Owning rabbits at home is a stunning idea. Rabbits have the magic of making you smile and keeping your life beautiful. A lot of people hesitate in keeping rabbits at their homes for some or other reasons. However, if owning rabbits can make you happy, it can make you sad as well.

It takes a lot to take care of them efficiently. One needs to be really careful with what they make them eat, drink, and everything. Even where they make them sleep, their safety, cleanliness, etc. 

Being a fresher in owning rabbits at home, must be even more difficult. You must be surfing a lot on the internet these days and hence, to make it easy for you and save your time from surfing more, I have concluded 10 best rabbit bedding, which may be helpful for you.

Being into it for the last 13 years, I have tried several products. It is very obvious that not everything turns perfect, hence these are some of the products that turned good for my rabbits and eventually for me. Let’s hope they do the same for you.

Types of a Rabbit Bedding

There are various types of rabbit beddings which have their own specialties, these are as such:


It is an excellent rabbit bedding, which has good quality and is also cost-effective. This rabbit bedding absorbs the liquid and keeps it odor-free. It tends to stay fresh for a longer time. It stays dry and also kills viruses like bacteria, mold, spores. This makes the bedding safe for them. 

Paper pulp bedding

It is a new rabbit bedding in the market which is highly efficient and cost-effective. This rabbit bedding is made from recycled paper. It has all the features that one needs, is highly absorber, dust-free, odor control, and these features make it cost-effective. 

Wood pellets

This is a good rabbit bedding. However, it gets scattered and becomes all dusty when it gets wet. It is also heavy in weight, so not an ideal product if you choose it for larger litter trays

Paper pellets

It is similar to wood pellets and has all the same characteristics. However, unlike wood pellets, this bedding does not get scattered and dusty when wet, also light in weight. 

Shredded cardboard

This is a great product in the place of a newspaper. It is eco friendly, serves good insulation, and absorbs nicely. 


It is a good place for rabbits to lay on, providing good insulation as well. However, it is not good for absorbing liquid. 


This works as a multi-purpose product for rabbits. It can be eaten and used as bedding as well. It is soft, hence keeps the rabbits warm and cozy. It is suggested that you buy it from the local farmers, as they will give you it at a lower price. Also, make sure that when you buy it, it does not smell bad, is not dusty, and has no mold in it.

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Natural Paper BeddingRating
4.6 out of 5
1500 customer ratings

Ideal Bedding
100% Safe
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Soft + Comfortable

It is a small paper rabbit bedding, which is considered as one of the ideal beddings for rabbits by most of the customers. It has been considered purely safe and natural to use with no chemicals added to it. This bedding is made up of a purely unbleached paper that has never been used.

It makes it sure to provide you a 100 percent guaranteed product and hence, if you ever face any difficulty, you can contact the customer care services. 


  • A purely natural product. 
  • Great value to the money spent on it. 
  • It offers the highest quality at a reasonable price. 
  • It provides its customers the 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction. 
  • It is safe and comfortable to use


  • It is a bit pricey. 

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

Carefresh Small Pet BeddingRating
4.6 out of 5
16000 customer ratings

#1 Best Seller

It is a rabbit bedding, one is looking for. It provides your rabbits with a home that is soft and comfortable and provides all the features that you as their parent looking for. It is available in multiple sizes, and hence, it won’t be an issue for you if your rabbits are small, big, or of some other size, as it has the availability of everything. It is also available in various textures and colors which is a win-win game for you. 


  • It is a reliable product. 
  • It has a variety. 
  • It is soft, fresh, and comfortable to use. 
  • It provides a complete comfort zone to your rabbits. 
  • It is easy to maintain and clean. 


  • You may need to be careful while using it.

Kaytee Cozy Rabbit Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal BeddingRating
4.6 out of 5
4000 customer ratings

Amazon’s Choice
Absorbs 6x

It is a paper rabbit bedding that provides a soft comfortable zone to your rabbits. This rabbit bedding is both soft and fluffy to use which encourages burrowing or nesting while absorbing two times more liquid. Its absorbing liquid power is quite strong, and that is why it gives the guarantee of controlling the odor. This rabbit bedding is a complete dust-free place for your rabbits. 


  • Full control of odor, as it has a strong liquid absorbing power. 
  • It is a complete dust-free product. 
  • It is a clean, cozy, and safe place for your rabbits. 
  • It is made up of a material that meets FDA standards. 
  • It is available in various sizes. 


  • It is available in one color only.

Vitakraft Fresh Rabbit Bedding

Animal BeddingRating
4.6 out of 5
4200 customer ratings

Amazon’s Choice
Absorbs 6x

It is an odor control durable rabbit bedding, which is made up of a complete recycled paper. It is a dust-free product that provides a safe and comfortable place for rabbits to relax. It can absorb the moisture of 3 times, hence odor control is guaranteed. It is the USA made product and it is biodegradable, compostable, and dust-free. 


  • A complete dust-free product. 
  • It absorbs liquid. 
  • It is made up of a complete recycled paper. 
  • It is safe and natural, with no chemical included in it. 
  • It is the USA made product. 


  • It is sometimes a bit dusty.

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural BeddingRating
4.5 out of 5
400 customer ratings
3x expansion

This rabbit bedding comes in its original version. The product makes it sure to provide a comfortable safe place to rabbits with a strong odor control capacity, which makes the bedding feel fresh for a longer time. It is a complete dust-free product which can be cleaned easily. One should think of buying this product at least once, because of it simply being soft, comfortable, and warm. 


