If the rabbits don’t grind their teeth often, they might have trouble eating or get their upper and lower jaws pierced. They don’t have anything else to do but grind their teeth on toys. If you want your rabbit to be happy and healthy, give it lots of things to chew on. Chewing on things with fiber is good for their teeth and stomachs and keeps them busy.

With these rabbit chew toys, your rabbit will be less likely to chew on your baseboards, carpet, or wallpaper. We’ve put some of the most popular rabbit chew toys to the test to help you choose the right one. Here is a list of the best chews for rabbits that you should buy for your pet.

Pweituoet Rabbit Chew Toys

rabbit chew toysRating 4.7/5
2000 Ratings
Great Fun
High Quality
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Durability 4.3/5
Value for money 4.5/5

The Rabbit Chew toy known As Pweituoet will stimulate the rabbit’s curiosity, and the chew toys will occupy them for a substantial period of time while doing so. Since their teeth are always growing, it’s important for rabbits to grind them. Timothy hay not only helps the digestive system, but it also makes you hungry and makes it easier to digest food.

As a result of the fact that each one is crafted by hand and does not contain any commercial ingredients, they all smell like plants. Toys that can be safely chewed on help keep teeth in good shape. Due to the fact that rabbits are rodents, their teeth are continually developing. To keep their health in check, they have to grind their teeth.

Pweituoet Review

You can hang pendants made of Timothy hay balls and applewood from your rabbit’s cage to get it moving and to help it digest its food. Timothy hay’s fiber helps with digestion. Animals like rabbits love bunny stuff because it keeps them busy and satisfies their natural need to chew. Rabbit-proof. With this item, you get a necklace, a Loofa Carrot Toy, five Timothy Hay Sticks, five Sweet Bamboo Sticks, and a seagrass ball.


  • Relieve the boredom of rabbits
  • Keep rabbits active
  • Improve dental health
  • Promote digestion


  • It is easily damaged

Kathson 2PCS Bunny Chew Toys 

bunny toysRating 4.8/5
2000 Ratings
Natural Treats
Keep Healthy Teeth

Sturdiness 4.6/5
Flavor 4.5/5
Durability 4.3/5
Value for money 4.5/5

These are good rabbit chew toys to chew on because they help keep their digestive systems in check, make them hungry, clean and grind their teeth, and improve their overall dental health. These cages are good places for rabbits to live.

Your rabbits can chew on these treats when they are feeling stressed or bored. This will keep them from chewing on their cages or furniture. Rabbits’ teeth are always getting bigger and better. If they don’t grind their teeth for a long time, their teeth may get stuck in their upper and lower jaws when they eat, which will make them thinner and more anorexic.

Rabbit chew toys like Kathson are an excellent method to keep their teeth clean and provide them with the nutrients they require. Because it is made by hand, the apple and alfalfa twigs that go into it are completely safe for your rabbits to eat. Because we use different ways to dry the apple sticks, they keep their chewy texture and savory flavor. By eating the alfalfa cakes, your rabbit may be able to eat a healthy diet.

Kathson review and quality check

The Kathson rabbit chew toy company makes our all-natural treats out of applewood sticks and alfalfa hay. When these nutrients come together, they will be very good for rabbits.

To dry the applewood sticks well, a number of different, specialized methods are used. Little animals benefit a lot from chewing on tough foods and things like apple sticks and grass cakes to keep their teeth and mouths clean and healthy. Our alfalfa cake was made by pressing fresh, organically grown alfalfa into a cake shape after it was picked by hand. In a commercial oven, you will need to bake and dry it twice to keep its original taste.

Products like our hay cakes that are high in calcium and protein may help small animals build stronger bones. They may also help the animals’ intestines move and digest food better, which may make them hungrier. It’s important to keep good oral hygiene by grinding your teeth regularly with applewood sticks and alfalfa cakes. You can also keep your rabbit from chewing on its cage or bedding by making it chew on the toys instead.


  • 100% natural and safe
  • Rabbits will love it here.
  • It ensures that rabbits’ teeth are healthy.
  • It improves the digestive health of rabbits


  • Some customers have claimed that their rabbits grew ill after nibbling on this toy.

