Having a rabbit as a pet is a lot more work than keeping a dog or a cat, for instance. As a result of their delicate nature, rabbits require extra care. Selecting the greatest rabbit bed is critical to the bunny’s healthy growth and well-being.

Certain requirements must be met before you may purchase a rabbit bed. Choosing the best bedding for rabbits may be a difficult task due to the large number of options available.

We have written a review on the best bunny bed, and thus we’ve compiled a list of the top nine rabbit beds for 2022.

Spring Fever Rabbit Bed

spring-bunny-bed4.2 out of 5
4500 Ratings

Water Resistant
Dual Use
Bed or Sofa
Water Proof
Removeable Mat
Product Details

This rabbit bed made of very soft and warm fleece. Make sure your pet doesn’t get too hot or cold with this blanket!

Dual Use Bed

In this case, it keeps the rabbit warm and cozy with a cute design. Both inside and outside, it’s easy to move. Sofas, chairs, beds, perches, floors, and trips by car, train, or plane are all good places to put these cushions. You can also put them on the ground.

All you need to do is breathe freely. 100% Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly materials that don’t have a strong smell. Because of a special printing method, it is breathable, healthy, and good for the environment.

Cleaning is easy, thanks to soft coral velvet materials and which makes it easy to clean. This item can be washed in a normal washing machine. After you wash your clothes, they dry quickly and smoothly without any wrinkles.

Rabbit Bed Size

Spring Fever Hamster can be used at any time of day or night. This beautiful home has a lot of breathability, luxury, and durability, which makes it a good choice for spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Rabbit Bed Testing


  1. Its is very comfortable to sleep on
  2. It is non-toxic
  3. Cleaning is easy
  4. Cute Little hideout


  1. Requires regular cleanup

Catadog Rabbit Bed

best-rabbit-bedAmazon’s Choice
4.5 out of 5

Softness 4.4/5
Durability 4.4/5
Easy to clean 4.2/5

Soft Material
5 star represent 70% of rating
Recommended by FGR
Product Details

It’s made of coral fleece, and this rabbit bed soft enough for your pet to snuggle up in at night.

Catadog Quality Check

This bed is Dishwasher-safe, It can be machine washed and hand washed, too.  It’s good for rabbits and other small animals. This rabbit bed is big enough for almost-small animals. It is 13.7″ x 10.6″ (XL).

Catadog Rabbit Bed Quality


  1. It’s cozy and inviting.
  2. It is warm and soft
  3. Cute Little hideout


  1. It is hard to hand wash

Plush Rabbit Bed

rabbit-bedAmazon’s Choice
4.5 out of 5

Durability 4.7/5
Sturdiness 4.7/5
Easy to clean 4.8/5

2 Colors
High-quality Material
Perfect Gift

There are two colors of rabbit bed that come with each other in a single package. Rabbit can lay down on the 13.78 x 10.63-inch surface area of the mat, High-quality cloth is used to make it. It may be washed by hand or machine.

Bunny Approved Bed

This is a great gift for people who love their pets. A rabbit would like this. Make sure to give us your order number so we can either refund or replace the item if it’s not good enough.

No problems after first wash


  1. Beautiful appearance
  2. Play and exploration are encouraged by this rabbit bed.
  3. Long-Lasting Material That’s Also Simple to Keep Clean


  1. It has no covering

YUEPET Bunny Bed

yuepet-rabbit-bedAmazon’s Choice
4.6 out of 5

5 star represent 70% of rating
Softness 4.8/5
Durability 4.6/5
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Easy to clean 4.2/5
Chew proof 4/5

Perfect Bunny Bed
Bunny Cave/Hideout
Premium Material
Great Size

Rabbit Bed Hideout: The rabbit bed hideout is a safe place for your small pets, giving them a sense of protection and comfort. It’s a bunny house where your pet can play, relax, hide, sleep, or do anything else he or she wants to.

YUEPET Quality Check

There are cute bunny cave beds that have a 12.5″ height, a 10.6″ length, and a 10.6″ width. The entrance is 6.5″ wide so you have to note how tall your rabbit is. You can remove the soft cushion inside this rabbit house and use it as a warm, covered hideout or fold it into a pretty pet couch. Place a pillow or other blanket on top of the mattress to make sure your pet is comfortable.

