Rabbits are adorable pets. They make life beautiful when they are around. There are days when we do not feel good enough to get up from our beds. However, spotting them staring at us with their innocent eyes melts everything and makes the day good for us, already.

But on the other days, rabbits also feel sad and as a responsible parent, it should be your duty to turn it good for them. I have been parenting rabbits for quite some time and in this overall time span, I have seen my rabbits feeling uncomfortable and sad during their bad days.

The reasons could possibly be bad weather and temperature. A cooling pad for rabbits in summers is one of the ways to keep your rabbits comfortable and happy. 

I have tried a lot of cooling pads for my rabbits and it is obvious that not all of them turned good. Hence, to make it easier for you and to reduce your searching time on the internet, I have concluded a few cooling pads for rabbits, which have been best for me and the other users as well.

Let’s see if they help you: 

PeSandy Rabbit Cooling Pad

rabbit cooling padRating
4.2 out of 5
150 customer ratings

Colder than an organism
Easy to care

Made of extremely lightweight aluminum alloy material, PeSandy Rabbit Cooling Pads will do a great work of keeping the body temperature of your rabbits low. Metals like aluminum alloy have excellent thermal conductivity, which helps in the dissipation of heat very quickly. 

When your rabbit sits on the PeSandy cooling pad, the product absorbs the body heat of the animal and releases it into the atmosphere, cooling down your rabbit in the process. 

You can keep the cooling pad in the refrigerator for a while before use for better heat dissipation. Alternatively, you can soak the cooling pad in water or put ice bags under it for the same results. 

The cooling pad comes with protective blue film on both sides to save it from scratches and breakages during logistics. You will have to remove the film before you put it in your rabbit’s cage or hutch. 

  1. Comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large.
  2. Excellent thermal conductivity.
  3. The pad will not break or get damaged if the rabbit chews on it or tries to dig. 
  4. Much easier to clean than fiber cooling products. 

Kabasi Rabbit Cooling Mat 

rabbit cooling padRating
4 out of 5
60 customer ratings

Physical Cooling
Thermal Conductivity Material
Safe and Easy to Clean
Convenient to Use
Widely Used

The reason why pet owners choose aluminum cooling mats and pads is because of the metal’s high thermal conductivity. It gets cooler very easily and can conduct heat transference far quicker than cloth or fabric mats. 

When your rabbit gets very hot because of the weather or due to running and hopping around a lot, let them sit and rest on this Kabasi cooling mat. It will help their body temperature come down and give them comfort.

The manufacturer recommends that pet owners buy two cooling mats together to give the rabbit a bigger space to rest and comfortably move around. The dimensions of one Large-sized Kabasi mat is 11.8 x 7.9 inches. 

  1. The thickness of 2mm. 
  2. Circular corners so your rabbit does not get hurt while climbing up or down. 
  3. Easy to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth 
  4. Suitable for not only rabbits but other small pets as well, in case your rabbit has a companion in the form of guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, etc. 

Green Cooling Pad for Rabbits

rabbit cooling matRating
4.2 out of 5
3800 customer ratings
Perfect if your pet struggles to stay cool
Works without water, electricity
Use it on cage, floor, and sofa
Prevent dehydration

It is an original cooling gel pad for rabbits, which makes sure that it provides the chills to rabbits as they lie down on it. It is pressure activated and its cooling effect lasts for four hours and gets back to the original state on its own as soon as we leave it for a short span of time. For instance, 20 minutes. 

This cooling pad for rabbits is one of the best solutions to keep your rabbits cool in hot summers and hence, in a good mental state. 

Its automatic feature of getting cool on its own makes you carefree and also helps in depleting your expenses on electricity to charge it, no use of a refrigerator, and no water needed.  It is large in size, with no chemicals added to it.

