Rabbits are pets that need good comfort. From the food, they eat to the place they lay. One common mistake people make is not providing their rabbits with a made to make them feel comfortable, warm, and safe. 

If you want your rabbit to sleep comfortably, then you need to purchase good rabbit bedding. There are many beddings available in the market but not all are recommended. 

For you to provide your rabbit with a comfortable, safe, and non-toxic bed, you need to carefully select the bed you buy. 

In this article, we will recommend some of our tried and trusted bedding you can purchase for your rabbit. Below is the list of the recommendable rabbit beddings you can purchase for your rabbit. 

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Scented Rabbit Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Small Animal BeddingRating
4.7 out of 5
35000 customer ratings
Amazon’s Choice
3X Expend
Absorbs 6x

This is a brand of rabbit bedding that offers soft and fluffy bedding. This fluffy nature of the bedding encourages burrowing or nesting by the rabbit. Kaytee Clean and Cozy bedding have great absorbency which helps to control the odor. This brand has 87% of the five-star rating on Amazon, Petco, Walmart, etc. 


Dust Free: Kaytee rabbit bedding is 99.9% dust free and this is most favorable for rabbits as it prevents respiratory problems. Bunnies love to burrow and dust-free bedding helps them to achieve that task easier as they can breathe freely while playing around.

Highly Absorbent: This brand of bedding has a high rate of absorbing liquid which makes the bunny’s castle cleaner and helps control odor. This rabbit bedding absorbs liquid twice as much as normal wood shavings and helps the bunny scent nice regularly.

Soft and Fluffy: Kaytee’s cozy and clean bedding has a soft and fluffy texture which makes it comfortable for the bunny to rest on it. The soft texture of the bedding makes it easier for burrowing by the rabbit as the rabbit will have no difficulty digging. It also makes it easier for the bunny to play on.

Variety of Scents: Clean and cozy bedding comes with different scents in order to remove the unwanted odor from the bedding and always keep it fresh. The owner can choose the scent he is comfortable with and the scents are safe for the bunny’s health.

Kaytee Clean Rabbit Bedding
Kaytee Clean Rabbit Bedding Test and Review


Plastic in Bedding: Some customers have complained about seeing plastic in the bedding. This can be quite dangerous to the bunny’s health and this has caused concern to the owners. However, the company is working on this problem and soon it will be eradicated.

Size: According to the customer’s review section, some customers have complained about the size of the bedding as it was too small for their castle, therefore, making it inconvenient for the bunny. This issue has however been sorted by the company as an accurate size will be sent on demand.

Who Needs Kaytee Clean Rabbit Bedding 

This rabbit bedding is most useful to owners of bunnies that have castles, not free-running bunnies. The bedding can be used for both indoor and outdoor hutches but it lasts longer for the indoors as it is not affected by external factors like rain etc.

Benefits of Kaytee Clean Rabbit Bedding 

Kaytee bedding offers not just affordable bedding but bedding of great quality as all the products are manufactured in the US. This shows superiority and further assures bunny owners that they are getting the best product from the brand. 

When purchasing Kaytee Cozy you can choose any color, scent, and size of your choice because the brand has a wide collection of each of them.

Rabbits love to burrow and this bedding gives them the opportunity to do so. It is made of a soft and fluffy texture that makes it possible for rabbits to burrow perfectly. 


b The material used in making this bedding is of high-quality soft and fluffy material and has met the FDA standard which is highly recommended and non-toxic. 

Odor Control: This rabbit bedding doesn’t have any bad odor and it produces a nice scent that will make your rabbit love them. The scent eliminates every unwanted odor on the bedding. 

Size: It has different packaging sizes from small to medium and large. So you can easily choose the one that will perfectly fit the size of your rabbit. 

About Kaytee Cozy and Clean Bedding

If you are looking for bedding that is incredibly soft, this rabbit bedding is absorbent bedding that is from the brand Kaytee. It is a Cozy and Clean White paper bedding that can hold 6 times its weight in liquid and is soft and fluffy to encourage nesting or burrowing. It has less odor due to its Clean and Cozy absorbency. It has 99% less dust, making the cage cleaner.

Support and Guarantee 

Kaytee Cozy and Clean Bedding have met FDA standards (this already shows that it is highly guaranteed). Then if you buy this product and you are not satisfied with it, you can easily return the unused portion with a cash register receipt to their address. 