YUEPET Cozy Rabbit Bed

It has a high-quality, odor-free, and eco-friendly fabric cover and a high-resiliency PP cotton filler for rabbits who live in an apartment or in a house. This rabbit bed has a strong frame, a love carrot bunny motif, a pretty bowknot, and an anti-slip design at the bottom, so it is safe for your rabbit.

Cleanup is simple and easy thanks to a dishwasher-safe mat on the inside of the door. Rabbits will never live in dirty places that are hard to clean. By hand or machine, you can wash and dry this rabbit bed.

YUEPET Rabbit Bed Details

In this rabbit refuge, there is a big entrance that makes it easy for your pets to get in or out. There is too much space in the guinea pig’s hide for one Dwarf Rabbit to fit inside. The bunny bed is good for rabbits.


  1. It is mostly used for rabbit’s protection and comfort
  2. Cleanup is simple
  3. Large entrance for rabbit


  1. Not lot of size option available

Niteangel Foldable Rabbit Bed

niteangel-bedAmazon’s Choice
4.7 out of 5

5 star represent 80% of rating
Softness 4.8/5
Durability 4.5/5
Sturdiness 4.7/5
Easy to clean 4.5/5
Value for money 4.8/5
Amazing Comfort
Strong Style
Spacious Hiding Spot
Assembles and Disassembles Easily

This rabbit bed with a warm bed is made of durable and waterproof oxford fabric and soft and cozy plush inside material. 

When your rabbit isn’t running around and having fun, think about giving him or her a tunnel through which he or she can run and have fun.

Niteangel Quality Test

Your pet will choose to relax, snooze, or sleep in this cozy hideaway because it makes them feel safe and alone. Because it’s tied, you can also untie it and use it as a floor mat to lay down and relax on.

This rabbit bed has a good-looking design that makes it easy for them to fit into any environment. They are also very easy to keep clean. It can be washed by hand or with a machine.

Niteangel Product Features

These soft tents for small animals are made to last, so they can be used for a long time. : This bed is 11.4″ wide by 13.1 inches long, and 13.7 inches tall.


  1. Perfect size
  2. Safe material
  3. Stable bottom
  4. Can be untied and use as floor mat


  1. quite expensive

Grass Woven Bunny bed

grass-bunny-bedAmazon’s Choice
4.5 out of 5

5 star represent 75% of rating
Value for money 4.2/5
You Will Get 3 Mats
100% Natural
Perfect for Tender Feet
Natural Handmade

This is a great bed for your rabbit to use. If you buy this, your rabbit will love it. They can rest on it and even chew it for a long time. Your rabbit will put a lot of stress on the things you buy. We’ve put up a safe grass mat because we know that a lot of people here are bunny purists.

This safe grass mat, and it’s one of the best one for rabbit lovers. Grass mat woven bed is made with natural materials and by hand. Grass mat woven bed is mostly used for small pets. It is long-lasting and can be used in cages because it is small.

It’s a good choice for rabbits who like to dig and chew. To help her teeth get worn down, use these mats as a chew toy. Birds like to eat them. Besides, it may also be a more comfortable place for your pet to put their paws down. This might be your pet’s favorite food. As a bonus, it’s kid-friendly and healthy. Place a piece of carpet in a wire floored cage and let them lay on it. Bunnies like to snuggle up to soft, warm things. However, this is great for eating.

They’ll have hours of fun with this mat. For when your rabbit needs to wear down their teeth or is acting a little naughty, you can give them grass mats to chew on. You can also use them as a footing in your condo. These are safe for them to eat and even chew. 

A lot of work must be done to clean cages if you have a rabbit. As a result, you need this rabbit bed. These mats are made of real grass. One reason is to help the bunny get more fiber. Why not wash dirty bedding as often? You’ll save money by not having to do so often. Because a rabbit is different from a dog, the mat is treated differently than the bedding.