  • It absorbs a liquid of 3 times
  • It has a long-lasting odor control impact. 
  • It is easy and simple to use. 
  • It is safe and comfortable. 
  • It is a whole dust-free product. 


  • It is available in one color only.

Carefresh Custom Rabbit Bedding

It is a soft comfortable rabbit bedding that is made up of comfy fluff. It is available in various sizes and in one standard color only. It has a good liquid absorbing power. It makes sure to stay like a fresh place for rabbits so that they do not get disturbed. 


  • It is made up of a comfy fluff which keeps the bedding soft for rabbits to lay on.
  • It does not have much dust on it, hence it is easy to clean. 
  • Its odor control effect stays for at least 10 days. 
  • It is available in variable sizes. 
  • It is a safe and comfortable place for rabbits. 


  • It is available in white color only.

Living World Wood Aspen Shavings

It is an ideal rabbit bedding if your rabbits suffer from respiratory problems. This is hypoallergenic. It is made up of a complete natural aspen wood with no chemicals included in it. It can absorb up to 4 times of heavy liquid, making the space feel fresh, safe, and disease-free for your rabbits. It is one of the best products, and should definitely be considered by you. 


  • A good option for rabbits having respiratory problems. 
  • It is made up of a completely natural wood product. 
  • It has no chemicals included in it. 
  • It has a good wet absorbing power. 
  • It keeps the bedding fresh for a longer time. 


  • It is a great rabbit bedding, but one needs to be very careful while using it.

Grass Mat Woven Bed Mat

It is a much loved furry animal product that lets them do various activities. It is a safe grass mat that promises to stay like a safe sturdy place for them. It is a very sustainable product that can be put inside the rabbit’s cage if needed at some point in time. It is one of the most recommended products, as it not only provides comfort and safety to them but also works as a source of entertainment for them. 


  • A completely natural and handwoven product. 
  • It saves the rabbits from getting bored by serving multiple purposes of being their bedding and also a chewing product. 
  • It is a great source of entertainment for them. 
  • It is a safe and comfortable place for rabbits. 
  • It is a perfect home for small animals like rabbits. 


  • It is available in one basic color only.

FLAdorepet Small Animal Bed

It is a fluffy soft rabbit bedding for rabbits, which is available in various sizes and colors. It is the most good looking beautiful gift which you can get for your rabbits. It is easy to use, light in weight and comfortable to lay on. Your rabbits will always be found sleeping on it. This product deserves to be at your home, and it is also easy to clean and maintain. 


  • It is available in various sizes and colors. 
  • It is a soft, comfortable, colorful, and beautiful product. 
  • It is machine washable, hence easy to clean. 
  • It does not have any weight, hence you can keep it whenever wherever you wish. 
  • Its soft fleece keeps it warm. 


  • It will make your rabbits lazy because of its softness.

Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter

It is a super absorbent, dust-free product. It is a complete natural rabbit bedding, with no chemicals included in it. So, you do not really need to worry while using it as it is safe. It absorbs 10 times of a heavy liquid and makes the rabbits feel fresh for a longer time. 


  • A non-toxic, complete bentonite product. 
  • It is safe to use because of it having natural ingredients only. 
  • It absorbs the liquid that is 10 times stronger. 
  • It keeps the place fresh and hygienic. 
  • It is completely dust-free. 


  • It is available in two sizes only.

Important factors to keep in mind while buying a product

Making choices has always been difficult. We always get staggered between which ones to pick and which ones not. However, these are some of the factors which may help you to find the right product for your rabbit. 

The advice suggested to you is that you need to know the requirements of your rabbit first, and then only you will be able to purchase the right product.

  • Odor control

Just like the other animals, rabbits also get messy and smelly at times. And it is very often that their messy smell would make their cage smelly as well. Hence, one needs to make sure that they do not buy the bedding which does not have odor control, else rabbits will find it difficult to survive.

Always prefer buying an odor control rabbit bedding, that leaves an effective control and keeps the bedding feeling fresh.

  • Good absorbing power

A rabbit bedding that has good absorbing power, stays longer. It is one of the features of ideal bedding, that it absorbs the heavy liquid, makes it wet, and removes the obnoxious smell. It will also prevent you from changing it again and again. This will make your rabbit’s place clean, dry, safe, and comfortable.

  • Safety

Safety should always be a prior option. You should make sure that everything you buy for your rabbits is safe enough for them. Do not go for bedding that is toxic and has chemicals included in it. Bedding made up of toxic materials and chemicals can harm your rabbits and they may die as well. Hence, it is advised that you go for a one that is completely natural.

  • Dust-free

Most of the beddings are dust-free. However, you should always take care of it while buying. Dust-free beddings come in a use if your rabbits are suffering from respiratory issues. It also makes it easy for you to change the bedding easily when needed.

  • Comfort

Our subconscious mind tends to choose a place that is comfortable when we are meant to be there for a longer time. We should do the same for our animals, too. Your rabbit tends to be on the bedding almost all the time, hence you need to make sure that you buy the one which is soft and comfortable, as this keeps them mentally well.

  • Eco friendly

Since beddings require to get changed often, it is good to go with the eco-friendly ones. Make sure that the bedding you buy is eco friendly, as they are compostable, biodegradable, and less toxic to the environment.

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