Andwe Rabbit Chew Toys

Bunny Rolling Chew ToysRating 4.7/5
5000 Ratings
Natural Chew Toys
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Durability 4.5/5
Value for money 4.7/5
Recommended by Us

If your rabbit likes to play with balls, this eight-piece set is a great choice. When it comes to rabbits, balls are a great way to get them moving and keep them busy. But you could also chew on these balls, which have a lot of fiber. Andwe Play & Treat balls are made of natural seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, willow twigs, maize husk, or coco fiber, all of which are safe for rabbits to chew on while playing.

If your rabbits are showing signs of boredom, providing them with these rabbit chew toys will keep them entertained for hours. It helps keep rabbits from making nests in your furniture. It can also be chewed, which helps your rabbit’s teeth wear down and also meets the animal’s natural need to chew.

These rabbit chew toys don’t last long because they are made of natural materials and rodents can tear them up. Please look at our other products to see if they meet your needs or if you’re looking for rabbit toys that will last a long time. Watching your bunny push, nibble, and chew on this fun toy is also funny because it breaks up the monotony of the cage. 

Andwe review and quality check

When your pet is bored, bunny-sized rolling play balls are a great way to get his or her attention and get him or her moving around the cage. Using natural rabbit chew toys will help your rabbit’s teeth stay in good shape and stop them from getting too big. It’s a great alternative to toys made of plastic.

To rekindle their enthusiasm for exploring, tempt them with tasty treats or bites of food hidden inside the mobile forage toys. Your rabbit should have no trouble grasping one of these balls in its mouth. They are of a size where it can easily bite into them and chuck them around, which will keep it busy.

Handcrafted with natural materials This item is created from seagrass, water hyacinth, rattan, coconut fiber, maize husk, and timothy hay. It is also handcrafted. It is ideal for rabbits to eat there.


  • A set of eight (or six).
  • Fiber-rich and enjoyable to chew.
  • Various natural materials for variety.
  • The ideal size for an adult rabbit.
  • Have a pleasant hay aroma.


  • They leave a shambles in their wake.
  • Because it’s made of thin material, your rabbit will go through it quickly.

VCZONE Rabbit Chew Toys

vczone-bunny-toyRating 4.5/5
4000 Ratings
Dental Health
Release Stress
Value for money4/5

Toys for rabbits that they can chew on, such as the VCZONE, can be hung from the bars of their enclosure rather than being immobile or rolled around on the floor. There is a metal hook on the toy that allows you to attach it to your rabbit’s cage so that the toy will remain stationary while your rabbit chews on it.

Applewood, wood vine, and water grass are some of the natural components that go into the construction of Vczone rabbit chew toys, making them an exceptionally healthy option for your rabbit. As well as being a pleasant toy for rabbits, it is suitable for the molars of rabbits.

Toys that you can afford to replace regularly are sometimes the best options. If you’re looking for a cheap and fun toy for your rabbit, the Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rabbits is a perfect option. Wooden balls, a log, wooden carrots, and a wooden block make up this kabob toy. Once your rabbit has nibbled through it, just remove it from the cage or hutch and throw it away.

Even finicky rabbits seem to like this hanging chew toy, according to the reviews. They last for a few weeks, according to many owners, who usually have one on hand.

Rabbits gain from this chew toy massively. In addition to aiding in the maintenance of excellent oral health, they also give roughage, which is beneficial to digestion and may alleviate moderate discomfort and inflammation in the intestines. The rabbit chew toy improves dental health and maybe safely chewed. 

Vczone Chew Toys Reduce Anxiety, this very enjoyable activity aids rabbits in combating boredom, anxiety, and stress since it provides them with fun, entertainment, and exercise. The Vczone rabbit chew metal hook may be attached to the cage of a rabbit. When you’re away, leave one of these balls in your rabbit’s cage for them to enjoy and reduce tension.


  • Pine cones and balls are included.
  • It is made of natural materials.
  • It’s light enough to throw about with your bunny.
  • Clear storage container
  • Appletree branches can be hung from the cage.