Customer’s Review 

All customers who have purchased this Kaytee Cozy and Cleaning Bedding are all happy they did that, most of them are recommending this product to other people so they could benefit from it. 


Apart from Kaytee Cozy and Cleaning Bedding, Carefresh Rabbit Bedding is another great bedding you can try out. It is highly recommended and does not also have any negative effects on your rabbit. 

Carefresh Rabbit Bedding 

Carefresh Small Pet BeddingRating
4.6 out of 5
26000 customer ratings
#1 Best Seller

Comfort 5/5
Value for money 4.8/5

Carefresh is great for rabbit bedding and litter boxes. It is highly recommended if you want to keep your home clean and healthy, without cleaning so much mess every day, it is made with odor control and has superior absorption. It also serves as a warm and soft material in nesting boxes for rabbits.


Chemical-free: this rabbit bedding is free of synthetic dyes and toxic chemicals making it safe for your rabbits. 

Outstanding Odor Control: This rabbit bedding is safe, and has an effective odor-control formula that eliminates ammonia odors for up to 10 days, making it perfect for use as rabbit bedding. 

Dust-Free: This high-performance bedding is 99% dust-free and is free of dangerous chemicals and synthetic dyes so your rabbit can live in a more hygienic and clean environment. Better for the environment because it is compostable and biodegradable.

Weight: It is lightweight and can be cleaned easily. 

carefresh rabbit bedding
Carefresh Rabbit Bedding Test and Review


Color: A customer complained about the color assuming it to be dull. But many other customers have complimented that they love the color, so it is advisable to check the color before buying. 

Who needs Carefresh Rabbit Bedding?

If you need rabbit bedding that is very safe and soft this is very recommendable and it is mostly used by customers with bigger rabbits. 

Benefits of Carefresh Rabbit Bedding

  • Carefresh rabbit bedding is a white natural paper fiber bedding that provides rabbits with the softest, driest, and most comfortable home possible.
  • It is one of the most eco-friendly bedding 


Paper Material: Comfy Fluffy natural paper bedding, which is made from scratch, has a texture that is perfect for burrowing, nesting, tunneling, or making a hamster hideout. It is also a great choice for your rabbit bedding. 

Absorbent: This Carefresh rabbit bedding is made with natural paper bedding that is ultra-absorbent, thereby keeping rabbits’ homes warm and dry without leaving any squishy messes to clean up. It is two times more absorbent than shavings. 


The Carefresh Small Rabbit Bedding is the most environmentally friendly product we have reviewed because it is made from a naturally reclaimed paper fiber source that is biodegradable, renewable, and compostable

This rabbit bedding is able to absorb more liquid than wood shavings. It has a unique comfy fluffy material that is very durable. This bedding will help to keep your rabbit healthy even with fewer changes in bedding because it will stay dryer for a longer period of time.

Support and Guarantee 

In accordance with the retailer’s policy: If you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it along with your sales receipt for a full refund

Customer’s Review 

From the customer’s review so far, there is no bad report about the product and this is proof that it is highly recommended and has no negative effect on your rabbit. 


The best alternative for this product is Kaytee Clean & Cozy rabbit bedding.

Kaytee Clean & Cozy (Natural) 

4.5 out of 5
400 customer ratings
3x expansion

Do you have multiple rabbits in your home? Or maybe a larger breed of rabbit needs more bedding? If so, you’re probably sick of having to constantly reorder bedding due to the small package sizes, then this particular brand Kathson Clean and cozy rabbit bedding is for you. 


Softness: This rabbit bedding brand is very soft thereby making the rabbit comfortable to lie on it. 

Easy to clean: On this bedding product page, it comes with cleaning instructions. This will guide you to maintain your rabbit’s health and prevent it from respiratory diseases. 

Scent: This rabbit bedding does not have any toxic odor, it is made with a variety of nice scents. 

Kaytee Clean Review and Test
Kaytee Clean Review and Test


Baby rabbits may try to consume this bedding. Rabbit owners should ensure their rabbits don’t accidentally consume this bedding, they should look after their rabbits especially the small ones who are not used to bedding. 

Who needs this rabbit bedding? 

This rabbit bedding should be used by rabbit owners who are tired of buying small bedding or looking forward to purchasing bigger and more comfortable rabbit bedding. 


Kaytee bedding is 99.9% dust free, which is ideal for rabbits because it prevents respiratory problems. Bunnies enjoy burrowing, and dust-free bedding makes it easier for them to do so because it allows them to breathe freely while they play.


