Every rabbit owner understands that deciding on the right tunnel for your rabbit can be a difficult decision. Owners of rabbits have a lot of questions about which brand is best and what kind of rabbit tunnel is best for their pet. 

We will review our top selections for the best rabbit tunnel in this article. We’ll go over the advantages and cons of each product, and we’ll also detail its features. The ideal rabbit tunnel for your rabbit can be hard to find, so we’ve compiled a consideration for selecting rabbit tunnel.

The following information on the best rabbit tunnels and their features will help you make an informed decision about which one is best for your pet.

Pawaboo Toys Rabbit Tunnel Tube

rabbit-tunnelRating 4.7/5
2000 Ratings
Great Fun
High Quality
Maneuverability 5/5
Easy to fold 4.6/5
Easy to clean 4.6/5
Durability 4.5/5
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Value for money 4.5/5

Getting a Rabbit Tunnel for your rabbit would be great! It is very easy to fold up the Rabbit Tunnel and store. High-energy rabbits will love this “bell and ball”-themed play area! There is a Peep hole and dangling ball bell toys in the middle that make noise to keep your rabbit interested.  For hours at a time, these rabbit tunnels can keep your rabbit entertained and active. 

If your rabbit likes to travel, pounce, and hide, this three-in-one play-toy gives him or her more space to do that. Rabbits love the swinging bell toy because it has a lot of different things that they like. Rabbits  of all kinds can use this item.  In this tunnel, the polyester taffeta is tear-resistant and the frame is made of durable steel springs that can handle a lot of rough play.

Rabbit Tunnel Quality Check

Gives your rabbit more space to run around, pounce, chase, and hide. You can use it to get rabbits to run around and burn off some energy. As a rabbit, he will be attracted to the bell and ball hanging from the ceiling. This will help him get up and move on a regular basis. When people look for and hide, they can see the rabbit peek out of the hole in the middle, making it more fun. Your rabbit will be happy, active, and private at the same time if you play peek-a-boo, bounce, and chase with it.

Durable 190T polyester fabric isn’t going to tear, so there’s no need to worry about scratching or bending. Each tube comes with an elastic band that makes it easy to store and transport them. These tubes are easy to open, but they also fold up neatly for easy storage and transport.


  1. It has spacious tunnel
  2. It is durable in use
  3. It comes with a playful bell ball


  1. Recommended for bunnies but not for other pets

Rabbit Tunnel Tube 4 Way

four way rabbit tunnel4.8 out of 5
1200 Ratings
5 star represent 87% of rating
Hide & Seek
Sturdiness 4.7/5
Durability 4.6/5
Sturdiness 4.6/5
Easy to fold 4.6/5

A four way Pawabo rabbit toy tunnel is one of the best rabbit tunnels to consider for your rabbit. It gives your rabbit more room to run, pounce, chase, and hide. It’s wonderful for letting your rabbits run around. The hanging bell and ball can entice your rabbit to exercise regularly.

The rabbit can also peek out of the hole in the centre, adding to the pleasure of searching and hiding. Peekaboo, bouncing, and chasing keep your rabbit happy and active.

These four-in-one play toys allow your rabbit to play and hide. The swinging bell toy’s distinctive features attract rabbits. This product is suitable for all little rabbits. This tunnel is composed of tear-resistant polyester taffeta with a spring-steel frame.

4 Way Rabbit Tunnel Quality Check

It is built with 190T polyester fabric which is very strong and it resists ripping, scratching, and distortion. These tubes are easy to open and fold up neatly for storage and transportation.


  1. It is build with a high-quality material
  2. It is very spacious 
  3. Four-in-one play toy


  1. Polyester fabric is less breathable than natural fibre

Rabbit Tunnel Tube 5 Way Tunnels

five way rabbit tunnel4.8 out of 5
1000 Ratings
5 star represent 90% of rating
Value for money 4.7/5
Easy to clean 4.6/5
Durability 4.6/5
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Easy to fold 4.4/5

These collapsible rabbit tunnels provide hours of pleasure and exercise for your rabbit. An excellent place for rabbits with lots of energy, thanks to its inclusion of “bell & ball”! Unlike other single tunnels, this five-in-one play-toy provides your rabbit with greater room to wander, pounce, and hide. With a swinging bell toy, your rabbit is sure to have a good time. 


