washable soft cushion, mesh panels with air holes, and top and side access. Cloverpet bunny backpack consist of a portable rabbit bed, carrier, and kid safety seat,  it includes adjustable backpack straps and a handle.

Vetreska Hard Bunny Backpack

Another nice option is this Vetreska bunny backpack. It is solid and simple to maneuver since it has four silent wheels that travel in all directions. You don’t have to worry that the wheels will scare away rabbits or make it hard to pull over rough terrain. This rabbit carrier gives you more options for going out in public with your rabbit.

The bunny backpack is made out of polycarbonate and has an aluminum handle that has been strengthened. This makes it very light, hard to bend, and hard to break when it hits something or falls. It stands 32.67 inches tall and has a handle that can be adjusted from 18.5 inches to 16.54 inches.

The 13 large ventilation holes on the sides of this clear rabbit travel bag let your rabbit breathe easily, and you can easily reach in from the side to comfort or play with him.

A clear rabbit trolley case is great for rabbits who want to see what’s going on outside. This bunny backpack can be used to keep your rabbit safe for short periods of time or for activities like hiking and camping. You can also use the backpack when you need to take your rabbit outside to do things like washing it or getting rid of worms.


  1. It is Lightweight and durable
  2. It is transparent making rabbits to see the outside environment
  3. It is cost-effective.


  1. It should not be used in a cold climate.

Petrip Rabbit Backpack

The Petrip bunny backpack is composed of high-quality, waterproof materials that won’t damage your rabbit. Your rabbit will be secure and sound with the safety belt (spring hook) on the bag, and it will not be able to leap out and run away.

Long-distance travelers will appreciate the broader and more cushioned shoulder straps and straps. The rabbit backpack’s straps may be lengthened, and a waist clasp keeps the bunny backpack in place around your waist. It also contains a side pocket, a front pocket, and a Trolley Case Strap for your convenience.

The Petrip rabbit backpack carrier is constructed of Oxford cotton, which is scratch and water-resistant and will endure for years. The Petrip bunny backpack is designed to fold up to save space. The three-sided PVC mesh construction of the rabbit backpack allows in as much air as possible, which helps with the humid heat of summer. The side windows feature movable curtains that keep the cold air out in the winter. When the rabbit becomes bored, it may utilize the six holes on each side of the backpack to keep its claws occupied. Our rabbit cage has zippers on both the top and side so your rabbit can easily go in and out.


  1. It is very secure.
  2. It is more spacious and very pleasant.
  3. It’s scratch and water-resistant.
  4. It is constructed from high-quality materials.


  1. The chest strap has little adjustability.

YUEPET Bunny Backpack

YUEPET offers a bunny backpack that comes with a Bed. This wonderful carrier for rabbits will provide your pet with the much-needed peace and quiet that it need, as rabbits enjoy looking out the window. Yuepet bunny backpack can hold two rabbits, which is perfect for a little rabbit. Your rabbit will have no trouble getting in and out of the mesh panel. Your small rabbit was able to see everything around her, including you, because of the translucent design.

Your rabbit will be able to view the sun and surroundings at all times because of the design. Because your rabbit can see you at all times, keeping them in a well-lit location helps minimize their nervousness. The rabbit can enjoy the breeze with you thanks to mesh panels on the side that enable air to move freely. The top and sides have openings that enable air to move freely.

There are two varieties of pillows included in this rabbit carrier. You may rest your head on the matching black cushion, which is both comfy and breathable, throughout the hot summer months. When the weather becomes colder, you may convert to a thicker, cozier mattress.

bunny backpacks made of EVA material are easier to transport when traveling, making them excellent for rabbits. The robust plastic shell will not crush your bunny. An anti-skid cushion is built into the bottom of the shoe to prevent slippage. The waterproof bottom may be placed on the ground or grass, making it less likely to get dirty and easier to clean.

The rabbit travel carrier is 1.2 pounds in weight. You can simply transfer your guinea pig in it since it is tiny and portable. It is suitable for everyday usage. Small rabbits can go camping, to the rabbit shop to wash, or to the hospital if they’re sick; they can even accompany you.

Traveling is made easier with a comfy hand strap and an adjustable cushion shoulder strap. The collapsible and folding form saves space and is simple to clean. Remove the mat and thoroughly clean it in the washing machine. The shell can be cleaned with water right away, which is convenient and fast.


  1. Switching between two types of matting is possible.
  2. Suitable for All Occasions 
  3. It’s light-weighted and made of quality material


  1. Best for little rabbits only

Twist-N-Go Bunny Backpack

The Twist-N-Go bunny backpack is made of high-quality nylon canvas and has high-quality zippers. It has a lively exterior and a pleasant interior. To use, just twist-n-go and twist-n-stow. This is great for rabbit transport.

This bunny backpack is made for bunnies and fits most medium-sized rabbits comfortably. it’s also scratch-resistant. They also like that it includes a safety strap that can be fastened to your bunny and that it opens from the front as well as the top.


  • It is water-resistant 
  • Durable nylon canvas with high-quality zippers
  • Scratch-resistant screen keeps your bunnies safe and can be folded flat for simple storage.