Exceptional Odor Control: This rabbit bedding has a safe, tried-and-true formula for controlling odors, which is ideal for use as bunny bedding,  the odor control eliminates ammonia odors for up to 10 days. This makes it ideal for use in environments where your rabbits are housed. 

It’s a natural paper bedding: This natural paper bedding is ultra-absorbent, meaning that it is two times more absorbent than shavings. This means that it keeps small pets and their homes warm and dry, and there are no more soggy messes to clean up. 

99 percent Dust-Free: This rabbit bedding is almost dust free (99%), and it is also free of harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes. This allows your pet to have a cleaner and healthier environment to live in. 


Consider Kaytee’s Clean & Cozy rabbit bedding for the most cost-effective solution for homes that require a large amount of bedding. It comes in a massive 12.3 liter – 96.3 liter packaging bag and is the most cost-effective option for anyone who requires a large amount of rabbit bedding. 

Its FDA-approved paper source is lofty and comfortable, with the ability to absorb up to four times its own weight in liquid. It’s also 99% dust-free and effective at odor removal.

Support and Guarantee 

This brand also offers refunds. So if you are not okay with the product, you can return the unused portion to them for your refund. 

Customer Review

Customers have reviewed that the bedding is very absorbent, has no odor, no dust, has a nice scent and their rabbits love them. 


There are many great rabbit bedding including this particular bedding, but if you are not comfortable with this bedding, we highly recommend Kaytee Wood Pellet as a nice substitute. 

Carefresh confetti natural paper rabbit bedding 

If you want to keep your small pet healthy and clean, use bedding that offers superior odor control and can hold three times as much liquid as wood shavings. 

It is made from scratch with comfy fluff, which is ultra-absorbent and pillowy soft. This rabbit bedding will give your rabbit a soft, secure, spotless, dry home made entirely of recycled natural fiber. It is made perfectly for rabbits and has no negative impact on the health of your rabbit. 


Quality: High-performance bedding is almost completely dust-free (99%), ensuring a cleaner, healthier environment for your small pet and simple cleanup for you. 

No harsh chemicals or dyes: Offers every amenity that small pet lovers look for, to keep your little furry friend clean and healthy. Additionally, it is compostable and biodegradable.


The only downside of this product is that people find it to be expensive. If you need a good product you should budget for the best and not look at the price. But this product here is very affordable. 

Who needs Carefresh confetti natural paper rabbit bedding? 

This product is recommended for all rabbit owners. 


  • It contains natural, compostable, and biodegradable fiber comfy fluff, which is made from recycled paper. 
  • For up to ten days, it will have an effective formula for odor control that can mask overpowering ammonia odors. 
  • Carefresh is 2X more absorbent than wood shavings because it believes that dry bedding is more comfortable bedding. 
  • Almost dust-free high-performance bedding allows you and your pet to breathe comfortably.


10-day odor control: Effective ammonia odor-suppressing formula works for up to ten days. 

Made from comfy fluffy: Creates bedding from scratch using unprocessed, natural paper fiber that is obtained from the source to create the most comfortable home. 


Create the softest, driest, and coziest home with full comfort care for your rabbit with Care fresh rabbit bedding. It is constructed from natural, recycled paper fiber, a renewable resource that is compostable and biodegradable.

Carefresh is safer for your pet because it does not contain the toxic aromatic hydrocarbons found in wood shavings. 

An effective formula for odor control blocks overpowering ammonia odors for up to ten days. better at absorbing liquid than shavings. Nearly dust-free to ensure a healthier, cleaner environment and simple cleanup for you.

Support and Guarantee 

This product has a total rating of 4.6 out of 5, and this is a good guarantee that it’s a good product. If you purchase this product and it’s not what you needed, you can simply ask for a refund if the product is not used or opened. 

Customer’s Review 

We have spent time reviewing what customers are saying about this product. From the reviews, this product is 98% recommended to every rabbit owner looking for suitable rabbit bedding. 


The best alternative for this product is Kaytee Wood Pellets

Kaytee Wood Pellets 

The rabbit should use Kaytee wood pellet bedding and litter, which is made of 100% natural wood. 


  • It is processed specifically to remove the dust and wood fragments present in competing brands 
  • This rabbit bedding doesn’t cling 
  • It is 100% natural wood bedding that is simple to clean.


This product does not have any downside. 

Who needs this bedding Kaytee Wood Pellets?