  1. Five-in-one play toy
  2. It is durable
  3. Rabbits find this maze entertaining
  4. It comes with a swinging bell toy


  1. It is too big 

AikoPets Rabbit Maze

three way rabbit tunnel 4.8 out of 5
Perfect Toy
Warranty and Guaranty
Premium Construction
Value for money 4.5/5
Easy to clean 4.7/5
Durability 4.4/5
Sturdiness 4.5/5
Easy to fold 4.7/5

We all know that keeping a rabbit active and engaged is essential to its overall health and well-being. However, this might be a challenge when they become bored with the same toys. To make your rabbit’s life even better, you can play with it by adding things like rabbit charmers, balls, and toys into his or her play time. Collapsible with a storage bag (not supplied) to save a lot of room space and keep things tidy. 

If you want to keep your rabbit from scratching, this is the best thing for you. It’s made of ultra-strong polyester that can’t be torn and is wrapped around a steel frame with protective ends (for safety). Using a pre-installed elastic band, our tunnel can be folded up and stored in a matter of seconds. Mazes range in height from 10 to 12 inches and length from 10 to 12 feet. Make sure your rabbit is never bored by taking the entertainment with you everywhere you go!

Having fun with your rabbit but don’t want to clutter your house with rabbit trees or condominiums is possible with this product. This is perfect because it collapses in a matter of seconds and only stands 5cm tall when not in use. It is possible to shift the tunnels about the center so that they are positioned to best suit a certain space.

This would make a wonderful present for a friend or family member who adores rabbits. When you compare this product to rabbit huts, cubes, scratching posts, feathers, and rabbit toys, this one is the most interactive. Rabbit  will like the crinkle paper and soft ball toys that are included into the tunnel’s design. It’s a great way to get some exercise and have a good time without having to rely on others.

To keep your rabbit amused, it has a swinging bell toy and three separate tunnels. It has a crackling paper-lined tube with a peephole in the middle. It is washable polyester that doesn’t accumulate rabbit fur.


  1. Strong sprung-steel frame w/protective ends
  2. Collapses for easy travel & storage
  3. It is easy to wash


  1. Polyester used in making it tends to hold odour

Mini Haven Bunny Tunnel

Mini Haven Bunny Tunnel is another amazing rabbit tunnel you should try out. In order to make the Mini Haven into an apartment building or a single-story structure, you just have to move the modules in the right order. It also comes with a double decker playhouse. The Double Decker playhouse is a two-story structure that takes up less space.

This Mini Haven Bunny Tunnel can be collapsed or disassembled so easily makes it ideal for travel. Once the toppers are removed, all that is required is to fold it up without having to disassemble it. For designs with two stories, the following information is relevant: Remove the tops, disconnect the levels, and fold up the middle.

It is made of High Quality Cardboard, it’s incredibly sturdy and can withstand the wrath of the most aggressive heavyweights! Can be “remodeled” without damaging it. 

You can use the included panel in either arrangement to make cubby holes inside or just leave out for ample lounging. You may use tunnels in conjunction with additional Mini Havens and/or our larger Maze Haven to create even more flexible play and nap areas! Try something new! You can design the ultimate rabbit habitat with the Havens and tunnels! Not more than two stories, Mini Maze has a high height.


  1. It can be easily installed 
  2. It can remodeled without being damaged
  3. It has a high height


  1. Cardboard won’t last for a longer time

Bemodst S-Type Rabbit Maze House 

The Bemodst S-Type maze is a good choice for your rabbit’s enclosure. The tunnel can be fastened with an additional knot, making it easy to fold. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor activities, and it can be packed away in a backpack or storage box to save even more room in your home.

This rabbit maze can survive a certain degree of rough play and scratching because of its solid spring steel structure and super-strong, tear-resistant polyester taffeta. Several rabbits can play at the same time in the five large tunnels, which also encourage rabbits to pursue each other and help them burn calories.

