If you are looking for best Rabbit toys then you are on a right place. Having a rabbits at home is wonderful. Rabbits are the most indulging pets who can turn your rough day into the good ones. They know how to make you feel relaxed amidst the chaos in your lives. However, sometimes you should do the same.

Rabbits tend to feel life deprived when they spend their whole day doing nothing. You should get them something which keeps them engaged and in fun, like toys. 

As a responsible parent, you must be surfing a lot on the internet to find out different alternatives as per your comfort and convenience. I have been parenting rabbits for quite a long time. I have tried various rabbit toys for my rabbits in the past years, but not all of them turned good. They had their pros and cons accordingly. 

The rabbit toys listed below are some of the best toys which I have concluded with the pros and cons of each, let us see if they turn out to be helpful for you. However, before knowing the best toys, let’s catch up with the types of toys:

Grass Rabbit toys

Such toys are made in the form of a ball with no chemicals added to it. They come in their standard colors and sizes. They are easy to play with both inside and outside the rabbit hutch, keep the rabbits engaged, do not harm them, and are also feasible.  

Hanging Rabbit toys

These are one of the renowned bunny toys, which have been liked by a lot of customers. You can hang such a toy anywhere in the rabbits’ cage, make the rabbits jump for it to chew, which will also make them exercise. 

Such rabbit chew toys have textures in them which are beautiful and colorful to keep the rabbits attracted to them. 

Wooden and Plastic Rabbit toys

Such bunny toys come in different forms, mainly in the form of a board with some textures designed on it or something like lids engraved into them. These rabbit chew toys make your rabbits do a bit of exercise and help them in being energetic.

Trixie Pet Snack Board

Snack BoardRating
4.6 out of 5
400 customer ratings
Mental Stimulation
Tricks For Optimal Training
Great toy

It is a plastic board with seven lids engraved into it, each containing some dish. The rabbit has to remove the lid, to get the dish as its surprise. It is not just a game, but also a product that will help your rabbit to exercise and maintain their mental stimulation.

It is easy to play with the product, which will also provide you ample tips and tricks for optimal training. 

It has been reviewed by 4.5 stars, which shows the product is reliable to have.

  1. Such rabbit toys save your rabbits from boredom.
  2. It helps in maintaining the mental stimulation of the rabbits. 
  3. It is easy to use. 
  4. It provides tips and tricks to teach it to rabbits. 
  5. It is safe and reliable to use.
  6. Rabbits will take a little time to know about it completely.

Kaytee Perfect Rabbit Chew Toys

Kaytee Perfect Chews for RabbitsRating
4.5 out of 5
2600 customer ratings
Completely Chewable
Chemical Free
Helps Clean & Trim Teeth

It is one of those rabbit chew toys designed perfectly for rabbits. It has some crunchy textures, which allow the rabbits to get their teeth cleaned and trimmed while also offering them the small animal instinct to chew and gnaw. 

You can hang it anywhere in your hutch, and let them enjoy this metal attachment hook with colorful textures. It is one of those rabbit toys that makes sure it provides them enough time to keep them engaged and do not let them get bored.

  1. Such products are completely safe rabbit chew toys. 
  2. It prevents your rabbits from getting trapped into boredom. 
  3. It includes colorful textures like wood balls, a wood log, wood carrots, and a block in brilliant orange, green, and purple colors. 
  4. It is easy to use and hang in their cage. 
  5. It is one of those rabbit toys meant for small animals like rabbits only.
  6. You need to dispose of it once it is completely chewed and used.

Prosper Pet Tunnel

Prosper Pet Cat TunnelRating
4.8 out of 5
5000 customer ratings
100% Money-Back Guarantee
Top-Rated Gift

It is one of the durable bunny toys with the washable polyester that provides your rabbits with hours of entertainment and fun. It is a unique playtoy that has three spacious tunnels in one, letting your rabbits move freely around them, pounce, and hide as well.

It is a durable 190T polyester, resisting snagging, and tears from anyone. It is really a loved product with the top rating on amazon making it more reliable to use and gift it to your rabbits.

  1. Made of a string, tear-resistant polyester with the protective ends. 
  2. Such bunny toys are collapsible and portable. 
  3. It is indeed a great source of fun and enjoyment. 
  4. It is easy to use and also durable. 
  5. It is one of the top-rated rabbit toys.
  6. It is available in two colors only.

Peter Woven Bunny Toys

4.1 out of 5
100 customer ratings
Natural Grass
Chemical Free
No Dyes
Safe Natural

It is a natural woven grass ball, which is safe and also engaging to have. It is one of the very few rabbit toys which is rare to think about, it is unique in its own ways. 

The product makes sure that it does not harm the rabbits in any way. It is easy to use the toy, which can be used inside and outside the rabbits’ cage.