  1. Pure and natural products
  2. It is less expensive
  3. It is comfortable for rabbits


  1. Not very easy to clean

Furhaven Pet Bed for rabbit

furhaven-rabbit-bedAmazon’s Choice
4.5 out of 5

30,000 Total Reviews
Designed For Pets
Sleep Surface
Easy On Joints
Customer Assurance

The traditional bolstered couch design encourages maximum comfort and security, giving dogs and cats orthopedic cushion support as well as a cozy nesting and burrowing area for them to curl up in and hide from the world.

For even more cuddling and burrowing comfort, the main surface of the bed is lined with soft fake fur, and the bolsters that hold it in place are covered in velvet. For example, the foundation is made of egg crate orthopedic foam and the bolster rails are filled with fluff. Both help to relieve pain and help you sleep more deeply.

Details about the bed: At 30″ by 20.5″ by 6.25,” it’s Smoke Gray (3″ Foam; Sleep Surface: Approx. 22″ x 15.75″)

Driftwood Brown, Dark Sage, Harbor Blue, and Smoke Gray are some of the colors and sizes that the rabbit bed comes in. Remove the filler before you wash for the best results (mattress core). In order to close the zipper, now is the time! Before you clean the cover, make sure there is no loose dirt. Cold water; wash by hand or machine.

Don’t use bleach. The best way to dry clothes is to use a low-temperature tumble dryer or hang them to dry. When you wash a bolster, you should never do it again afterward. If you need to clean the mattress core with mild soap, you can do that. The mat should be pressed to get the water out. Wringing your hands is not a good thing to do. Let it dry on its own. Make sure you don’t wash pillows or mattress cores in the washer!


  1. Premium Material Bunny Bed 
  2. Easy Care
  3. Great Size


  1. It is difficult to wash


In terms of comfort and warmth, the Rioussi rabbit bed fits the bill. It is ideal for rabbits. It’s easy to keep your pet warm and cozy with this little bed. It’s made of high-quality fleece and cotton and is soft and fluffy. It can be used in cages, hideouts, cave beds, and even on the floor. Fleece and cotton make up this thing. It can be washed in a machine in a gentle setting with a laundry bag.

The Rioussi small bunny beds come in a lot of different colors. You can also use the reversible side to match the decor in your home to a different style. Small enough to fit hedgehogs, guinea pigs, and very small chinchillas: M: 11.8″ x 9.8″ People who keep rabbits, may be able to fit in the L-size, which is for small animals. In this case, the XL size is best for your pet.

Rabbit Bed House

It’s warm and cozy. There is a non-slip bottom on the little animal bed or refuge, and the pee pad can be taken out to clean it up. They’ll stay warm and cozy in their own little homes thanks to the soft velvety fabrics that make them. Cats and dogs should not use this product because it’s too small for them to use it.

They can be washed in the machine because they’re made of a high-quality fabric that’s easy to clean. After a lot of washing, the PP cotton infill makes sure that the home doesn’t fall down.

To keep your pet’s claws from getting tangled up, the detachable, washable urine pad inside the Hamster bed has a Friendly Pattern with hidden seams and a lovely strawberry pattern to keep them from getting stuck.

This rabbit bed can be used for many things. This product makes it safe and comfortable for your dogs to sleep on beds. It could also be used as a place to hide your pet’s cage, or as a place for you to hold your pet.

The size of the bed is 10.23. “This is how long it is in inches: L = 10.23″ W = 9.44” H.


  1. It is machine washable
  2. Warm and comfortable
  3. Friendly design


  1. It is quite expensive

Do rabbits like the feeling of being covered in a warm blanket?

The love of rabbits for soft textiles is widely observed. They all appreciate the comfort of a warm rabbit bed at home, complete with blankets and pillows. Consider putting some of these items in your pet’s hutch as well, to help him or her feel more at ease and comfortable. The addition of blankets and towels to a rabbit’s living quarters would be quite beneficial.

Why are rabbits so messy in their cage?

Bored, anxious, or upset animals will engage in traditional behaviors like nibbling on the cage bars or their water bottle, pacing about the cage, or over-grooming. As a result, their living conditions do not meet all of their needs and expectations.

Do rabbits appreciate the warmth and comfort of a heated rabbit bed?

