If you’re considering getting a rabbit as a pet, you’ll need a place to keep them. Rabbits are friendly, curious, and easy to care for. Even if you don’t have the time or resources to create an outdoor rabbit hutch, there are plenty of rabbit hideouts available for your furry pet.

Rabbits have hidden tunnels that they use to flee and hide from predators in their natural environment. In case of an emergency, the tunnel systems of these cities are equipped with several exits. A safe haven nearby gives both pet bunnies and wild rabbits the peace of mind they need when they are scared.

Rabbits have a very different idea of what constitutes safe cover than humans do. In a secure mesh run or cage, a rabbit might feel safe while panicking, while in a cardboard box, a rabbit can feel comfortable and secure. They don’t get the idea that a mesh barrier may keep predators at bay. The appearance of a secure rabbit hideout spot is far more appealing to a rabbit than being out in the open, even if it is merely cardboard. Your rabbit will feel more at ease in their house if they have someplace to hide, even if they don’t use it very frequently.

Snugens Topnotch Rabbit Hideout

4.3 out of 5

Durable Material
Easy To Assemble
Friendly Design
Protection Against Predators
Natural Materials

Any rabbit would be happy in this large indoor cage. An ultra-sturdy substance is used in its construction. Anti-corrosion wood with a white finish is used throughout the pet home, preserving it from all weather conditions and ensuring that it will survive for many years.

Snugens Quality Test

This weatherproof outdoor wooden bunny rabbit hutch from Snugens Topnotch is easy to install since it comes with all the essential pieces and instructions. Once it’s put up properly, the sturdy framework won’t crack or crumble, and the roof can be opened for simple cleaning and maintenance.

This rabbit hideout boasts a pet-friendly design, with a sloped entry door that allows your dogs to enter and exit at their own pace. Even when the door is closed, the shelter’s bottom slab slots allow for optimal airflow.

The interior of the Wooden Pet Shelter is broad and large, allowing your dogs to relax, play, and sleep comfortably.

When you’re not around, your vulnerable pets will be well-protected from predators thanks to the sturdy bolts holding them in place. This is a safe haven for your loved ones that you won’t regret purchasing.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Spacious for small pets
  • Protection against predators
  • It has a friendly design
  • It is made of ultra-durable material


  • It is quite expensive

Hand-Crafted Large Rabbit Hideout

4.4 out of 5

Hand-Crafted Large Grass House
100% Edible,
Natural Grass
Easy Hop-Ins
Play Hide and Seek In This Grass Hideaway

This adorable little rabbit hideout cottage will be a welcome addition to your pet’s home. Rabbits find the all-natural grass aroma appealing. An ideal diversion from your furnishings and clothing, this grass cottage is here! Encourage them to munch and nibble on this massive chew toy!

a huge grass home made by hand for your rabbit – There’s enough room inside this grass home for an adult rabbit! It’s fun to watch them sleep, play, or even devour the grass house!.

Grass House Features

With two huge entrances and a roomy interior, your rabbit won’t feel confined. There’s a circular glass in one of the entrance flaps, and an arched aperture on the side allows your dogs to see inside. Alternatively, you may use the provided thread to tie the bottom of the flaps all the way shut.

Stack the grass home and then tie it together with the thread provided. To prevent the home from collapsing, be careful to secure the roof and wall seams firmly. Do you really want your bunny to destroy the grass house? There’s nothing to worry about. Alternatively, they may merely wish to use it as a lawn. Simple flattening of a rabbit refuge is made possible by folding the walls in and shutting the flaps.

Grass House Quality Check

This grassy nook is sure to be a hit with pets. Treats tucked away throughout the grass house will keep your pet happy and engaged. This is a great place to observe them as they forage, burrow, and snuggle in the grass hut.


  • Natural grass hideaway that is completely edible, safe, and comfy.
  • Allows for quick entry and exit
  • Comfortable rabbit grass bed that is easy to put together.