Every rabbit owner looks for bedding made with natural wood and does not have any additives or toxic chemicals. This bedding is recommended for all rabbits.


  • This bedding gives your little furry friend all the features they need to stay clean and healthy. 
  • The bedding keeps your small pet warm and dry and is two times more absorbent than shavings.


Quality Material: This rabbit bedding is made with 100% natural wood and has no toxic chemicals on it making it perfect for rabbit use.


This is one of the best rabbit bedding to use. This bedding has undergone special processing to remove the dust and wood fragments that can be found in other brands. It won’t stick and makes cleanup a breeze.

In addition to reducing odor, Kaytee Wood Pellets expand to hold moisture, making your pet’s environment more comfortable. The pellets won’t stick to the habitat when discarded, making cleanup simple and minimal.

Support and Guarantee

The overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 for this product is a strong indicator of its quality. If you buy this item and it isn’t what you require, you can just ask for a refund as long as the item hasn’t been used or opened.

Customer’s Review

Most of the customers are testifying that the product is of high quality, has a good scent and is very durable. 


The best alternative for this product is Carefresh Rabbit Bedding.

Some of the most recommended types of bedding material to buy for your rabbit;

Wood shavings are affordable and absorbent, it is recommendable to buy any rabbit bedding made of wood like the Kaytee Wood Pellets. 

Paper pulp is environmentally friendly and also highly absorbent and one of the best paper pulp bedding is Care fresh confetti natural paper rabbit bedding 

Hay is one of the most popular materials. It is warm and edible, but it is more expensive than other kinds of bedding. Another edible bedding option is straw, which can be dustier but is more affordable than fresh hay. 

Wood pellets are great to use and we recommended Kaytee Wood Pellets.

Listed above are the top 5 bedding for your rabbit, along with thorough pros and cons of each of them to guide you when picking the best bedding for your rabbit’s sleeping quarters. 

On the top of our list is Kaytee Clean & Cozy Scented Rabbit Beddings, this is one of the best rabbit beddings and it can’t be compared to many rabbit bedding in the market. It’s highly recommended for comfort, usability, and bunny safety. It is without a doubt the best bedding for bunnies in any home that we tested during our reviews of all the options available. 

The Carefresh Small Animal Bedding and Kaytee Wood Pellets are a fantastic alternative for anyone on a tight budget because of their fluffy, expandable texture and affordable price. This bedding is very economical; even the smaller pack will last a single rabbit for several months.

Lastly, check to see if the bedding you choose is cozy for your rabbit. This refers to making sure there are no pointed or sharp edges, unpleasant odors, or dust, and that it is soft enough for your rabbit to lay on these beddings we recommended here have all these great qualities.

Owning rabbits at home is a stunning idea. Rabbits have the magic of making you smile and keeping your life beautiful. A lot of people hesitate in keeping rabbits at their homes for some or other reasons. However, if owning rabbits can make you happy, it can make you sad as well.

It takes a lot to take care of them efficiently. One needs to be really careful with what they make them eat, drink, and everything. Even where they make them sleep, their safety, cleanliness, etc. 

Being a fresher in owning rabbits at home, must be even more difficult. You must be surfing a lot on the internet these days and hence, to make it easy for you and save your time from surfing more, I have concluded 10 best rabbit bedding, which may be helpful for you.

Being into it for the last 13 years, I have tried several products. It is very obvious that not everything turns perfect, hence these are some of the products that turned good for my rabbits and eventually for me. Let’s hope they do the same for you.

Types of a Rabbit Bedding

There are various types of rabbit beddings which have their own specialties, these are as such:


It is an excellent rabbit bedding, which has good quality and is also cost-effective. This rabbit bedding absorbs the liquid and keeps it odor-free. It tends to stay fresh for a longer time. It stays dry and also kills viruses like bacteria, mold, spores. This makes the bedding safe for them. 

Paper pulp bedding

It is a new rabbit bedding in the market which is highly efficient and cost-effective. This rabbit bedding is made from recycled paper. It has all the features that one needs, is highly absorber, dust-free, odor control, and these features make it cost-effective. 

Wood pellets

This is a good rabbit bedding. However, it gets scattered and becomes all dusty when it gets wet. It is also heavy in weight, so not an ideal product if you choose it for larger litter trays

Paper pellets

It is similar to wood pellets and has all the same characteristics. However, unlike wood pellets, this bedding does not get scattered and dusty when wet, also light in weight. 