It is possible that a rabbit may seek refuge on your kitchen floor if it is feeling hot and uncomfortable. In general, people like a bed that is warm and comfortable. For your bunny’s bedding, shredded paper is an excellent alternative to consider.

Which sort of rabbit bed is the most secure?

The ideal material is plush or cloth. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and embellishments. They are soft and fluffy in texture. Despite the fact that the majority of people buy them for dogs and cats, rabbits may benefit from them as well. Choose mattresses with removable and washable covers that may be cleaned on a regular basis. A specific breed of rabbit does not like bedding that is excessively flat, and this is one of them.

How to choose the most appropriate bedding for your rabbit

Particularly in light of the fact that there are so many various goods and brand names available, sorting out the most important characteristics to look for will assist you in making an informed selection on the finest kind of rabbit bedding.

It is your responsibility as the finest rabbit owner to ensure that your bunny sleeps peacefully, but also that they are safe while sleeping. It is important to understand what characteristics of rabbit bedding are desirable and what characteristics are not safe at all.

Characteristics of rabbit bedding that are favorable

  • It’s important to remember that your rabbit may seek to consume its bedding: Your rabbit is hardwired to eat its bedding, so if your pet begins chewing on theirs, don’t be worried and don’t take them to the clinic immediately. What you can do, on the other hand, is make certain that whatever they’re chewing on is not harmful to their health. Check to ensure that the mattress does not contain any harmful materials (especially for rabbits)
  • Absorbent bedding is certainly a plus: Not only will your rabbit most likely chew on their bedding, but it may also make it a habit of…well, doing their business on it! That is why investing in a high-absorbency mattress material may be quite beneficial. Apart from assisting with upkeep and fragrance, it will also make it more pleasant for your rabbit to sleep on.3.
  • Additional features are always a plus: You should look at bedding that decreases the quantity of dust in the air (a dust-free feature is a nice feature) and is also environmentally friendly. While changing your rabbit’s bedding at least weekly can assist to keep your house healthy, choosing an environmentally friendly option will also help to keep the Earth happy.
  • If possible, choose a bed that has odor-control capabilities. Although you should always double-check with chemicals, having a bed that has odor-control capabilities will help preserve the scent of your rabbit’s enclosure (and your own house) so it doesn’t smell as bad.

Materials to avoid while making rabbit bedding

When manufacturing rabbit bedding, there are some materials to avoid. After reading this article, you should have a decent notion of what you can use to offer your rabbit a pleasant place to sleep now that you are aware of the many materials that may be utilized for its bedding.

It is essential, however, that you be aware of the fact that some materials are completely inappropriate for use as rabbit bedding. Given the high likelihood that your rabbit may chew on their bedding, it’s recommended to steer clear of the following materials;

Straw: Straw is a material that should be avoided. The hay, on the other hand, is not scratchy and is not detrimental to a rabbit’s fur, making it the best choice since it is comfortable.

Sawdust: It is possible that sawdust may irritate the rabbit’s eyes and nose, as well as the human eye if the cage is kept in the home.

Cardboard: While unshredded paper is one thing, unshredded cardboard is quite another. Paper, as opposed to cardboard, which is tough for a rabbit’s digestive system to digest due to the fact that it is not biodegradable. Though, a cardboard box turned on its side serves as a rabbit’s sleeping quarters. This provides your rabbit with a dark, comfortable, and pleasant sleeping environment. Due to the fact that they are enclosed and restricted, rabbits find them to be helpful but they tend to eat it up at times.

Pine and cedar shavings: Pine and cypress trees are both types of trees. Wood shavings have the potential to be a major hazard to human health. The safest wood for a mattress, despite popular belief, is aspen, contrary to popular belief. An increased risk of respiratory and hepatic problems has been associated with the usage of cedar or pine products.

Because there are so many considerations to make while selecting the best bunny bed, it may be difficult to make a decision. We conducted comprehensive research on a broad variety of alternatives in order to aid you in selecting the finest 9 rabbit small animal beds for your needs.

We conducted extensive study on a broad variety of rabbit small animal bedding. Catadog Small Animal Bed, Niteangel Foldable Warm Tunnel for Rabbit, RIOUSSI Bunny Bed, Grass Mat Woven Bed for Rabbit, etc  are the suggestions on this list which are worth taking into consideration.