  • Toys are smaller than they seem in photographs.
  • Low-cost materials
  • Rabbits have a slow rate of adaptation.

Kaytee Rabbit Chew Toys

rabbit-chew-toyRating 4.4/5
9000 Ratings
Perfect Chew Toy
Longevity 4.5/5
Sturdiness 4.1/5
Durability 4.2/5
Value for money 4.4/5
Recommended By Us

When it comes to keeping your rabbit active and occupied, the Kaytee Perfect Chews Rabbit Toy is a cost-effective option. One of the greatest rabbit chew toys we’ve tried for a price less than a cup of coffee is this one.  The Kaytee Perfect Chews toy is ideal for rabbits’ insatiable appetites since it offers a wide range of colors, textures, and forms. Our play-tester was first apprehensive about the bright colors but soon began nibbling and throwing it about.

It’s rare to find a rabbit chew toys that’s both affordable and fun. If there is any disadvantage to using white rabbits, it is as follows: When your rabbit chews on the wooden blocks, the vegetable-based dyes used to paint them may seep into their fur and leave them with beautifully colored jaws and faces.

This is a great way to keep your pet entertained for hours! The innovative combination of wood and loofah bits found in Carousel Rabbit Chew toys helps to keep rabbits engaged and prevents them from becoming bored. The loofah and the fun-shaped wood both contribute to the process of maintaining clean and healthy teeth. Observe your pet’s antics all day long! These rabbit chew toys keep your pet entertained and out of misery by reducing boredom in rabbits.


  • Inexpensive
  • provide much to chew on in terms of various textures, colors, and forms.
  • Clip included for easy attachment to rabbit’s hutch.


  • When bitten, block colors made from vegetable sources may seep into your rabbit’s coat.

PETLAOO Rabbit Chew Toys 

Apple branches, Timothy hay balls, and grass balls are the components of this non-toxic and all-natural rabbit chew toy. Good for digestion, helping to ease intestinal inflammation as well as minor discomfort. It is 100% original. For the sake of the pet, the novel rabbit chewing toy transforms Timothy’s hay into a ball that stimulates their natural curiosity and sense of fun while also improving their chewing ability.

Chomping on the stick is excellent for your rabbit’s teeth and may be done without risk. It is necessary for little animals with teeth that move to grind their teeth. When teeth are long, those who don’t grind their teeth risk wearing out their jaws and potentially inflaming them. It’s appropriate for rabbits to use.

The metal hooks on each end of this toy enable it to be securely attached to a cage, providing a safe and handy place for tiny animals to play.


  • Safeguarding little animals’ teeth and promoting proper tooth development
  • Can promote the instinct of pet chewing
  • Helps accelerate gastrointestinal motility, balance intestinal flora, and defecation more healthy
  • 100% organic apple twigs and Timothy grass that has been meticulously chosen are used.
  • 100% handmade, no industrial pollution


  • The size is smaller than expected

ROZJOVU Bunny Chew Toys

The hanging rabbit chew toys makes your pet’s life more interesting, stops your pet from being bored, improves the quality of your pet’s life, and gives your pet a chance to play and exercise. The hanging rabbit chew toys are great for rodents’ teeth and also encourage their natural desire to chew and give them a lot of opportunities to move around. They also stop tooth decay, inflammation, and being overweight. Use rabbit chew toys to keep them from destroying your furniture or cage.

These rabbit chew toys are made from 100% natural organic wood and has apple chewing sticks and Timothy hay balls. It makes a great gift for pet owners who want to strengthen their bond with their pets and help keep their mouths healthy.


  • Made from natural and non-toxic material
  • Budget-friendly
  • Perfect of rabbit
  • It last longer


  • Allergies may occur in rabbits.

Hamsters Rabbit Chew Toys 

Hamster rabbit chew toys are good for rabbits’ teeth because they slow down the process of making new teeth, ease inflammation, and clean the mouth and teeth completely.

Make your rabbit’s body healthier Fiber-rich pet snack rabbit chew toys may speed up the process of peristalsis in the digestive tract, improve digestion, and ease mild pain and inflammation in the intestines of rabbits.