Shredded cardboard

This is a great product in the place of a newspaper. It is eco friendly, serves good insulation, and absorbs nicely. 


It is a good place for rabbits to lay on, providing good insulation as well. However, it is not good for absorbing liquid. 


This works as a multi-purpose product for rabbits. It can be eaten and used as bedding as well. It is soft, hence keeps the rabbits warm and cozy. It is suggested that you buy it from the local farmers, as they will give you it at a lower price. Also, make sure that when you buy it, it does not smell bad, is not dusty, and has no mold in it.

Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

Small Pet Select Natural Paper BeddingRating
4.6 out of 5
1500 customer ratings
Ideal Bedding
100% Safe
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Soft + Comfortable

It is a small paper rabbit bedding, which is considered as one of the ideal beddings for rabbits by most of the customers. It has been considered purely safe and natural to use with no chemicals added to it. This bedding is made up of a purely unbleached paper that has never been used.

It makes it sure to provide you a 100 percent guaranteed product and hence, if you ever face any difficulty, you can contact the customer care services. 


  • A purely natural product. 
  • Great value to the money spent on it. 
  • It offers the highest quality at a reasonable price. 
  • It provides its customers the 100 percent guaranteed satisfaction. 
  • It is safe and comfortable to use


  • It is a bit pricey. 

Carefresh Small Pet Bedding

It is a rabbit bedding, one is looking for. It provides your rabbits with a home that is soft and comfortable and provides all the features that you as their parent looking for. It is available in multiple sizes, and hence, it won’t be an issue for you if your rabbits are small, big, or of some other size, as it has the availability of everything. It is also available in various textures and colors which is a win-win game for you. 


  • It is a reliable product. 
  • It has a variety. 
  • It is soft, fresh, and comfortable to use. 
  • It provides a complete comfort zone to your rabbits. 
  • It is easy to maintain and clean. 


  • You may need to be careful while using it.

Kaytee Cozy Rabbit Bedding

It is a paper rabbit bedding that provides a soft comfortable zone to your rabbits. This rabbit bedding is both soft and fluffy to use which encourages burrowing or nesting while absorbing two times more liquid. Its absorbing liquid power is quite strong, and that is why it gives the guarantee of controlling the odor. This rabbit bedding is a complete dust-free place for your rabbits. 


  • Full control of odor, as it has a strong liquid absorbing power. 
  • It is a complete dust-free product. 
  • It is a clean, cozy, and safe place for your rabbits. 
  • It is made up of a material that meets FDA standards. 
  • It is available in various sizes. 


  • It is available in one color only.

Vitakraft Fresh Rabbit Bedding

Animal BeddingRating
4.6 out of 5
4200 customer ratings
Amazon’s Choice
Absorbs 6x

It is an odor control durable rabbit bedding, which is made up of a complete recycled paper. It is a dust-free product that provides a safe and comfortable place for rabbits to relax. It can absorb the moisture of 3 times, hence odor control is guaranteed. It is the USA made product and it is biodegradable, compostable, and dust-free. 


  • A complete dust-free product. 
  • It absorbs liquid. 
  • It is made up of a complete recycled paper. 
  • It is safe and natural, with no chemical included in it. 
  • It is the USA made product. 


  • It is sometimes a bit dusty.

Healthy Pet HPCC Natural Bedding

This rabbit bedding comes in its original version. The product makes it sure to provide a comfortable safe place to rabbits with a strong odor control capacity, which makes the bedding feel fresh for a longer time. It is a complete dust-free product which can be cleaned easily. One should think of buying this product at least once, because of it simply being soft, comfortable, and warm. 


  • It absorbs a liquid of 3 times
  • It has a long-lasting odor control impact. 
  • It is easy and simple to use. 
  • It is safe and comfortable. 
  • It is a whole dust-free product. 


  • It is available in one color only.

Carefresh Custom Rabbit Bedding

It is a soft comfortable rabbit bedding that is made up of comfy fluff. It is available in various sizes and in one standard color only. It has a good liquid absorbing power. It makes sure to stay like a fresh place for rabbits so that they do not get disturbed. 


  • It is made up of a comfy fluff which keeps the bedding soft for rabbits to lay on.
  • It does not have much dust on it, hence it is easy to clean. 
  • Its odor control effect stays for at least 10 days. 
  • It is available in variable sizes. 
  • It is a safe and comfortable place for rabbits. 


  • It is available in white color only.