Furthermore, the purpose of rabbit’s bed is that rabbits that live in burrows and have adapted to their environment. Sleeping is accomplished by digging underground tunnels, which the rabbit then twists and turns until it finds a little room. A rabbit digging at its bedding, is either seeking to make it more comfortable or attempting to increase its resting chamber.

Bunnies are the third most popularly adopted pets, with a little more than 1% of the US households owning a rabbit. However, very few bunny owners understand what to look for when purchasing a bunny bed. 

Food alone isn’t enough for your bunny friend. You also need to prioritize its warmth, health, and comfort by purchasing a bunny bed for it.

Bunnies love resting and sleeping in dedicated areas. A place with a little bit of dark, warmth, and absolute quietness. Bunnies only feel safe and comfortable if the area is shielded and enclosed. 

I didn’t always know much about rabbits. My first interaction with bunnies was over ten years ago when I became a veterinarian, ever since I have had the opportunity to study and interact more with bunnies. 

What is more, I have tested over thirty bunny beds throughout my vet career. My bunnies always express a closer attachment to comfortable beds, especially the enclosed ones.

Out of this interaction and career experience, I now know what works for them and what doesn’t. But, there is no one-fit-all scenario for bunny beds. Some may be perfect for adult bunnies but not work for kits. 

Using my experience, I have compiled a list of the best bunny beds available in the market. My recommendations consider all factors to ensure every owner purchases the perfect bed for their bunny.

My analysis and recommendation are from my experience with over 30 different bunny beds.

7 Best Rabbit Beds Reviews

The list is perfect for you if you don’t know what to look for when purchasing a bunny bed. I have dived deep to recommend products in different categories and sizes.

Therefore, whether you own an adult rabbit or a kit, you’ll get a perfect bed for it here. However, consult your veterinarian for recommendations if your bunny has a pre-existing medical or joint condition.

Spring Fever Bunny Bed – Best Overall

  1. Material: Metallic bottom and flame with foam fill material
  2. Color: pink, blue, red, and purple
  3. Main Feature: it has a removable antiskid mat at the bottom.
  4. Measurements/ Sizes:  comes in X-Small (10.2’ * 10.2’), small (12.2’ * 12.2’), medium(14.2’ * 14.2’), large (16.9’ * 16.9’) and x-large (18.9’ * 18.9’).
  5. Best for: Overall best bunny bed
  6. Place in: Cages, couches, and floors.

The spring fever is a perfect bunny bed for rabbits of all sizes, including kits. This bunny bed is available in five sizes: x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. Therefore, rabbit owners don’t have to worry but can select on personal preference.

This rabbit bed is multi-purpose. You can use it as a bunny bed with a cage or sofa or transform it into a couch. The spring fever bunny bed has two designs that make it perfect for winter and summer. Your bunny can hide inside the cage for more warmth.

If you love traveling with your bunny around, the structure of the spring fever bunny bed is perfect. It has a strawberry design at the top to reinforce the design and ease of carrying the cage around. In addition, the handle is strong to withstand the bunny’s weight when you lift it. 

This rabbit bed has a metallic material at the bottom to prevent it from toppling over. Also, there is a high-density foam to maximize the comfort of your bunny.

The bunny bed is easy to clean. You can opt to clean using hands, a machine, or a dryer. However, don’t clean it too often to avoid fading powerful colors.

Spring fever bunny bed is a perfect choice and my overall recommendation to rabbit owners. Many bunny owners, including me, find this rabbit bed incomparable. You will notice the bunny resting in the cage and purring often.

Yuepet Rabbit Bed – Best for Small Bunnies

  1. Material:  Memory foam and cotton
  2. Color: Pink
  3. Main Feature: It has a removable cushion and memory foam.
  4. Measurements Sizes: small (11.4’ * 11.4’ * 11.4’)
  5. Best for: Best for small bunnies
  6. Place in: indoor floor and couches

The Yuepet bunny bed is perfect if you own a small rabbit. Bunnies love shielded cages where they can retreat and hide to rest. The design of this bunny bed offers an ideal hideout. After a playful day, the rabbit can have some privacy in the Yuepet bunny bed.