  • Complicated to put together
  • It won’t last for much longer time

Flexible Wood Rabbit Hideout

4.8 out of 5

All Natural
No Paints
Trusted And Approved By FGR

Rabbit loves flexible wood for hideout. Woods like Paulownia that have been kiln-dried and then wire-jointed. 21.75 x 11.75 inches (Length X Width). Tunnels, bridges, or ramps may be built using this flexible and spherical construction material.

Wood Rabbit Hideout Quality Check

This rabbit hideout has no paint or chemicals in it. Pets may safely chew on this without fear of harming them.


  • It’s more affordable
  • It’s simple to put together


  • Rats are known to eat wood
  • No floor on the bottom level

SunGrow Woven Timothy Grass Tunnel

sungrow-rabbit-hideout4.8 out of 5
Source Of Entertainment
Dual Feeder And Toy
Appeals To Your Pets Curiosity
Place To Feel Secure
No Chemical
All Natural

This timothy hay tunnel is a great rabbit hideout to play and practice their abilities and teeth. In order to prevent any pet from being surrounded, the game has two entrances.

There are times when even the tiniest sounds might overwhelm your rabbit. Your rabbit will be able to get some much-needed rest and relaxation in the durable tunnel.

Also, the Zen-like tunnel may be used as an excellent hay feeder that maintains the hay in a single location. Watch your dwarf rabbits scurry in for a bite once you’ve stuffed hay into the tunnel.

Challenge It’s your bunny, isn’t it? Your tiny pet will love exploring the tunnel. When they’re older, they’ll have a ball rolling and crawling all over it!


Means of Having Fun

Protection For A Restful Night’s Sleep


  • Tunnels may be chewed by rabbits.
  • Hard to put together

Woiworco Wooden Rabbit Hideout

rabbit-hideout-wood 4.8 out of 5
More Space
More Fun
High-quality wood

Woiworco wooden rabbit hideout hollow charming components design not only adds fun to the bunny, but also increases its aesthetic appeal.

A rabbit and other Small Animals Can Play, Hide, Rest and Sleep in It After Installation: After installation, the size is 11 x 15 x 11 inches (28 x 40 x 28 cm).

Poplar plywood, which is lightweight and collapsible, is used in the construction of this product. Give pets a feeling of safety and security by providing a safe environment for them.

The rabbit playhouse design is simple to build. Rubber bands make it simple to put on and take off. Simple to construct and take apart, store, and clean up after use.

This rabbit hideout is safe for all sorts of tiny animals, including rabbits, cats, and hamsters, and it gives them a variety of emotions and limitless entertainment.


  • Aesthetic appeal
  • It’s simple to set up and can be done quickly.


  • Floorless at the bottom

Edible Natural Grass Hideaway

Edible Natural Grass HideawayAmazon’sChoice
4.8 out of 5

1200 Reviews
Pure Natural
Total 14 Products
Pet Feel Relaxed

Edible natural grace rabbit hideout are also used because they are created from genuine dried grass and have their own organic grass aroma. The braided grass beds put your pet at ease, making them feel more at home than ever. Your pet will be able to eat as if they were in a natural setting. Temperature-controlled year-round. When your pet needs to rest, give him a softer surface to rest on. Your dogs will enjoy the adorable and healthful toys included in our bundle.

There is enough length and breadth in the bunny grass house’s dimensions for a wide variety of animals to appreciate the pet mat as superb chewing and teeth-training area.

It’s quite normal for little animals to chew on things like wood, hay, straw, and other organic items like that. Her teeth will benefit from chewing on these mats, which are also popular with birds. Your pet’s delicate paws are protected from the hardwire cage bottoms by the grass bed. This foldable woven grass home serves as a cozy abode for a variety of little creatures.

Our grass home is the perfect place for your adorable infant to play and sleep peacefully. In addition, she has a plethora of enticing and eye-catching accessories. Always have your camera ready to capture these special moments.

1 rabbit grass home, 50 grams of an apple tree branch, 3 grass sticks, 1 applewood skewer, 4 S-shaped hooks, 1 paper carrot, 3 pine cones, 2 colorful loofah pieces, 3 rattan balls, and 10 meters of rope are all included in the materials used in making edible natural grass hideaway for rabbits.