Living World Wood Aspen Shavings

It is an ideal rabbit bedding if your rabbits suffer from respiratory problems. This is hypoallergenic. It is made up of a complete natural aspen wood with no chemicals included in it. It can absorb up to 4 times of heavy liquid, making the space feel fresh, safe, and disease-free for your rabbits. It is one of the best products, and should definitely be considered by you. 


  • A good option for rabbits having respiratory problems. 
  • It is made up of a completely natural wood product. 
  • It has no chemicals included in it. 
  • It has a good wet absorbing power. 
  • It keeps the bedding fresh for a longer time. 


  • It is a great rabbit bedding, but one needs to be very careful while using it.

Grass Mat Woven Bed Mat

It is a much loved furry animal product that lets them do various activities. It is a safe grass mat that promises to stay like a safe sturdy place for them. It is a very sustainable product that can be put inside the rabbit’s cage if needed at some point in time. It is one of the most recommended products, as it not only provides comfort and safety to them but also works as a source of entertainment for them. 


  • A completely natural and handwoven product. 
  • It saves the rabbits from getting bored by serving multiple purposes of being their bedding and also a chewing product. 
  • It is a great source of entertainment for them. 
  • It is a safe and comfortable place for rabbits. 
  • It is a perfect home for small animals like rabbits. 


  • It is available in one basic color only.

FLAdorepet Small Animal Bed

It is a fluffy soft rabbit bedding for rabbits, which is available in various sizes and colors. It is the most good looking beautiful gift which you can get for your rabbits. It is easy to use, light in weight and comfortable to lay on. Your rabbits will always be found sleeping on it. This product deserves to be at your home, and it is also easy to clean and maintain. 


  • It is available in various sizes and colors. 
  • It is a soft, comfortable, colorful, and beautiful product. 
  • It is machine washable, hence easy to clean. 
  • It does not have any weight, hence you can keep it whenever wherever you wish. 
  • Its soft fleece keeps it warm. 


  • It will make your rabbits lazy because of its softness.

Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter

It is a super absorbent, dust-free product. It is a complete natural rabbit bedding, with no chemicals included in it. So, you do not really need to worry while using it as it is safe. It absorbs 10 times of a heavy liquid and makes the rabbits feel fresh for a longer time. 


  • A non-toxic, complete bentonite product. 
  • It is safe to use because of it having natural ingredients only. 
  • It absorbs the liquid that is 10 times stronger. 
  • It keeps the place fresh and hygienic. 
  • It is completely dust-free. 


  • It is available in two sizes only.

Important factors to keep in mind while buying a product

Making choices has always been difficult. We always get staggered between which ones to pick and which ones not. However, these are some of the factors which may help you to find the right product for your rabbit. 

The advice suggested to you is that you need to know the requirements of your rabbit first, and then only you will be able to purchase the right product.

  • Odor control

Just like the other animals, rabbits also get messy and smelly at times. And it is very often that their messy smell would make their cage smelly as well. Hence, one needs to make sure that they do not buy the bedding which does not have odor control, else rabbits will find it difficult to survive.

Always prefer buying an odor control rabbit bedding, that leaves an effective control and keeps the bedding feeling fresh.

  • Good absorbing power

A rabbit bedding that has good absorbing power, stays longer. It is one of the features of ideal bedding, that it absorbs the heavy liquid, makes it wet, and removes the obnoxious smell. It will also prevent you from changing it again and again. This will make your rabbit’s place clean, dry, safe, and comfortable.

  • Safety

Safety should always be a prior option. You should make sure that everything you buy for your rabbits is safe enough for them. Do not go for bedding that is toxic and has chemicals included in it. Bedding made up of toxic materials and chemicals can harm your rabbits and they may die as well. Hence, it is advised that you go for a one that is completely natural.

  • Dust-free

Most of the beddings are dust-free. However, you should always take care of it while buying. Dust-free beddings come in a use if your rabbits are suffering from respiratory issues. It also makes it easy for you to change the bedding easily when needed.

  • Comfort

Our subconscious mind tends to choose a place that is comfortable when we are meant to be there for a longer time. We should do the same for our animals, too. Your rabbit tends to be on the bedding almost all the time, hence you need to make sure that you buy the one which is soft and comfortable, as this keeps them mentally well.

  • Eco friendly

Since beddings require to get changed often, it is good to go with the eco-friendly ones. Make sure that the bedding you buy is eco friendly, as they are compostable, biodegradable, and less toxic to the environment.

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