Every rabbit bed should prioritize comfort. For example, the Yuepet bunny bed has a removable cushion to add more comfort and ease of cleaning. Your bunny can comfortably snuggle on the pillow as it is soft. My bunnies particularly loved it, and I would see them roll over it playfully.

Bunnies are highly sensitive to warmth, and so is the design of this bunny bed. During the cold winter season, the bunny can use the bed as a cage. However, in warm and hot summer, you fold It to a sofa for optimum breathability.

If you are environmentally conscious, you should purchase the Yuepet bunny bed. The bed’s design and manufacturing materials are eco-friendly, sustainable, and odor-free. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the disposal mechanism and its impact. 

Cleaning can be tiresome, time-consuming, and sometimes not worth it. But the Yuepet bunny bed eases the whole cleaning experience. You can hand wash or use a machine to clean it. What’s better, you can remove the cushion and wash the cover.

Yuepet bunny bed is perfect for small rabbits. The x pen is also ideal for bunny owners who love pretty items indoors. I particularly love its bright pink color, the bowknot, and lovely cartoon patterns.

YUEPET Rabbit Bed

  1. Color: Available in grey, pink, and blue
  2. Main Feature: Skid-resistant bottom surface
  3. Measurements Sizes: 13’ * 11.8’ * 11.8’
  4. Material:  Fabric and Sponge
  5. Best for: Small and medium rabbits
  6. Place in: indoor floors and inside a cage

If your rabbit friend loves a lonely, quiet but peaceful place, the Yuepet rabbit bed will be perfect. The cage’s design reserves warmth, privacy, and comfort. Young pets may be afraid initially, especially if it is new to the home. The Yuepet rabbit cage offers the privacy and comfort they need. 

My bunnies particularly love the comfy removable cushion material. What’s more, even if they mess the cushion up, you can hand wash it or use a machine. 

One fact I love about this rabbit bed is that it’s foldable to a sofa. Once you fold it, the rabbit experiences more cushion and comfort. The bunny can snuggle and play on the top while experiencing incomparable breathability.

The cage features high-quality, odor-free, and eco-friendly fabrics.  Moreover, the structural design on the bed makes it super simple to carry around. What’s more, the bottom part of the Yuepet rabbit bed is anti-slip. Therefore, the cage will remain where you position it within the house. 

This Yuepet rabbit bed is perfect for small and medium-sized rabbits and bunnies. Small pets love this bed as a hiding place and comfort. Owners who love the company of their rabbits when traveling also find this cage helpful. It’s perfect for use at home and on holidays.

Niteangel Bunny Bed

  1. Material:  foam
  2. Shape: Circular and triangular
  3. Main Feature: Its plush, soft and foldable
  4. Measurements Sizes: 16.3’ * 12.83’ * 4.45’
  5. Best for: Small and medium bunnies
  6. Place in: coaches and inside a cage

One of the main reasons my rabbits love this bunny bed is its softness and comfort. The top features plush materials that bunnies find amusing and snuggle on. If your rabbit has less fur covering its skin, this Niteangel bunny bed is perfect. 

What’s more, the Niteangel bunny bed is available in two shapes; circular and triangular. I mainly bought the triangular one because it’s better foldable and has thicker materials. Both shapes are foldable such that you can turn them into a sofa when it’s hot. 

This rabbit bed is perfect for small and medium bunnies. Since your rabbit’s teeth keep growing, the bed features sturdy fabric. The sturdy 2 in 1 fabric design prevents your rabbit from chewing it. 

The Niteangel bunny bed is spacious. The soft fleece fabric in the design and the modern shape matches the home decors. Besides the design, the materials are easy to clean using hands or a washing machine. 

This bunny bed is perfect for small and medium bunnies. Rabbit owners who love the premium feel around them will find the design of this bed perfect. Also, if your bunny has less fur, especially kits, the Kiteangel rabbit bed will offer them enough warmth. 