  • It is constructed of nylon and can easily be torn.

Live best Bunny Backpack Bag

The robust live best bunny backpack bag is made of breathable material. Your rabbit will be comfortable in it since it is soft and breathable. The dense texture is resistant to disintegration despite the sharp claws’ wear and tear. The exterior is covered in waterproof and dustproof material, and the structure is solid and safe.

The rabbit backpack carrier’s transparent cover enables your rabbit to peek his head out. To feed or play with the carrying bag, you don’t have to put it down. Naturally, the zippers on both sides make this operation go more quickly and effortlessly. Both you and your rabbit may lean in for a better view of the scenery.

The bunny backpack bag offers extra thick padding on the back and adjustable shoulder straps, which relieves tension on your shoulders and back and makes it more comfortable to wear. It’s perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities as well as travel.


  1. It is cost-effective
  2. Chew-resistant plastic
  3. Simple to use and clean


  1. It is small in size
  2. It is not durable

Sherpa Original Bunny Backpack Bag

You may enjoy a stress-free trip with the Sherpa bunny backpack bag. Perfect for road trips, vacations, and even car or airline excursions to the veterinarian. A unique spring wire arrangement allows the carrier’s rear end to be lowered several inches to fulfill under-seat restrictions. The carrier’s features include locking zippers, mesh panels for ventilation, and a seat belt security strap.

Carrying rabbits into the carrier bag is much easier if the carrier has both top and side access. A roomy side zippered pocket may be used to hold your rabbit’s travel documentation and other essentials. The no-slip shoulder strap’s padded support guarantees a secure fit. A machine-washable removable imitation lambskin lining is included. Individual Sherpa liners may be bought if they need to be changed. The majority of big airlines have agreed to use it. Sherpas come in two sizes: small and medium. Some of the colors offered include black, brown, plum, and gray. The rabbit carrier is available in all sizes i.e Small, medium, and large sizes are all available.

Perfect for a trip to the zoo or a trip to the airport by car or plane in style and comfort. Carriers with unique spring wireframes may be lowered a few inches to provide under-seat storage. Zippers lock for security, while mesh windows allow ventilation. Back pocket for snacks, leash, or luggage; seatbelt/luggage strap; machine-washable imitation lambskin lining; and carrying strap with cushioned, non-slip padding

This product is used on most flights as part of Sherpa’s “Guaranteed on Board” program. The medium-sized carrier is 17 inches long, 11 inches broad, and 10.5″ tall. Make your carrier size choices based on more than just your weight. Before choosing a size, make sure you don’t over the carrier’s weight limit. The carrier was created to keep the rabbit safe and comfortable while traveling.


  1. This rabbit carrier is available in different sizes
  2. It can be washed using the washing machine
  3. It is approved by airlines
  4. Available in many colors


  1. Cleaning the rabbit carrier is difficult.

Henkelion Rabbit Backpack Bag

Henkelion bunny backpack Bag is another recommendable carrier bag for your rabbit. The adjustable, padded shoulder strap on the Henkelion Rabbit Carrier Bag makes it easy to carry. The loop handles, which give you a balanced grip, let you carry it in various ways. It’s also okay with airlines, so you can take your bunny with you on longer trips.

This rabbit carrier has a safety collar and a soft wool cushion on top of a wooden board to keep your rabbit safe. The mesh windows make the carrier airy, and the surface of the fabric is made to resist scratches.

Customers like the high-quality zippers because they last a long time and aren’t likely to break. They especially like the opening in the roof, which lets you pet your rabbit from all sides and even calm it while you’re on the road.

Some users, though, say that cleaning is hard because not all of the parts can be washed in a machine. After getting wet, the wool mat isn’t as comfortable. From what people say, it also has a strong chemical plastic smell right out of the box.


  1. The shoulder strap is adjustable 
  2. Airlines have approved it.
  3. A safety leash is included with the container.
  4. A silky wool carpet for your rabbit’s feet
  5. The rabbit carrier zipper has an outstanding quality
  6. It has large roof access


  1. It has a chemical odor when first applied.

MidWest Rabbits Carrier Bag

The MidWest Homes for Rabbits product is a great option for anybody looking for a hard-sided bunny backpack bag to keep your rabbit in while not carrying it about. It’s available in three colors and has a variety of air holes for your rabbit’s comfort and visibility.

This container is composed of plastic and is easy to clean. However, it is not the safest material for a car journey since your rabbit might explode through the walls if the vehicle collides.

Customers like how easy it is to assemble this carrier, which requires no tools and just “snaps” into place. It’s also small and light, weighing just 2.14 pounds. Finally, when not in use, customers like how this carrier folds and stacks. Buyers are less interested in the door that must be completely removed. This bunny backpack bag cannot be opened slightly and is not a swinging door, which is a drawback.


  1. Ventilation holes are in abundance
  2. Cleaning is simple
  3. It’s simple to put together
  4. Lightweight and portable


  1. Plastic isn’t the safest material to use.
  2. Door with poor design

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