Since the materials come from nature and don’t have any added chemicals, the original taste and nutrients can be kept. These rabbit chew toys are great for rabbits and give their owners complete peace of mind about their health.


  • It uses natural products
  • rabbit teeth benefit greatly from it.
  • It is toxic-free
  • No chemical added 


  • Might not last longer

Timothy Molar Sticks for Rabbits

They are comprised of 100% natural, unprocessed timothy hay. Your rabbits will benefit from the extra fiber it provides. High-fiber sticks like these are ideal for rabbits because they promote good tooth development. In addition, it’s a good idea to encourage rabbits to gnaw their teeth.

Your rabbit is going to enjoy the process of chewing it up. Timothy grass sticks are an excellent way to maintain the health of your rabbit’s digestive system since they include the fiber that rabbits require to keep their digestive systems functioning normally.

Dental health may be improved by chewing on these Rabbit Chew Toys that are constructed of 100% natural materials and handcrafted. Make sure your bunny is pleased. Timothy Grass Powder is a natural source of forage that is high in fiber and aids in the movement of food through the digestive tract. These rabbit chew toys will keep your pet’s chewing behavior in check and keep them entertained for hours at a time. 


  • Natural and toxic-free
  • Environmental friendly
  • It is very tasty


  • Doesn’t last very long

Janyoo Rabbit chew toys

A dumbbell, a unicycle, two bell rollers, watermelon balls, apple tree branches, and a molar block with a rope are included in this seven-piece toy set. All of the components are made of non-toxic natural wood, notably China fir and Schima Superba. The apple sticks are pesticide-free, organic, and have a natural flavor. 

In conclusion, this package gives you a lot of safe toys for your money. Customers report that these rabbit chew toys are quite solid and resilient and that they will last your rabbit for a long time. They also enjoy how charming the overall set is, as well as the wood’s sheen, polished sheen. They’re simple to clean, and purchasers like how many chewing sticks come with the toy package.

The zipped bag that comes with the toys is really fragile. Some consumers have also mentioned that the toys might get moldy, which could be harmful to your rabbit. This is the disadvantage of not treating the material with chemicals or insecticides.


  • Six toys and a handful of chewing sticks are included.
  • Made from non-toxic, natural wood.
  • The apple branches are pesticide-free and organic.
  • Strong and long-lasting construction.
  • Cleaning is simple


  • Zippered pouch is flimsy.
  • Mold may grow on certain goods.

Buying Guide for the Best Rabbit Chew Toy

The greatest rabbit chew toys should have certain properties to ensure that it doesn’t injure your rabbit and that it encourages it to play.


Fresh apricot or peach branches, for example, are poisonous to rabbits. It’s fine for your pet to nibble on the branches after they’ve been removed from the tree and dried.

Pesticides, a prevalent toxin implicated in domestic animal poisoning, are sprayed on a slew of other things as well. As a result, search for pesticide-free wood or materials like willow baskets that are made from organic ingredients. Another non-toxic substance is aspen.

Plastic and other odd compounds should be avoided at all costs. You’re generally better off buying rabbit chew toys that are organic and made of natural materials. Biodegradable and renewable materials are common.


The size of the bunny chewing toy is also a significant consideration. Toys should be based on the rabbit’s age and size, with smaller toys for younger rabbits and larger ones for older ones. Keep in mind that your rabbit prefers a toy that is easy to carry about, since who wants to lug around a hefty object all day? Your rabbit’s cage should also have enough space for them to play with their toy.


While some bunny chew toys are meant just for chewing, others are meant to be tossed about the cage and rolled around by your rabbit. A grass mat, for example, may serve as a pet’s bed when it’s not being chewed. Pets may be more inclined to chew on a toy if it contains food or treats they can get inside.


Some rabbit chew toys may be attached to your rabbit’s cage, allowing for extra room for play and ensuring that the toy doesn’t fall out of position. A firm, well-anchored clip or hook is required, however, to keep the chew toy from slipping out of your hands. When shopping for rabbit chew toys, look for ones with stainless steel hooks or clips, since they are long-lasting and won’t corrode.

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