Hamiledyi Rabbit Bed Mat

  1. Material:  Natural grass
  2. Shape: Rectangular
  3. Main Feature: Its 100% naturally handwoven grass mat
  4. Measurements Sizes: 11’ *8.3’
  5. Best for: Medium and large Rabbits
  6. Place in: Inside a cage or rabbit house

Rabbits have an undying love for nature. So if you have a great passion for nature too, the Hamiledyi rabbit bed mat is perfect. This bed mat is handwoven using grass that dries off to give a hay fragrance smell. 

And you don’t have to worry about the sourcing of the grass. It’s sustainably grown using organic components. Therefore, there is no need to worry when your rabbit chews the grass. 

When I first bought this grass mat, my bunnies would rest on it while chewing it. It was hardly two months before they finished the first top layer mat. 

The best place to place the grass mat is inside the rabbit’s chambers, cage, or house. It gives the bunny’s cage a natural look. The mat is thick and has three layers to ensure the rabbit is comfortable. The bunny feels like it’s lying on a heap of grass.

Unlike other recommendations in this list, the Hamiledyi grass mat is not washable. Wetting the grass would result in it withering off. However, if the mat’s surface is dirt, consider wiping it with a dry or wet piece of clothing. 

The mart is perfect for medium and adult rabbits. They can lie on it as they breastfeed the young ones. It is ideal for rabbit owners looking for rabbit beds to keep their pets cool in summer.

MANSHU Rabbit Plush Bed

  1. Material:  Plush and soft 
  2. Color:  Pink and gray
  3. Main Feature:  The package contains two pieces of warm Hamster mats.
  4. Measurements: 13.78’ * 10.63’
  5. Best for: Small and medium rabbits
  6. Place in: on sofa or indoors floor

The Manshu rabbit bed is perfect for small and medium rabbits. In addition, it’s ideal for young playful pets that love curling up and snuggling on the bed. My bunnies, especially the younger ones with less fur, loved the plush feel of this mat bed.  

The plush material is thick to offer more cushioning. What’s more, the premium material provides more warmth, especially to younger rabbits with lesser fur.  Despite their thickness and cushioning, the mats are easy to clean by handwashing or using a washing machine.

The high cushioning of these mats protect your bunny’s joints and muscles. In addition, the center is depressed to give your rabbit a natural resting position. 

The Manshu rabbit bed is perfect for bunny owners with young pets that need a plush feel. Also, it works well with the playful bunnies that love an open resting place. 

Furhaven Bunny Bed

  1. Material:  Polyester foam
  2. color: Blue, gray, dark, and brown
  3. Main Feature: It offers orthopedic support.
  4. Measurements and Sizes: small (20’ * 15’ * 5.5’), medium(30’ * 20’ * 6.25’), large (36’ * 27’ * 6.5’), jumbo(44’ * 35’ * 8’), and jumbo plus (53’ * 42’ * 9.5’).
  5. Design: Cooling gel foam, memory foam, and orthopedic foam.
  6. Place in: Indoors floor and couches
  7. Best for Adult bunnies

One of the features I love about the Furhaven bunny bed is its classic bolstered sofa design. Additionally, this bunny bed uses orthopedic memory foam. This type of cushion is perfect for bunnies with a pre-existing medical condition.

My adult bunnies particularly loved this bed because of its high cushioning. What’s more, it’s large enough to fit several bunnies. Therefore, bunnies can curl together to reserve heat while resting on this bunny bed.

The foam is also highly breathable to ensure more circulation of air during the warm seasons. Therefore, the bunny won’t be restless during the hottest of summer. 

Washing this bunny bed is even more effortless. You can easily remove the cover and hand wash it or use a machine. 

The bed cover’s surface has a fur lining and smooth velvet fabric. The materials are overly gentle to the rabbit’s nose and paws. Thus, your rabbit can comfortably snuggle around the bed without hurting its nose. 

One downside of this bed is that it’s prone to teething. Therefore, it may not last long with pets that love tearing. However, you can customize the bed’s cover to a thicker one.

Rabbit Bed Buying Guide

Before buying a bunny bed, you need to understand what bunnies love. A rabbit bed must meet a set of factors, or they won’t love it. Therefore, you need to match your bunny’s personality and the bed you purchase.