Rabbits will be drawn to the dangling bells and balls, which will encourage them to engage in active play and help keep them physically active. In addition, the rabbit can stick his head out of the central hole, adding to the fun of hunting and hiding.

It is a place for hide and seek, rabbits need a secluded area where they may run around and enjoy themselves. Spacious, interconnected tunnels encourage your rabbit’s natural hunting instincts and promote healthy activity in your home. In the S-type maze, mystery can be increased significantly and entertainment areas can be provided. An interesting sound will be made when the rabbit steps on the crinkle crackling paper and the peephole.

The material used in making Bemodst S-type maze is the best polyester fabric. It is resistance to tear and very strong, so even the most dangerously clawed will not be able to tear this maze apart.

Bemodst S-Type mazes come in 2-Ways Tunnel, 3-Ways Tunnel, 4-Ways Tunnel, and 5-Ways Tunnel sizes. Each tunnel is 60cm long and 25cm wide (Each Tunnel Length: 60cm, Diameter: 25cm).

When this rabbit maze is folded up, it takes up very little space and can be stored in a bag that comes with the elastic band. This makes it easy to travel and store. Makes your rabbit feel like he or she is going on a little adventure and having fun.

For safety, the tunnel is made of tear-resistant polyester that is wrapped around a spring steel frame with both ends secured. Even the most vigorous of movements can survive this steel frame’s rigidity. Playing in our rabbit tunnel is the ideal way to have fun – There are five large tunnels with peepholes, bell toys, and a central peephole.

This well-known rabbit maze provides your rabbit with a wide range of entertainment options. It provides hours of physical activity and amusement for one’s own amusement.

An interactive rabbit toy is a great way to stimulate your rabbit’s natural instinct to chase and catch prey. Using beads and feathers as a lure, your rabbit will jump, raid, and chase after it.

Easily transportable and foldable, this rabbit tunnel is ideal for short-term use. About 10 inches tall and 17 inches deep, each tube is. Don’t let your rabbit become bored by providing them with amusement wherever they go! Rabbit all like playing in the rabbit maze. When you can’t play with your rabbits in person, keep them active and happy.


  1. Foldable design allows play to take place everywhere
  2. Five spacious pipes are full of mystery and excitement
  3. Easily transportable and foldable
  4. Hanging bell design makes play more interesting


  1. This rabbit maze only survive a certain degree of rough play from the rabbits

Fhiny Large Rabbit Tunnel

Rabbits have a natural curiosity about the world around them, and they like digging holes. Rabbit  may meet all of their everyday needs for entertainment. While you are away, your rabbit can still go about its day-to-day routine.

The Fhiny Large Rabbit Tunnel has a three-way channel provided by the large rabbit labyrinth that allows your rabbits to have more fun indoors. Multiple peepholes make it possible for multiple rabbits to play at the same time.

This rabbit tunnel is composed of a high-strength steel frame with protected ends and a polyester double-layer cloth that is difficult to damage. Despite the rabbits jumping and falling on it, it isn’t easy to collapse.

You and your rabbit will have a long-lasting play session thanks to the natural tree texture of a rabbit crinkle tunnel that mimics the texture and green leaves of trees, making your relationship even more close.

With five peep holes, rabbit tunnel for rabbit’s use is endlessly amusing. A group of rabbits chase, jump, and hide among each other as they play. This rabbit tunnel is very  fine for the rabbits to play on their own when the owner is away.  Your rabbit gets more exercise and eats better by providing it with a healthy diet.

This rabbit tunnel can be folded and shrunk in a short period of time, making them easier to store and carry, as well as more handy for transporting. Even if you’re on the road, it’s easy to bring along. 

Polyester cloth is used to make the rabbit’s tunnel. Using a spring steel wire with a protective end for the foldable rabbit tunnel is a nice idea. In a matter of seconds, the 3 way tunnel for rabbits may be compacted into a small size, making it easy to transport and travel with. When your rabbit sees holes, he or she will be eager to investigate. Aim to keep rabbits engaged in play for a lengthy period of time.