  • It is less expensive
  • Pure and natural products
  • It is comfortable for rabbits


  • It is tricky to set up

Niteangel Rabbit Tubes & Tunnels

Niteangel HideoutAmazon’sChoice
4.8 out of 5

Best Hiding Out
Promotes Play and Exploration
Durable Material
Easy To Clean

Rabbits creatures may use this to rest, play and sleep. Having a diameter of 9.4″ and a length of 19.7″ makes them accessible and fun to run through like tunneling toys. When not in use, it may be folded up to save on storage space.

Your creatures will be more likely to explore and tunnel if they have a spot to hide, sleep, and play. It may also be fitted to a tent or a bed supplied separately so that your pet can have a good time exploring and exercising while you’re away.

This rabbit hideout is made of long-lasting canvas and cotton, and it can be washed by hand.

Pets are drawn to the attractive design, which may double as a lovely addition to your pet’s cage or playpen. Gifts for your or your friend’s pet are a nice idea.


  • Beautiful appearance
  • Play and exploration are encouraged by this device.
  • Long-Lasting Material That’s Also Simple to Keep Clean


  • It’s rather pricey.

Yuepet Rabbit Hideout

Yuepet Bunny Hideout 4.8 out of 5
1200 Reviews
Perfect House
Cute Little Tent
Premium Material
Easy Care
Great Size

A nice, well-constructed hideaway for your darling rabbit to go to when they need a break from the home is provided by bunny cave beds. During their time in this safe haven, which is also considered a cozy home, your rabbit may engage in play, rest, hide, sleep, or engage in other activities.

The door is 6.7 inches wide by 5.9 inches high on the exterior, and 11.8 inches wide by 11.8 inches high on the interior. An inside soft cushion that can be removed and used as a warm-covered hiding cave or folded to create a gorgeous pet sofa is included with this rabbit housing. If you add a pillow or blanket on top of your pet’s bed, he or she will feel even more comfortable.

In addition to the high-grade fabric cover and high-resilience PP cotton filling, the rabbit skin is made from components that are odor-free and ecologically friendly in their production and use. The use of a love pattern, a gorgeous bowknot, and an anti-slip design at the bottom of the cage bed enhance its functionality and popularity.

It’s easy to clean since it has a separate mat inside. Since it is a gray hue, there will be no stains from the rabbit’s hiding place to be concerned about. In addition to being machine and hand washable as well as dryer safe, this guinea pig home bed is hypoallergenic to ensure that your pet stays healthy.

This rabbit hideout features a huge entrance, allowing your pets to easily go in and out of it without difficulty. It’s a massive amount of space for an adult Dwarf Rabbit.


  • It’s cozy and inviting.
  • It’s a hassle to do the dishes.
  • Cute Little hideout
  • Premium Material Bunny Bed 
  • Easy Care
  • Great Size


  • It is difficult to wash

Outdoor Rabbit Hideout

There are many things that may scare your rabbits, such as a passing cat, a bird, or your neighbor mowing the grass outdoors. A rabbit hideout or shelter is also vital. If your rabbit’s hutch and run are linked, the hutch may serve as a hide; but, if your run is large or the hutch and run are separate, you’ll need to provide a hiding spot for your rabbit.

A tunnel would function just as well as a huge hide. All you need is something large enough to accommodate your bunnies. If you have the space, a big enough hide will allow your rabbits to stretch out luxuriously, making it ideal for both cover from the rain and shade from the sun.

Indoor Rabbit Hideout

Indoor rabbits also need a place to hide. In the event of a frightening event (fireworks, you dropping a pan or a visitor they don’t like), kids have someplace to hide and feel safe. As you don’t have to deal with the weather inside, you may also use cardboard to build a rabbit hideout, just as you would outdoors.

Rabbits love cardboard boxes because they can hide in them and play with them (and eat them). Second levels may be as simple as a single box with a door cut out, or they can be as complex as multiple linked tunnels or boxes inside boxes.

Is a rabbit hideout really necessary?