  1. Padding Thickness

An ideal bunny bed must offer high-quality padding or cushioning.  Padding directly contributes to the comfort a bunny will have while resting. 

Just like humans, too much pressure on a bunny’s joints may cause pain. In the worst case, if the pressure is enormous, the bunny may have dislocation. On the other hand, thickly padded beds tend to last longer than their counterparts.

Keenly focused on the thickness measurements. You can also touch this rabbit bed and press it to feel the thickness. Also, checking out customer reviews such as this may help guide you.

  1. Construction material

You need to go a step further and evaluate the construction material. Generally, some materials are more comfortable and soft than others.

A bunny bed should have plush and soft materials. Rabbits love to curl and snuggle on their bed. However, if the material is rough and hard, it may hurt their soft and wet noses. Besides, some bunnies have less fur, especially the kits. Therefore, they need an exceptionally soft material. 

For example, my bunnies love resting on a smooth surface than an uneven surface. A surface they can easily snuggle and roll on playfully.

Some of the best materials for rabbit bed covers include plush cotton material. Cotton is soft and extremely easy to wash. Foam is highly cushioning and comfortable.

  1. Ease of washing

Even though they rarely get dirty quickly, the bunny bed will eventually get dirty. Therefore, you need to buy a bunny bed that you can easily clean. 

When I first bought my bunny bed, they would often pee on it or hop on it while dirty. So I had to wash it within a week of buying it. 

Select a bed depending on your preference and your washing options. The best option to go for is a bunny bed that’s washable by hand, machine, or dryer. Also, a rabbit bed whose cover is removable is easy to clean. 

  1. Size

What is the size of your bunny? Size is an instrumental issue to consider when purchasing a rabbit bed. There is no one-fit-all scenario in rabbit beds.

Manufacturers produce different beds with various bunny sizes in mind. Therefore, have some estimated measurements in mind when purchasing a bunny bed. 

Always check the specifications of your bunny bed before purchasing. The best way to be sure about the sizes is to source from our recommendation lists. 

  1. Type of rabbit bed

My bunnies always appreciate cages more than sofas. It’s because bunnies love some privacy when resting. 

There are different bunny beds, but the two significant classifications include sofas and tent. Young rabbits love tents where they can rush and have some alone time. A tent also provides some sense of protection of a shielded place.

Also, consider other classes that include heated, memory foam, and crate beds. Heated rabbit beds are perfect for use during the winter season or with a hairless rabbit kit. 

Memory foam rabbit beds are thick and highly cushioned to protect the pet’s joints. On the other hand, crate bunny beds are small and comfortable. You place a crate rabbit bed inside a cage.


  1. Does a rabbit need a bed?

Yes. A rabbit bed is essential to your bunny as food and water. Rabbits rest on their beds when they need warmth, feel safe, or hide from something. In addition, a bed helps a rabbit stay healthier and extends its lifespan. 

Otherwise, rabbits that have no beds or often get cold. Also, they lack the peace of mind that comes with a hidden and private place.

  1. Is it Okay to Keep a Rabbit in My Bedroom?

Yes. Rabbits love staying amongst people where they can spot some movement. On the other hand, having your rabbit living in an isolated room is not a good idea. The main reason for having a pet is to interact. As much as rabbits love isolation, they also love interacting with people.


Buying a bunny bed could be the onset of your friendship with your rabbit. First, however, you need to understand what to look out for when purchasing a rabbit bed. The buyer’s guide above will guide you through the necessary steps. From the size to the construction materials, each factor is essential.

From our guide, the Spring Fever bunny bed is the best overall.  It’s shielded and is available in various sizes for your kits to adult bunnies. Besides that, it’s multi-purpose, and you can fold it to a sofa. 

The runners-up are by Yuepet bunny bed best for small bunnies. It has a memory foam that’s thick and soft for the kits. Additionally, the cushion is removable washable by hands and machine. 

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Do you own a bunny but don’t know which bed to buy for it? Don’t worry because we got your back. Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose one from the bunny beds I recommend above.  Here is the list of our top three bunny beds.

  1. Spring Fever – Best Overall
  2. Yuepet – Best for small bunnies
  3. Yuepet –  Best for Small and Medium Rabbits

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