Its non-toxic feature makes it safe, secure, and comfortable. You should definitely get this, to keep your rabbits in a cool mental state as yours, and to not make them feel lazy or lethargic. This pad makes sure that it offers multi-uses to its customers and is easy to move from one place to another, offering its customers the feature of portability.

  1. Automatically recharges, hence making you carefree. 
  2. Easy to carry from one place to another. 
  3. No electricity needed.
  4. No dehydration and overheating for the rabbits. 
  5. A 4.1 rated cooling pad for rabbits.
  6. It is available in two sizes only.

Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat for Rabbits

Pet Self Cooling MatRating
4.2 out of 5
2000 customer ratings
Prevents Overheating
Prevent dehydration
Automatically Recharge
Safe for Pet

It is an automatically recharging cooling pad for rabbits which provides relief to your rabbits for continuous 3 hours. It is the cooling convenience for your child and offers a long-lasting solution to its customers to keep their rabbits free from the heat in summers.

The pad is safe and secure, having nylon cushion with no added chemicals, making it non-toxic for rabbits and the environment, both.

Reviews showed that it keeps the rabbits in a relaxing and soothing space for 3 hours, requires 20 mins of non-use, gets back to its original state, hence, requiring no water, electricity, batteries, or anything for that matter. 

It is a multi-purpose cooling pad for rabbits which also helps the rabbits to cool down during their injuries or when they suffer from pain, swelling, stress, rashes on the skin, or any disease. It is large in size, easily portable, and keeps the rabbits in a good mental state, away from stress, in hot summers.

  1. Automatically rechargeable, providing relief up to 3 hours. 
  2. Not toxic to rabbits and the environment, both. 
  3. Saves water, electricity, batteries, and no human efforts needed. 
  4. Highly durable, flexible, and portable.
  5. A 4.1 rated cooling pad for rabbits.
  6. Available in its original color only.

Sealy Lux Quad Cooling Pad for Rabbits

Foam Large Pet BedRating
4.5 out of 5
1500 customer ratings
Cooling Energy Gel
Bio-Orthopedic Foam

An orthopedic pad for rabbits that provides a great sense of comfort to rabbits by evenly distributing their body weight on the pad. It is a high-quality therapeutic pad with quad element foam added in it, not toxic to rabbits and the environment both. 

This cooling pad for rabbits is easy to maintain, a machine washable product. It makes sure to not make the rabbits feel uncomfortable with any sort of odor, hence its Pr-Charcoal HD Foam Base absorbs the odor and makes the rabbits feel fresh and comfortable. 

It has a cooling gel inside it which makes sure to regulate the body temperature of the rabbits and does not irritate them in an overheat temperature.

  1. Cooling energy gel to regulate the body temperature of the rabbits. 
  2. Controls the odor effectively. 
  3. It provides orthopedic support. 
  4. Easy to maintain and wash in a washing machine. 
  5. The top-rated cooling pad for rabbits.
  6. Your rabbits will take some time to get familiar with it.

K&H Cooling Pad for Rabbits

Cooling Rabbit BedRating
3.9 out of 5
2000 customer ratings
Absorbs Bunny’s Heat
Durable nylon/vinyl exterior
Indoor and outdoor both
Two-year limited

It is one of the best cooling pads for rabbits, which is cooler than ever. You definitely need this if you are looking for a product that is safe, comfortable, cool, portable, and relaxing on a warm day. 

This non-toxic product which is made of nylon/vinyl with no chemicals added in it is harmless to rabbits and the environment both. 

It is a water-saturated cooling pad for rabbits, which gets super cool with some water in it. It requires no electricity, batteries for that matter. Hence, making it less expensive and more effective for you and your rabbits, both.

  1. It is a cool, comfortable water bed for rabbits. 
  2. It requires no electricity, hence making it less expensive for you. 
  3. A tough nylon/vinyl exterior with no added chemicals. 
  4. You can easily add water in this cooling pad for rabbits through the use of an easy-fill cap. 
  5. A good heat absorber.
  6. It is available in two colors only.