  1. It is durable
  2. Collapsible Design
  3. Durable Polyester Fabric


  1. It is mostly used for large rabbits

KREVEROY Wooden Rabbit Tunnel

The large wooden rabbit tunnel can comfortably host both large and medium-sized rabbits. An arched door with an 8.1-inch-high arch is the only feature of the cabin that is taller than the rest of the structure.

Putting this Kreveroy Wooden Rabbit Tunnel together is easy. It can be detached for easy storage and can be put back together in no time. It is possible to erect this wooden home without the use of any tools. In addition, it is provided with enough rubber rings to secure every joint, resulting in a solid and long-lasting home.

In order to build the Kreveroy Wooden Rabbit Tunnel, basswood plywood was chosen because it smells good, lasts a long time, and looks natural. There are no nails or glue in this mosaic, so there’s no risk of harming your rabbit.

When you get your Kreveroy Wooden Rabbit Tunnel you can paint it with rabbit-friendly paint if you’d like!

Window, arch, bridge, and slide designs beautify this rabbit wooden maze. Rabbits are allowed to roam freely throughout the castle, eat food on top of the tower, play on the bridges and slides, and even take a nap inside of the castle walls. It’s a great time for the rabbits when they use Kreveroy Wooden Rabbit Tunnel! 


  1. Easy Installation and storage
  2. It is made up of high quality material
  3. It comes with a special design


  1. It is mostly used for super large rabbit

Mechpia Rabbit Tunnel

The Mechpia Rabbit Tunnel is a great way to keep your bunnies active and stimulate their curiosity, as well as encouraging them to push the tunnel about or shred the ball toys in their cages to break their boredom.

The Rabbit Tunnel is composed of ultra-strong, tear-resistant polyester that wounds through the entire structure. It measures 47 x 10. One rabbit tunnel, two grass balls, five apple sticks, four loofahs, three sweet bamboo, and one carrot are included in the set.

Hide with a plastic ring at the tunnel’s exit to keep your rabbit’s shape. Seven different color patterns embellish the surface. Toys are both useful and visually appealing. Rabbits may benefit from easier exploration thanks to it.

Put any chew toys inside of the tunnel, and encourage your rabbit’s interest in playing seek games and exploring. In order to maintain good oral and dental health in rabbits, they must have something to chew on. Rabbit teeth are kept healthy with the use of these rabbit kits. When your rabbit has a toy to play with, he or she won’t get bored.

The open area of the maze is enormous, so there’s no need to worry about it taking up a lot of space. When not in use, it can be rolled up for easy storage.


  1. It’s a fun game for mobile foraging
  2. It is easy to store 
  3. It is very strong and durable


  1. It is mostly used for the large rabbit 

Considerations for Selecting the Best Rabbit Tunnel

When looking for a home for your rabbit, there are four things to keep in mind. All of the following factors must be properly considered: size, durability, flooring, and hiding space On the basis of each of these features, how should you choose the best rabbit tunnel?


Before you buy a maze for your rabbit, think about how important it is to buy a maze with the right size. For the best rabbit care, experts say that rabbits should have at least three hops of space in their cages. But if you mistakenly buy a small maze for your rabbit they won’t be enough space for the rabbit. You should let the rabbit walk around your house for a few hours each day. It will give him both physical and mental stimulation. 


Before deciding on the size of your rabbit tunnel, it’s critical to ensure that it’s structurally sound. A high-quality rabbit tunnel is something you should think about investing in.


Despite the fact that rabbits are capable of being trained to use a litter box, the majority of rabbits in a tunnel will just urinate wherever they chance to find themselves. Rabbit owners who are unable to train their bunnies to use a litter box will want a wire-floored tunnel with a plastic base beneath it. As a result, the floor of any rabbit labyrinth is an important factor in determining whether a company’s reputation will succeed or fail.

Hiding Space

Rabbits are prone to uneasiness, and they want to be in a secure environment. It depends on the tunnel. Some have a dedicated hiding location, while others incorporate it into the feeding platforms and use that area as a hiding site for the rabbits.

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