  1. A natural woven toy providing your rabbits hours of entertainment. 
  2. It is one of the easy and safe rabbits chew toys.
  3. It is interactive and stimulates the natural behavior of the rabbits. 
  4. It can be used wherever the rabbits find it comfortable, that is, inside and outside the cage both. 
  5. It is chemicals free, with no dyes, colors, preservatives, or pesticides added in it.
  6. It is available in one natural color only.

Ware Willow Branch Ball Rabbits

Willow Branch BallRating
4.4 out of 5
2000 customer ratings
For Clean & Healthy Teeth
Chemical Free
No Dyes
Safe Natural

A one of the natural fun flavored rabbit toys, providing your rabbits the best chew time to prevent them from boredom, meanwhile helping them in trimming their teeth. It is a wholesome and appealing product, which is made of all-natural willow making it completely safe to use.

It makes sure that it provides clean and healthy teeth to your rabbits while satisfying their natural instinct to chew.

  1. It is made of all-natural ingredients, making it safe to use.
  2. It is wholesome and appealing. 
  3. It promotes healthy and clean teeth while satisfying their natural instinct to chew.  
  4. It has no chemicals added to it. 
  5. It is a well-rated product on amazon, making it more reliable to use.
  6. Such bunny toys are available in one size only.

Mini Activity Zone Rabbit Toy

Rabbit ToyRating
4.6 out of 5
50 customer ratings
Non-Toxic Wood
Non-Toxic Coloring
Chemical Free
Safe Natural

It is one of the best rabbit toys available in the market, offering your rabbits everything they ever need. It is a multi-purpose toy, which is also safe and easy to use. It is made up of non-toxic wood, with a non-toxic coloring and zero chemicals added in it.

It has been a great selling toy, which lets your rabbits play on top of it, hide under it, and play with all the rabbit chew toys.  

It is considered as one of the ideal bunny toys for the rabbits, as it lets them chew it, play with it, and also encourages exercises and mental stimulation for them.

  1. The toy serves multi-purposes to rabbits. 
  2. It is safe to use, with zero chemicals added to it. 
  3. It is an ideal toy for rabbits. 
  4. It promotes healthy and clean teeth, meanwhile also saving them from boredom. 
  5. It is one of the top-ranked rabbit toys.
  6. You will have to dispose of such bunny toys once used entirely.

Bunny Blast Yucca Chew Toy

Bunny Blast Yucca Chew ToyRating
4.5 out of 5
700 customer ratings
100-Percent biodegradable
Chemical Free
Safe Natural

It is an all-natural product, with no chemicals added to it. It is purely biodegradable, emerged with the aim of not harming nature at all. The toy lets your rabbit play with it, toss it like a ball, and chew it for hours, saving them from boredom. It is a safe and much-loved product with a 4.3 rating on Amazon.

  1. It is made from all-natural dried yucca. 
  2. It is one of the biodegradable rabbit toys.  
  3. It is safe to use, and not harmful to nature at all. 
  4. It lets your rabbits play on it, toss it and chew it for hours. 
  5. It is indeed a great source of entertainment for them.
  6. It is available in one specific color and size only.

Facts to keep in mind while buying the Rabbit Toys

We tend to make mistakes while choosing something, or buying a product and that happens majorly because of no decision skills. Decision making is a long process, but it is completely worth it when it comes to buying something. 

One should always keep in mind that the product they are buying has the needed specialties that our subject of the product will require.

That is where the main decision lies, that is, in the factors, one should keep in mind. The factors stated below are the requirements you will need in your rabbit toys, let us see if they help you in buying the right product for your rabbits:

Variety While Choosing Bunny Toys

It plays a major role. Variety matters a lot because the same object all the time leads to boredom. We get our rabbits a toy, so that they can be prevented from boredom. However, it would not work if you get the same bunny toys again and again, with the same specialties, size, and color. 

So, make sure that you buy your rabbit a wide-variety toy, which gives them joy and keeps them engaged. 

Easy to Chew and Maintain Their Mental Stimulation

Rabbit chew toys, they are renowned for their ability to chew things easily. They are known to chew things for hours and derive happiness out of that.

The rabbit toys that you get them should be easy to chew, as it will also sharpen and clean their teeth, meanwhile making them happy. Make sure your bunny toys are easy to chew, maintain their rabbit stimulation, that is, it should make them exercise and with that, it does not offer them any difficulty in doing that. 

Chemicals free Rabbit Chew Toys

As mentioned earlier, rabbit chew toys. As a responsible parent, it should be your duty that you do not get them anything that is unhealthy and toxic to them. The good bunny toys have to be natural, with no toxic chemicals included in them as it can lead to an unfruitful result for you and your rabbits. 

You should be really precise with it while getting them the rabbit toys.


We have realized that rabbit chew toys cannot be used again and we are supposed to buy another when it is completely used. As a responsible parent, you should also be a responsible citizen to take care of the environment and not harm or degrade it in any way. 

You should make sure that the rabbit toys you leave after using them are biodegradable and do not harm nature in any way. You should always contribute in saving the environment and the surroundings you have chosen to live in, as a responsible citizen.

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