Niteangel Rabbit Playpen Mat

The floors of the hutches, cages, and playpens of your rabbit are almost always covered with a mix of hay and fecal matters. While walking around, these can get stuck underneath the feet of the rabbit and cause skin infection or other diseases. 

Use Niteangel Rabbit Playpen Mat to solve this problem. They are gridded mats which can be placed on the floor of the hutch, cage, or playpen, to prevent the rabbit’s foot from touching the waste. The mats are made of high-quality PVC, which is durable and long-lasting. At the same time, it is soft enough for the rabbit to walk around and sleep on. The material is great with heat conductivity and dissipation, therefore keeping the surface cool enough for the rabbits to rest on. 

  1. Mats come with mount-clips which you can use to attach the mats to the rabbit’s hutch or cage.
  2. It is especially useful for rabbits who live in wire-bottom cages, preventing the metallic spikes of the cage wiring from poking and bruising your rabbit’s feet. 
  3. The premium quality PVC is great for rabbits to walk on or even sleep.
  4. The material is soft enough for comfort but hard enough to sustain the rabbit’s incessant chewing.

While buying a Cooling Pad for Rabbits

Decision making is difficult, we often get into trouble while choosing or buying something. It usually occurs when we have zero decision-making skills and do not know what exactly to do. 

A bit of a decision making skill can make you go a long way without any failure. 

As a responsible buyer, you should keep some factors in your mind about the product you are buying. For instance, what features should the particular product acquire and if you see the noted features in the product, it is definitely meant for you? 

There are more such imperative factors, which make the buying procedure easier. Here is what to keep in your mind while buying a cooling pad for your rabbits.


It should be your topmost priority while buying a cooling pad for rabbits. As a concerned parent, you should take care of your rabbit’s safety, and with that what could affect them. 

You should be diligent while buying the product and consider it. Make sure that the cooling pad you buy for your rabbits is safe, secure, and comfortable. It should not harm them in any way. You should be sure of the fact that it is chemicals free, non-toxic, and adds no harm to the environment. 

If this factor is in the product, your rabbit is at a safe place for that matter. 


 This is one of the best features which you should keep in your mind while buying one cooling pad for your rabbits. Having this means, you would not have to put any efforts, it would not cost you much, deplete your expenses and keep itself natural. 

The automatic padding will get back to the charged state on its own, in 20-30 minutes and provide the same cooling effect to your rabbits. 

Make sure that you buy such a cooling pad for rabbits, which uses less water, no electricity or batteries keeps itself natural as that is the sign of keeping the rabbits secure and healthy. 

Odor control

Your rabbits tend to spend their whole summer day on the cooling pad that you get them. Hence, it is obvious that sitting on the same object for hours can turn into a full odor pad. You should be sure of the fact that the cooling pad for rabbits you get at home is able to absorb the odor, control it, and make it comfortable for the rabbits. 

With an odor-absorbing feature, it should also be able to absorb heat, keeping it cool for the rabbits, and not at all disturbing. The odor and heat-absorbing power will make your rabbits feel cool, fresh, comfortable with nobody itching. 

Easily Portable

There is no use of the cooling pad if it stays at one particular place and you cannot move it. A good cooling pad should have a portability feature, which means you should be able to move it from one place to another easily, without any discomfort.

The cooling pad for rabbits should have the feature of both indoor and outdoor use so that your rabbits can also take a deep breath outside, and do not feel restricted. 

The portability of a cooling pad feature will allow you to take your rabbits to other places with you, and make them enjoy life as well. 

Easy to manage

The cooling pad for rabbits should have the feature of being easily manageable. You should be able to clean it easily without any discomfort to you. The good cooling pad is the one that does not trouble you to change it again and again. If you are able to wash it easily in a washing machine, it is good to go with it. 

This will allow you to keep your rabbits in a clean, fresh, and comfortable space.

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