Rabbits should have access to adequate hiding places 24 hours a day to get away from stressful situations, or just to get away from it all for a moment. At least as many hiding places should be provided for each animal in an enclosure as there are creatures in the enclosure.

Ready-made Hideout for rabbits

Due to the fact that they are often shown with baby bunnies, it is essential to verify the dimensions to ensure that your bunny will fit if you are buying online before purchasing. A simple “three walls and a roof” design is very okay and is quite inexpensive. If your rabbit’s hutch is isolated from the rest of the house, a more sturdy design with legs and a floor will provide somewhat more protection.

A small x pen may be used as a substitute for a rabbit box shelter. Two- to three-foot hutches are much too small for living quarters, but they are inexpensive and easy to assemble, and when the doors are removed, they make excellent shelters.

A little wooden kennel-style structure is great for rabbits to live in, and it is also inexpensive. Because the wood will not be exposed to the damp ground, a shelter with legs will last longer when placed on the grass. When acquiring your rabbit hideout, the size and structure are crucial factors to consider. 

When should I clean my rabbit hideout?

It is important to keep your rabbit’s cage clean on a regular basis in order to preserve his or her health and wellbeing. It’s essential to clean up after your rabbit sleeps or stays in the hideout on a regular basis if you want to keep them happy and comfortable. Once a week, however, should be set aside for a more comprehensive cleaning of the house. The wire top should be cleaned, the bedding should be replaced, and the base and accessories should be cleaned before the next use.

Is it necessary to keep rabbit hideout covered at night?

Indoor rabbit hideout do not need a cover, despite the fact that many people do so to keep their rabbits warm and safe in the winter. For some pets, a nighttime cover over their cage might help them relax and sleep more soundly. Keep in mind that if you do cover your rabbit hideout, make sure they’re happy with it and that you keep a portion of the cage open for ventilation.

What is the best location for my rabbit hideout in my home?

The greatest position for your rabbit hideout is in a busy section of your house, where they’ll receive plenty of attention and feel like they’re part of the activity. Keep in mind that rabbits are dirty, so you’ll want to place rabbit hideout in an area that’s simple to clean and maintain.

Rabbits’ toys and beds 

Whatever their living arrangements (hutches or the wild), all rabbits want a secure and pleasant place to sleep at the end of the day. In order to provide a range of rabbit hideouts and beds, ranging from opulent mattresses suitable for a bunny kingdom to heating pads for an outside enclosure, is necessary.

The presence of a tunnel or nest box-style refuge, as well as a rabbit bed or hiding made of grass, may help rabbits feel more at ease. Smaller rabbits benefit from ball-style cages, which may function as a hiding spot as well as a toy at the same time for the animal. If you don’t already have one, you may be able to locate a rabbit box that already has bedding or blankets inside of it. It is up to you to come up with innovative methods to keep your rabbit happy and healthy throughout the year. Before you begin, double-check that all of your homemade rabbit toys and beds are non-toxic and safe for your pet.

In conclusion

When choosing a rabbit hideout, you must be certain that the rabbit hideout you purchase or make is large enough for your pet, and is constructed of high-quality materials that contain features that will keep your pet happy and healthy as well. Smaller rabbits can be kept in a 24 by 36-inch cage, while larger rabbits should be placed in a 30 x 36-inch cage.

Rabbits may safely hide in a little wooden kennel home designed to resemble one. When making a selection, pay close attention to the item’s overall size and construction. Purchasing online might be challenging since the sizes are often shown with young bunnies; thus, be sure to double-check the dimensions before making your purchase! A simple design consists of three walls and a roof, which is all that is required. If you’re building a separate rabbit hideout for your rabbit, you’ll want to include additional legs and a floor to give it greater stability. Because the wood will not be exposed to the damp earth, a shelter with legs will last longer on grass than a shelter without legs.

Rabbits don’t need a specialized box shelter of their own. A simple hutch will do in this situation. Hutches measuring two by three feet are too small to be utilized as dwelling quarters, but they make excellent shelters after the doors have been removed.

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